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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 379: SHOW ME THE WAY

Mu Feng drove his car to the Mu Mansion. As soon as he parked his car, he saw Qi Ying in their flower garden.Qi Ying was plucking some flowers in the snow covered garden. She was wearing a red shirt, white pants along with red jacket with hoodies. She looked like a drop of blood on the white snow, a beauty like Snow White.But her frosty beauty melted Mu Feng's heart. He didn't know for how long he was staring at her.Qi Ying was the first one to realize that someone was gazing at her. She turned in Mu Feng's direction and found him looking at her with love-filled eyes full of admiration. Qi Ying, for some reason, blushed a little. She wasn't sure why she felt embarrassed out of the blue. She glanced at Mu Feng and came closer."Why are you here all of a sudden?" She asked. "You are supposed to be at work, right?"Mu Feng fondly gazed at her. Then he stretched his right hand and tugged a lock of hair behind her left ear. He smoothly and yet slowly answered her, "Yeah, I'm supposed to be at work."Qi Ying's heart flattered at his gesture. She shyly looked away. 'What's happening to me? Why am I feeling this way? I feel like a newly wedded wife.' She wondered. Then something caught her attention. 'Oh, I get it. It's not me. It's Feng. He is super calm. He was never like this. There is a sense of calm and peace in his eyes.'"If you are supposed to be at your office, then why are you here? Did you forget to take something with you and came to fetch it?" Qi Ying asked a little worriedly. Her right palm touched his.Mu Feng smiled lightly and captured her right hand with his left one and brought it closer. He replied, "It's nothing. I just came to see you." After that, he softly kissed the opposite side of her palm.Qi Ying's palm felt hot by the touch of his warm and soft lips. She diverted her attention to elsewhere and further asked, "Is there something you want to share with me?""Today is Valentine's Day." Mu Feng mumbled. He realized that he didn't prepare anything for his beloved before he came.Qi Ying affectionately smiled and replied, "I know.""I didn't get you any present." Mu Feng was upset at himself.She squeezed Mu Feng's hand which was grabbing hers and replied with a soft smile, "You don't have to worry about it. You are my most important gift."Mu Feng shook his head. "Still, I should've bought at least something for you." Qi Ying laughed. Her laughter echoed in his ears. "You are worrying too much. Today, a girl is supposed to gift her lover, not the other way."Mu Feng put his left hand on her waist and pulled her closer. "Oh, so did you prepare a present for me?"Qi Ying shyly looked away. "It's in the bedroom." Her voice could hardly be heard.Mu Feng fondly smiled and said, "Show me the way."[WARNING. Under 18 keep out, keep out. I do know that you guys won't listen to me but still, it is my duty that I need to inform you. So guys above 18, enjoy Mu Feng and Qi Ying's cough cough cough]After they went inside Mu Feng's bedroom, he saw that there was a heart shaped chocolate box in the middle of the bed and red roses scattered on the bed."I-I haven't finished decorating yet." Qi Ying told him. She was still holding the roses which she had plucked from the garden.Mu Feng pulled her with him. "Don't worry. I will help you."He took her close to the bed and took the roses away from her hand. Then he checked if she had suffered from any injury while plucking the roses. Mu Feng made sure that she wasn't hurt by the thorns. Later, he softly kissed her lips. Mu Feng wasn't in a hurry. He didn't go wild. His kisses were flattering, giving her goosebumps. His hands which were cupping her cheeks went in front of her jacket, unlocking the buttons one by one. Then he steadily took it off. Then he unbuttoned her shirt and unzipped her pants. After he took them all, Qi Ying was left with her underwear and brassier.Mu Feng stopped kissing and eyed all over her and then he praised her in admiration, "Ying, you are so beautiful."Qi Ying's face flushed. She couldn't understand why he was acting so differently today or why she was feeling so weak and wanting his body so badly.Soon, her last piece of clothing dropped to the floor. Then she was carefully laid on the bed.Mu Feng kissed all over her face, leaving her breathless.""Stay like this." He murmured before taking the chocolate box. He opened it and saw Qi Ying's handmade milk chocolates and white chocolates.Mu Feng took one of the milk chocolates in his mouth and gave Qi Ying a French kiss. Both of then tasted the flavor together."It's creamy inside." Mu Feng commented about the chocolate after they finished eating.However, his comment made Qi Ying so embarrassed that she couldn't look at him.Mu Feng took another chocolate and ate half of it. After that, he let the creamy chocolate inside fall on her naked body.Qi Ying shivered. Mu Feng smirked and said, "Don't you think it will become more delicious after I taste both the creator and creator's creation at the same time."F-Feng, it's day time." Qi Ying protested seeing that her naked nobody was getting covered by chocolate cream."Isn't it more exciting in the broad daylight? I remember that you are always tight there in the morning." Mu Feng spread her legs and saw her moist part. Then he smeared it with white chocolates.Mu Feng chuckled. "I can't find the difference now. Maybe I just have to taste them to discover the difference."Qi Ying whined when Mu Feng's mouth began sucking her breasts and slowly eating the chocolates. He made sure to clean the last bit of chocolate from her beautiful skin.Qi Ying cried out in pleasure when Mu Feng was too busy to differentiate which tasted better, she or the chocolates."Ahh!" She couldn't take it anymore and had her orgasm twice.Mu Feng cleaned her thoroughly and said, "Hmm, you are sweeter than these chocolates. Yummy." He licked his lips. After that, he kissed her saying, "Here, taste yourself."After he let her taste herself, he said, "Ying, taste me and say who is more tasty, the chocolate or me. I'm very curious."Qi Ying was in a relationship with him for almost a year. But he had never let her taste him, unlike a certain brother of his.She was nervous and acted like a helpless kitty.Mu Feng chuckled at her look and took off his clothes one by one. "Don't think too much. I'll guide you. Here take this white chocolate and bite it in half spill the creamy part in here ahh, Ying, don't be shy. It's not the first time you are seeing it here now, good girl, open your mouth don't take the whole or you will choke now slowly move your tongue yes Ying this way."After Mu Feng's serious guidance, Qi Ying was able to taste him. Then she was forced to tell him which creamy part tasted great. She replied. Even Mu Feng tasted and realized that she wasn't wrong. He didn't taste good at all.Mu Feng comforted her and himself as well. "Don't worry Ying, I'll be tasting great down there."He positioned himself in the middle and entered abruptly."Haak!" Qi Ying was startled by his sudden thrust and was out of oxygen."Oh I told you you are tighter in the broad daylight." Mu Feng didn't forget to tease her in the meantime when he was going inside her deepest part.As his speed increased, her scream became louder. After some time later, Mu Feng said, Ying, we should try in front of the window.""N-no.." Qi Ying was terrified. The windows were open.Mu Feng didn't listen and took her close to the window and pumped her once more. Soon Qi Ying forgot where she was. From the bed to the window, from the window to the balcony, from the balcony to the bathroom, from the bathroom to the bed once again.Mu Feng's thirst didn't quench for a second and he kept loving her. Qi Ying's soft moans turned into sobbing and then again she cried in pleasure loudly.Mu Feng teased her a lot. He used a slow motion trick, so that Qi Ying asked for more and more."M-more" Qi Ying begged softly.Mu Feng's moves were steady."Ying, I didn't hear you. Louder Ying."Qi Ying was embarrassed to death. "Ah I c-can't"Mu Feng almost stopped. "Then I'm going slow-"Qi Ying cried out in shame. "N-no hnn more.""Louder or I'm stopping here." Mu Feng pulled himself out.Qi Ying didn't like the sudden emptiness "More!""That's it Ying. Good girl. You did a great job." He kissed her lips affectionately and moved faster and faster.In the snowy winter morning to noon, a naked couple in the open bedroom didn't feel the slightest cold.From the open door and windows, Qi Ying's moans went out, making the butlers and maids blush. Head Butler Leo nearly had a heart attack and was taken to his room for a good rest. The other maids and butlers also went to their rooms to save themselves.

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