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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 376: IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY

[Happy Valentine's Day!]"So everyone have misunderstood him." Mu Liang commented."He couldn't tell anyone or do anything that would let people know what he was facing, or Sara would order to kill Clara too. He was being monitored after all." Mu Feng sighed."Let's wait for Xiao Feng's report and then you know what to do." Mu Liang said."If I tell him that his chips were removed, I think he will give us all the information we need." Mu Feng said."Hmm. Don't forget about Clara." Mu Liang reminded his brother. After all, Clara deserved to know everything.Mu Feng said thoughtfully, "I wonder if he is going to remain a gay for the rest of his life."Mu Liang knew his childhood friend. He said, "Don't worry about it." Mu Feng wanted to tell something to his elder brother, but Mu Liang's expression made him halt.'What's just happening? What is my big brother watching so attentively?' He got curious.Mu Liang was gazing at something in front, he had a stunned expression in his face.Mu Feng couldn't hold back any longer. He had never seen such a face of his elder brother. He was dying to know. "Big brother, what happened?""I-I'll call you back later." Mu Liang instantly hung up.Mu Feng was dying at that time. 'O M G!!! Did my big brother just stutter? Who has the power to make him stutter like this?' While Mu Feng was bursting in excitement, Mu Liang wasn't sure what to say or what to feel. It was like as if his brain suddenly stopped working.Who else could leave him astonished other than Mu Lan?-*-*-*-*-Mu Lan was standing by the open door. Her standing pose was seductive. She was wearing a customized formal red shirt with a black pencil skirt which ended in her mid-thighs. She'd worn red pencil heels. She wasn't wearing any make up. But her fitting shirt was accentuating all her curves and revealed her cleavage. Her chest was heaving as she was breathing heavily as if she had run a marathon. Her face was red and her lips were open and inviting.The whole posture of her pointing out in one direction.She was drunk.Mu Lan was gazing at Mu Liang who knew for how long. Then she suddenly called out his name with a happy expression, "Liang Liang!"'I knew it!' Mu Liang cursed under his breath. His blood began to boil just after gazing. What would happen if they were to touch each other Mu Liang couldn't think anymore.But more importantly, something else caught his attention, 'Did she show this alluringly expression to the entire office?' Before Mu Liang could utter a single word or show his anger, Mu Lan ran towards him and pounced on him. Mu Liang caught her in a reflex. Mu Lan hugged him like he was the only person she could rely on.Mu Liang smelt alcohol in her mouth. 'I'm going to kill that person who made her so drunk.'He was seething in anger inside, but his mind was still worried about Mu Lan's health. 'Drinking alcohol is forbidden while someone is physically injured.'He was thinking that but he was also aware of their position. Mu Lan's soft curvy body was touching him, their chests were moving together, Mu Lan's open lips were inviting him and with her seductive look she was gazing at him."Liang"Mu Liang grunted. He tried to compose himself and asked, "How did you get drunk?"Mu Lan winked at him, and licked her lower lip before answering, "It's a secret."Mu Liang could feel that he was already having a reaction in his lower part which he was trying hard to control after she came back to him.'She is injured. She is injured. I can't. I can't.' he recited the sentences like a mantra.Mu Lan giggled and moved her face towards him. Then she bit his right earlobe and alluringly said, "Do you like what you see?"Mu Liang gulped and shuddered at the same time. He warned her. "Lan, don't-"His warm lips were captured by her soft ones before he could finish his sentence. She was acting just the same way as she had initiated their first kiss and they ended up sleeping naked for the first time.Mu Lan softly bit his lower lip, later licking there, making Mu Liang's fire explode. His body shook tremendously as he fought with his inner demon.Mu Lan's hands moved around his chest to his neck then to his head. When she couldn't make Mu Liang's mouth open, she whispered, "Open your mouth hubby."Mu Liang's hands gripped on her tiny waist. He forced himself away from her mouth and said, "No, Lan, we can't you are-" He was already breathing hard."Shh. Liang, today is Valentine's Day." Mu Lan pecked his lips before licking her lips.Mu Liang's mouth felt dry. He knew that today was a special day and that's why he was holding a party in the evening. If she wasn't injured, that would be a whole new different plan.But now, she was killing him with her seduction."Lan, you are injured." His voice became hoarse."Liang, I just went to the hospital and got my stitches removed. I can do it." She began to trace light kisses all over his face."You should rest for two or three more days." Mu Liang tried hard to struggle for the last time. He really didn't want to hurt her on this special day.This time, Mu Lan traced her right hand from his lips, throat, chest, abdomen and then something hard. She whispered in front of his right ear, "Hubby, I want you."That's it!That was all Mu Liang could take. He wasn't a saint!Mu Liang grabbed her head from behind with his right hand and aggressively kissed her. [WARNING! Hey guys, don't read the next part if you are under 18.]Mu Lan moaned under his lead. She kissed him back with the same passion. She cried out when she felt pain.However, Mu Liang didn't stop. He mercilessly shoved his tongue inside her mouth and tasted her. After kissing her thoroughly he pulled back when she began to struggle for oxygen. Before giving her enough time, his lips landed on her again.This time, he was gentle and tender as if he was soothing her.He was trying to show his affection to her. But then their kisses turned stormy gradually. Soon, Mu Liang's hands explored the already discovered land and tore open whatever was restricting him to touch her supple skin. He also tore her skirt with great force so that she could straddle him peacefully.However, Mu Lan wasn't thinking of being peaceful at all. She grinded herself to him as she affectionately kissed him. Her hands were trying to unbutton his shirt.Mu Liang growled when his lower part was being touched by her hidden part. He noticed her struggling with his shirt. He tore his shirt as well.His butterfly kisses trailed down her ears to neck to throat to collarbones to her tips leaving behind red marks on his way. Mu Lan cried out in pleasure. Her hands gripped on his hair subconsciously.Mu Liang felt like he had never tasted something like this in his life. He already forgotten whatever was happening, wherever he was. He nibbled and sucked how much ever he wanted. "Liang!" Mu Lan cried out his name after her orgasm. Her chest heaved faster than before. She didn't know when Mu Liang laid her on his office desk. He took off whatever was between him and her. Then he trailed kisses from her stomach to her abdomen. Mu Lan's head was light. Her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies. Passion made her curl her toes as Mu Liang spread her legs."Ah!" She screamed as his lips kissed her wetness and licked them away. Then he got so absorbed that he continuously sucked her before she had another orgasm. He was tasting a heavenly drink.Mu Lan's moans echoed in the room. Mu Liang didn't care at all. The door was closed and the room was fully soundproof.The temperature of the room rose dramatically. Fog formed on the window panes. It was snowing outside but the fog on the windows covered the scene of outside from inside as if the fogs didn't want to show the snow what was happening inside.Before Mu Lan could catch up on her breath properly, Mu Liang fully entered her. Mu Liang's eyes closed.He was waiting for this moment from days after she came back. Now his hardness was throbbing with excitement.Mu Liang didn't care about the sweat which was forming on her body. He continuously kissed her soft skin as he thrust himself deeper."Hah ah.. hnn.. mm.. ooh" Mu Lan's moans were igniting more passion from Mu Liang's deep hidden part.They were so into love making that they didn't hear the cracking sound. Soon, the table broke into two pieces with a large sound. It couldn't hold Mu Liang's force.Mu Liang instinctively took Mu Lan in his arms and sat on the chair. He didn't hold back when he was exploring deep inside her. In fact this position on the chair gave him better access since he could see how her supple breasts were bouncing as he was moving her up and down.With a grunt, he filled her inside. However, he was still hard. He heard the cracking sound of the chair. He pulled away from her and moved away from the chair.He took her on to the sofa and laid her on her stomach and filled her from behind."Ahh!" Mu Lan didn't know what was happening anymore.Mu Liang kept going on and on until they came undone multiple times.After a long long time later, breaking table, chair, sofa, Mu Liang took unconscious Mu Lan to bath her. That moment he recalled that he had a king size bed in his private restroom.After bathing them both, he took her in the soft bed and stayed with her for the rest of the day.

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