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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 373: PERVERTED NATURE COMES FROM BOYFRIEND

"Let me do a full body check up of Arthur. There is something about him that I'm curious about." Lu Feng's frown deepened.Mu Liang and Mu Feng secretly glanced at each other before Mu Liang nodded and left the place. They had more works to do.Mu Feng said, "I'll let Hugo's team to take Arthur to your Research Center.""Sounds good." Lu Feng agreed.--------Back in the car, where Mu Lan, Qi Ying and Xue Lin were, it was lively."I can't even imagine that Dr. Lu Feng would come up with such a tremendous idea. Ah! I'm still shivering." Mu Lan said. She couldn't control her laughter."It was disgusting to look at." Xue Lin said disdainfully."You say that but the one beside you couldn't control her nosebleed. Xiao Ying, I never knew that you were that of a pervert!" Mu Lan teased.Qi Ying's face turned bright red. She tried to defend herself. "It wasn't like that! I didn't see anything at all.""So you didn't see the part when Yan Su's dad was banging Arthur?" Mu Lan asked amusedly."You are wrong. It wasn't Yan Su's dad, It was Arthur who" Qi Ying realized that she made a mistake and immediately closed her mouth. But she was too late.Xue Lin sighed. She couldn't take this conversation anymore. "It has to be the influence of your perverted boyfriend." She missed her timid, shameful Xiao Ying who seemed to have changed after the Germany trip.-------Back in the Lu Research Center, Lu Feng directly went to his office and took out the file where Mu Lan's reports were. He thoroughly checked the reports and found nothing."How's this possible? If she had nothing in her body, how could she recover so fast? There must be a mistake." Lu Feng mumbled to himself.He verified the reports once again and saw the same result. Even her brain had healed fully in just one year, she could get back her memory sooner or later, and there was no doubt in that.Lu Feng's sweat dropped. He didn't know if he should call Mu Liang or not. Things were getting crazier day by day. He wished that he had another sample of her blood. If he had it, he could solve the mystery behind Mu Lan's miracle recovery. In the end, Lu Feng fell asleep while sitting on the chair itself. He was totally worn out since he'd worked day and night from the past few days.At dawn, a black figure came to the Lu Research Center. His footsteps were soundless and careful. He directly went to Lu Feng's office and looked around. After that, he took the papers which were on the table. He read them thoroughly and then snapped pictures of the reports. Then, he placed them just like they were before.Later, he disappeared in thin air. Before that, he didn't forget to remove his traces from the surveillance cameras.He was done with his work.No one knew about his presence.------When Lu Feng was trying hard to get any valuable information, Mu Liang went home with Mu Feng. They were tired.Mu Feng got back to his room and bathed after taking off his dress. After that, he went to bed and hugged Qi Ying closer to his chest. Just when Qi Ying snuggled closer, his cell phone beeped once.When Mu Feng secretly checked his phone, his face dimmed. 'Today I don't think I'll have any resting time.' He thought inwardly and got up from the bed regretfully. Qi Ying sensed his presence and opened her eyes. "Where are you going? Didn't you come home just now?" Her voice was sleepy when she asked.Mu Feng bent and kissed her pink lips. "I just have some works to deal with. Go back to sleep. After I'm done with these junkies, I'll make you feel so good that you can't get out of the bed for days." His hands roamed around her body while he was talking."Mmm." Qi Ying moaned and shuddered at his touch.Indeed, it was his influence which made her pervert.At the same time, Mu Liang went to bed and glanced at Mu Lan. "How long are you going to be awake? It's nearly three in the morning."Mu Lan was looking at her tablet and reading something. She absent mindedly answered, "Don't worry. I'll be done soon. I will sleep till noon tomorrow, but you have to work. So, you can sleep first. Don't stress yourself."Mu Liang said nothing else and kept looking at her. Mu Lan wasn't used to silent treatment and turned off the tablet. Then she rolled inside the comforter and hugged Mu Liang."Hubby, you worked so hard, you need more rest. Or you will tire yourself out after my recovery." Mu Lan teased him.Mu Liang raised an eyebrow. During the recent times, he had noticed that Mu Lan was teasing everyone around her. He nonetheless said anything. However, Mu Lan just now teased him about his impotence. Could he bear this?Never!Mu Liang's hand dangerously moved inside her night shirt making Mu Lan tremble."Wh-hat are you doing? I still need time to get better. My back still hurts." Mu Lan tried to move his hands away, but she couldn't. Actually, she had almost recovered, but her stitches needed to be removed. She planned on going to Lu Feng the day after tomorrow."I'll Show you how competent I am even if I don't sleep right now." Mu Liang huskily said. His fingers worked under her pajamas and made Mu Lan moan loudly.Hurriedly, Mu Lan covered her mouth and grasped Mu Liang's hands. "N-no more" She breathlessly said."I haven't finished yet." Mu Liang mercilessly said. He couldn't let her tease about his potency or it might get viral. He could never show his face to others.When Mu Lan couldn't take it anymore, Mu Liang released her. He effortlessly took her to the bathroom and cleaned her before taking her back to bed.Soon, Mu Lan fell asleep. Mu Laing kissed her forehead and said, "I'll throw a party for you soon."

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