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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 374: SOMETHING TO REPORT

The next day, Lu Feng got up and freshened up. Then he called Mu Liang."What's the report saying?" Mu Liang asked directly.Lu Feng sighed and answered, "Everything is good. She is recovering faster than a normal human being.""Faster than normal human beings?" Mu Liang raised his right eyebrow."If you come to my office, I'll tell you everything." Lu Feng hung up.In thirty minutes, Mu Liang reached Lu Research Center. He barged into Lu Feng's room. "What's going on?" He directly questioned him to the point.Lu Feng showed his the reports."Look at this report. It was from the day when she was taken away by Andreas Wagner. Her body was severely damaged. A normal person takes at least three to four months to recover; but look at her. She began walking and travelling as soon as the sixth day. If that wasn't enough, she even escaped from the grasps of the most influential man in Germany. Her fractures were nearly healed by then. " Lu Feng said."And this is the recent report from four days ago. Your future wife has almost gotten better. Fractures are nowhere to be found, it's like no incident happened." He showed the next report."Which medicine was she using?" Mu Liang asked."Do you think that I didn't check those? I did. No doubt they are expensive medicines but definitely not something that can heal a person like a magic wand." Lu Feng replied and gave Mu Liang the reports on the medicine Mu Lan was taking.Mu Liang only glanced at the reports and then asked, "So what is actually happening?""I can't tell unless I take another blood sample." Lu Feng told him the truth after struggling for so long.Just as he thought, the temperature of the room dropped in a second."You already took one tube." Mu Liang's cold voiced gave Lu Feng chills."I know, but it was accidentally destroyed." Lu Feng couldn't look im his eyes.Looking at his guilty face, Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. He questioned, "How?" "It was an accident." Lu Feng's voice was mild.Mu Liang immediately guessed. "Yan Su?""." Lu Feng didn't know how to answer.Mu Liang stood up and said, "You won't get any blood. Not even a drop."He was about to leave, when Lu Feng called him back "Hey wait, what if she is someone who isn't what we think she is?"Mu Liang stopped in his tracks. Without even looking, he answered, "It doesn't change the fact that she is Mu Lan. No matter what she is, she the only woman I'll ever love in this lifetime." Then he left.Lu Feng could only smile faintly. He admitted that when it came to love, both Mu brothers were just knock outs.--------Back in the Zheng Mansion, Yan Su was taking care of her mother. Due to the shock, she suffered from a fever. But, it soon went away after having Lu Feng's medicine. However, she was still weak.Yan Su's mother was Mu Ying a timid woman with virtue. She took after her mother, Elder Mu's wife. She was envied by all her female cousins. She was very devoted to her husband after marriage.Never in her entire lifetime had she thought that her devoted husband could have the slightest interest in men.She couldn't take it and suffered from a fever. After she recovered, she wanted to leave the mansion with her weak body. But then her eldest son told her about her husband's situation even though he wished to hide the fact."Mom, it's not what you think. It's actually. dad. he was raped." He said it.Mrs. Zheng couldn't believe it. "What are you saying?""Mom, if you don't believe me, come with me to the guest room. Dad lost his consciousness after what happened last evening. He is suffering from fever and it hasn't backed down yet. Now we are thinking of taking dad to the Lu Research Center." The eldest son said.Mrs. Zhang Mu Ying got worried about her husband. Her face became pale. She asked, "Will he be alright? I don't care where he will recover, but you know your father, he will be very angry when he will get to know that we took help from the Lu Family."The eldest son then told his mother about Lu Feng's bravery and his engagement with Yan Su.Mrs. Zheng was overjoyed after what she heard. She liked this Lu boy since childhood. She observed this boy was sincere towards her daughter from the very beginning and she prayed that they would end up together.However, she couldn't make her husband understand this fact. Her husband was always obsessed with business. And now, he learnt it the hard way after what happened to him last evening."Good. That's good." Take me to your dad. I must see him." Mrs. Zheng answered.------At that time, in the Lu Research Center, Lu Feng was examining Arthur's body and found some stuffs inside his body what a normal person shouldn't have. He couldn't wait to call both the Mu brothers and they began video chatting as they were all in their workplaces."You can't believe what I just found." Lu Feng excitedly said."Throw up whatever you want to say. I have something to report too." Mu Feng impatiently said."Look at this." Lu Feng held a small chip around two centimeters square. "It was found in Arthur's head in the frontal lobe to be precise. Frontal lobes help people control thinking, planning, organizing, movement, etc. This chip works like a charm. Do you want to know what its work is?""Shoot." Mu Feng was getting curious.Lu Feng tried to make his friends understand in the easiest possible way. If he used details with more scientific terms, his friends definitely wouldn't understand."It is a programmed chip controlled by a certain remote control. The moment the remote control orders, the chip will give the signal to the brain and the brain will affect the hormones and create a sudden desire, a sexual desire." Lu Feng finished.

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