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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 375: WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED

"It is a programmed chip controlled by a certain remote control. The moment the remote control orders, the chip will give a signal to the brain and the brain will affect the hormones and create a sudden desire, a sexual desire." Le Feng finished.The two listeners were silent. Lu Feng wasn't sure if they understood him or they didn'tA minute late, Mu Liang opened his mouth. "You are saying that he was being sexually controlled by someone."Lu Feng was preparing to lecture his friends. As he realized that his friend understood him, he sighed in relief. He replied, "Yes, that's exactly what it is.""So, your saying that this tiny chip is the reason for all the playboy thing he put up in USA and here?" Mu Feng asked.As the King of European Underworld, Mu Feng had his own laboratory where intelligent scientists invented lots of weapons and other technology. However, they had never created such an ugly chip to control someone sexually. As a pervert, he was getting interested in that tiny chip.Lu Feng replied immediately, "That I cannot tell for sure. Maybe or maybe not.""And that means that he is not only being controlled but also being monitored." Mu Liang said.Lu Feng looked down to take another small chip in his hand and he showed his friends. "About what I wanted to tell, I found this one. I examined it and found out that it monitors his every move. What Arthur is eating, listening, watching, talking, everything can be monitored by this remarkable chip. The only disadvantage is that it can't monitor what people are thinking. If it did, that would be great!""And now the one who is controlling it, can he hear what we are taking about?" Mu Feng asked."No chance. I have already checked that this chip only works inside the brain, not in an open place." Lu Feng answered. "Why did you want to check on Arthur? Did you suspect him for something beforehand?" Mu Liang asked Lu Feng.Lu Feng scratched his nose before answering, "Actually when he came forward to talk to us, I saw that there were some digits of miniature size visible in his eyes. That was something very peculiar. Then after testing, I found out that it was just a digital monitor. It was very thin and couldn't be seen without observing keenly.""US Underworld is becoming great in technology. But that is not the problem. Why they took Arthur and what is their ambition and more importantly, were they targeting him from the very beginning?" Mu Liang mumbled. His frown become deeper.The other two became silent, deep in thought.Mu Liang glanced at Lu Feng and asked, "Is there anything else you want to share?"Lu Feng shook his head. "Give me a few hours. I will perform a thorough scan then I'll send him back to you." Lu Feng cut the video call.Now it was only the Mu brothers.Mu Liang gazed at him and Mu Feng caught the queue.Mu Feng began, "I let my men investigate Arthur's life in USA. I just got this information at dawn. After Arthur left France, he got admitted to a renowned college in California. There he had changed dramatically, his personality became polar opposite to what he was in France. Maybe he was taught a good lesson after he killed our neighbourhood boy. He was modest and kind like any other teenager. Then after he graduated from college, he Met Clara Brown and fell in love with her."Mu Liang was listening attentively to Mu Feng's report."After dating for a year, they eventually got married. At that time, Clara became a model and he was a professional photographer in the same agency." Mu Feng continued.This time Mu Liang interrupted. "Wait, you mean they knew each other before they even chose their career?""According to the information, in their sixth month of dating, they planned on their career paths and began working on it." Mu Feng licked his lips and then continued."After marriage, Clara became pregnant and both of them were extremely happy like any other normal couple. Even after the child was born, they were a happy couple. Until one day." He dramatically stopped.Mu Liang was used to Mu Feng's stage performance, so he waited."It was the end of the year and their agency held an annual party for their success. Clara couldn't come because of their son. Therefore, only Arthur attended the party. There, he met a girl named Sara Cooper, the spoiled daughter of the agency president David Cooper. Sara conspired and put a drug in Arthur's juice and then he fell asleep." Mu Feng's mouth became dry.Mu Feng drank a sip of water before going on, "Sara took some naked pictures of them in a hotel though nothing happened between them and then he tried to blackmail Arthur. Arthur didn't want to hurt his wife and fell into the trap. However, Sara couldn't have enough fun because her boyfriend found out everything.""And her boyfriend?" Mu Liang could guess what happened next.Mu Feng's eyes shone. "Her boyfriend is the Head on the US Underworld. This guy took revenge on Arthur as Arthur and Sara were caught red-handed in a hotel. He took Arthur somewhere. A month later, Arthur's body was found at a local bar. From then on, he completely changed into a playboy and became a drug dealer."Mu Feng sighed and continued, "It wasn't the end. Clara found him cheating with Sara, just as Sara had planned. Then after their divorce, Arthur would stay at various pubs after his work ended. However, he couldn't take that anymore I think, because one day he threatened Sara to tell everything to Clara, and that was his greatest mistake."Mu Liang didn't need to brainstorm about what happened next.Mu Feng felt remorse while telling what happened next, "Sara sent a gang to kill Arthur's son and mother-in-law. When Arthur went to save his son, he was too late. But then Clara came and saw Arthur with their dead son."

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