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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 377: IN THE MU CORPORATION

After Mu Liang hung up the video call, Mu Feng was going nuts. He scratched his head for a few times. "I should go. I should not go. I should go. I should not go" He plucked the petals of a rose and talked to himself.When the last petal was plucked he said, "I should go." Then he couldn't take it anymore, he left his office.Mu Feng drove as fast as possible. When he reached the Mu Corporation, he found something odd. The entire office was dead silent.Even the employees were acting weird. Some were stunned, some were spilling coffee, some were bumping and forgetting to apologize, even the guards and receptionists weren't greeting after they saw Mu Feng enter the building.Mu Feng could care less about what happened to them, if it were some other time. But this time he was bursting with curiosity.Why wouldn't he? He saw the rarest expression on his elder brother's face.He took the Presidential elevator and went to the second highest floor. It was the security department. All the surveillance cameras were being monitored here.Mu Feng saw the unusual scene there as well. No one greeted him, not just that, they didn't even notice him.'What happened to my elite group?' He wondered.Mu Feng went to the room of the department manager. "Yo!"His sudden voice made the department manager jump. "Se-second young master!" He exclaimed."What happened to the whole office? You guys aren't acting alright at all." Mu Feng commented.The department manager sweated after hearing the question. He then coughed awkwardly and got up. "L-let me show you the security cameras."Then the department manager showed Mu Feng the footages. Watching the scene, Mu Feng's jaw dropped.Mu Lan came into the office with a seductive dress. She looked drunk. Her face was flushed and her footsteps were disordered.The receptionist tried to stop Mu Lan from entering the Presidential elevator. Mu Lan frowned.Looking extremely displeased she protested, "Why can't I see my Liang Liang? I, Mu Lan want to see my hubby right here right now! You don't have any authority to stop me."Mu Feng burst into laughter."Ahaha. Sister Lan Lan, you tried so hard to hide your identity and now you just dropped the bomb in front of everyone and what not ahahaha. Hilarious!"Mu Feng rolled on the floor while laughing hard."S-so it's true that sh-she is the P-persident's w-wife?" The security department manager sweated even more.Mu Feng shrugged and said, "What else do I've to say here? She said it all." Then he looked more curious and said, "Let me see what happened next."Then Mu Lan disregarded everyone and went to the top floor. The secretaries were good to her. They were concerned about her and tried to warn her. However, Mu Lan protested, "No! I want to see my hubby!"Before the secretaries could process what she just said, Mu Lan barged into the room.Mu Feng didn't wait to give any explanation, he went to the top floor and was greeted by the secretaries."S-s-econd young master!" "Sit down and do your work." Mu Feng calmly said. Then he stood in front of the door to Mu Liang's office room. He carefully eavesdropped. Soon he was startled.'Did I just hear a cracking sound?' He asked himself.At that time, Mu Liang had just broken his office table.Mu Feng couldn't hear well, so he took one of the secretaries' glass, then he emptied the water in the plant pot beside her table. Then he used it to hear more clearly than he did before.'O M G!' Mu Feng's ears turned red. He could almost hear all the moans and grunts of Mu Liang and Mu Lan, and they were calling each other's name sweetly.After a long time, everything became quiet. Mu Feng was too excited and made a mistake. He mistakenly pressed the knob and the door opened. He couldn't predict anything and rolled inside the office room. He could hear the gasp of the secretaries.After he rolled down inside the room, he immediately got up like a popping ball. Afterwards, he looked around the room in disbelief.Mu Liang and Mu Lan weren't there in the room, however, their signs were all around the room. Torn dresses, broken furniture and smell of sweat and something mesmerizing. 'Big brother is so ferocious! And he called me a 'beast'? Hmpf, discrimination!' He screamed in his mind.Later, Mu Feng worriedly glanced at Mu Liang's private room. 'Sister Lan Lan, I hope you are alright.' He prayed. Then something came to his mind. 'Hey, it's Valentine's day. If this couple can have fun without thinking about the whole world, why (am I wasting my time here instead of being with Ying) wouldn't I spend my time with Ying?'He was going out of the room while thinking of that. On his way he bumped into someone. It was Assistant Ju Long."Hey Long, where do you think you are going?" Mu Feng asked."To the President's office. Long time no see. I'm fine. Thanks for not asking." Assistant Ju Long replied.Before Assistant Ju Long could look inside the room, Mu Feng dragged him out to the corridor."What are you doing?" Assistant Ju Long weirdly glanced at his friend.Mu Feng answered, "Dragging you out."Assistant Ju Long pulled out his hand from Mu Feng's grasp. They were in the elevator already. "I have an important thing to discuss with the President. Stop being so childish!""If you go inside, I promise you that you will never have the courage to face him. The most important thing that you need to do right now is take care of the employees. You should be doing that. And, if you want to live long, don't enter my brother's room." Mu Feng patted Assistant Ju Long's shoulder and left him dumbfounded.Assistant Ju Long glanced at the employees with an odd look and wandered, 'What on earth happened in here?'Mu Feng took his car and drove home. 'I wonder who made sister Lan Lan drunk.' He smirked.

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