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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 378: I WANT YOUR BABIES

"Ahahaha Feng dear, I did something great, didn't I? I am a genius!" Yan Su laughed hysterically. "Susu, you are drunk." Lu Feng glanced at his beloved worriedly. He wasn't worried that Yan Su was drunk. He was worried about the fact that Yan Su made Mu Lan so drunk and even sent her to the Mu Corporation.'If Mu Liang finds out who did it' He couldn't think anymore.Apparently, Mu Lan was at the Lu Research Center to get her stitches removed. After her stitches were removed, she got a positive report and was happy.At that time, Yan Su also came with her family to admit her father to the Lu Hospital under the Lu Research Center. So she met Mu Lan and Yan Su pulled her to the shopping mall and forced her to wear a Valentine's Special Seducing Dress. Then, inside the car, they got drunk with Yan Su's most favorite red wine.After looking at Mu Lan in her drunk condition and continuously calling for 'Liang Liang', Yan Su left her in front of Mu Corporation and asked her driver to drive her to the Lu Research center.Yan Su was drunk but not as much as Mu Lan. The moment she went inside Lu Feng's meeting room, she hugged her in front of all the doctors and nurses who were present.Lu Feng was in the meeting discussing about the new potion he created. But looking at the drunk girl, he had to dismiss the meeting and carried her to his room.Lu Feng laid her down and said, "Be good. I have some works to do. You should take some rest."He was about to turn around, but Yan Su hugged him from behind and pulled him on to the bed and then straddled him. After that, she pulled the strings of her dress from behind and the dress gracefully fell on her waist showing her seductive body to Lu Feng.Lu Feng gulped and said, "Susu, not now. I have works to do."Yan Su was a pro and Lu Feng underestimated his own desire as well.[WARNING. Under 18 dears please back down. After you guys turn 18, you can read this chapter as much as you want.]Yan Su licked her lips, for which Lu Feng began getting goosebumps all over. His body started reacting as she began grinding her body in his lower part."Hmm.. Susu.. wait" Lu Feng's body shuddered in pleasure.Yan Su bent down and skillfully unbuttoned his shirt. Afterwards, she rubbed her breasts against his naked chest and whispered in his left ear, "Feng dear, I didn't wear panties today." Hearing her, Lu Feng's hands subconsciously went behind her and groped her. He felt her supple skin.He kissed her passionately and grinded her at the same time. They growled in unison.Yan Su unbuckled his belt and pulled off the zipper. Then her right palm was covered with his hard on as they played with their tongues. When Lu Feng noticed that, he bit her lower lip and changed their position in bed and hovered over her. He took off his pants and shirt and then her remaining clothes. He spread her legs and positioned himself in the middle. His fingers worked at her moist spot, making some wet sounds. His mouth was eating her large breast.Yan Su screamed loudly and scratches his back."Do you feel that Susu?" Lu Feng grunted. Their bodies writhed together.Yan Su enjoyed his playing and replied, "Feng dear, let me do it, I want to be on top today.""I don't think you can handle it, Susu." His mouth was licking her juice away.Yan Su came fast. Her chest heaved up and down. She licked her lips and replied. "Feng dear, try me."Then she switched their position and sat on Lu Feng's abdomen. "Ready, Feng dear?" She asked taking him in his mouth.Lu Feng couldn't answer her. She swirled her tongue and swallowed him whole. After sucking him for some time, her mouth was filled up. She gulped everything and took a position to take him inside her."Feng dear, I'm on my way. Wait for me." She hummed and pushed herself down.Both moaned as Lu Feng gripped her waist and pushed her at the same time. Yan Su's body moved up and down with her incredible strength. She was in the most pleasurable state.Her mouth was open wide and her moans were loud. With every pump, her breasts bounced.Lu Feng couldn't take his eyes off of her beautiful face. She showed her innermost expression right now and he adored it a lot.Soon, they came undone, however, they didn't stop there. Lu Feng changed their positions and he now entered from her rear. "Ahh. Feng dear hmm there. oohh. more... yes... I want...." Yan Su's screams echoed the room.Lu Feng got addicted to her voice and even though he was in control, her voice guided him what to do next.As if it wasn't enough, they went to the bathroom and couldn't stop pumping even after the water turned cold in the bathtub. Both of them couldn't stop as they couldn't get enough of each other.They took an hour of bath and then dragged their bodies inside the room. Yan Su hugged his naked body and sighed in content.Lu Feng growled. He asked in a husky voice, "Five times aren't enough?" Yan Su giggled. She looked as energetic as ever. Lu Feng wondered how much strength she had."Five times isn't it our usual exercise?" Yan Su rubbed her body against his, making his cold body hot again."You want more Susu? You might break apart." Lu Feng's eyes turned dark."Oh, Feng dear, we are engaged now. I want our children as soon as possible." She whispered."Then from now on don't take the medicine anymore. I'll give you lots of love." Lu Feng kissed her lips hungrily and hugged her body. Their bodies moved together towards the bed and they continued for a long time.

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