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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 372: PAID THE PRICE

Qi Ying began to nosebleed and Mu Feng hurriedly took her to the guest room. Xue Lin was long gone. She didn't even glance at the view. Mu Lan was just about to skim her eyes at the scenery in front of her but her eyes were covered by Mu Liang's large, warm hand. He didn't want her to spoil her eyes by watching somebody else's naked body expect his. She could only look at him and no other men.As for Arthur's father, he had a priceless expression on his face. He knew that his son was a womanizer but he had never dreamt that his son was interested in both men and women, especially interested in that particular elder man who was going to be his future father-in-law.However, breaking his dream, his one and only son was domineeringly plucking pleasure out of his would be future father-in-law.And Yan Su's brother saw their respectable father getting banged by a young man who was even younger than them. Could they look at the scenario with a normal conscience?As they were watching the live action package drama unfold, the actors were so into the thing they were doing that they didn't notice the other's presence at all.However, the second heir of Zheng family couldn't take it anymore and screamed horrifyingly, "Dad! What are you doing?"At that moment, Mr. Zheng glanced in the direction of the sound and hoarsely said, "H-help me!"The others also found their senses back and moved inside the room and dragged Arthur away from Yan Su's father.Yan Su's father had a pitiable expression and his whole body was filled with saliva, marks of hands and teeth and also something unspeakable. He shuddered like a girl who was raped. Mr. Zheng could never imagine that a noble man like him would be raped by a boy of his daughter's age who was supposed to be his future son-in-law at this age of his. At that time, he realized what would happen to Yan Su if she were to get married to this creature. He realized that he made a terrible mistake after he paid the price himself.But more than ever, something else was going on in his mind.'I have been raped. I have been raped. I have been raped'On the contrary, the men had to fight with Arthur as he smelt many odors which made him go nuts. He pushed everyone back and saw his own father. He jumped at his father and tried to tear up his shirt.At that time, someone hit Arthur from behind him and he fell over his dad. His dad screamed in terror, but then he noticed that his son stopped moving.Everyone looked at the man who hit Arthur's head. It was Lu Feng.He already took care of Yan Su's mother and came back to see what was happening there. When he saw Arthur banging Yan Su's father, he smiled with satisfaction once again. Then he took the most important time to strike at Arthur.After hitting his head, Lu Feng thought to himself, 'Damn it felt good.'At that time, Mu Liang came forward and said, "Thanks to the son of Lu Family. You saved my uncle from a miserable state" Then he looked over at the Zheng brothers and said, "You two take this guy (pointing to Arthur) downstairs, my men are waiting there."Mu Liang dragged Mu Lan out of the scene and took her to Yan Su's parents' room where Yan Su and her mother were. After leaving her there, he came back to take the next step. Arthur's dad looked at Mu Liang with a horrifying gaze. He asked, "Where are you taking my son?""He committed an unforgivable crime of hurting a member of the Mu Family. He will be investigated by our Mu Family's detectives. You have no right to interfere. After all, if the son of Lu Family didn't come, you would be a victim of your son too. Be grateful." Mu Liang answered coldly.Arthur's father shivered in fright and didn't say anything anymore. However, he was still scared of his son's future.Mu Liang glanced at Lu Feng and said, "Mu Feng needs you. He is in the guest room." Lu Feng nodded and left immediately. Yan Su's brother covered Arthur's naked body with Yan Su's pink bed cover and took him downstairs using the alternate back stairs. They didn't want their friends to know about this incident at any cost.After Hugo and his team secretly took Arthur away in the name of investigation, Yan Su's brothers took their father to another room. He had already fainted in the room and Lu Feng was taking care of him after he had treated Qi Ying's nosebleed.Then, the sons of the Zheng Family announced the engagement between Lu Feng and Yan Su. Lu Feng was well prepared from the very beginning and he had already brought a black diamond ring for Yan Su.Yan Su was beyond happy.After the party was over, Yan Su stayed at her family home. Xue Lin met her friends and her ?????, Mu Lan and Qi Ying left the party with Mu Feng's hired bodyguards.Mu Liang, Mu Feng and Lu Feng took another car and went to the European Underworld's special investigation center where every criminal was investigated by Mu Feng's group. "Are you done with Xiao Lan's report?" Mu Liang asked calmly."I have the report with me. I can check it anytime. Sorry I was busy with creating the potion and I neglected my duty." Lu Feng answered as a professional doctor."I want a thorough report." Mu Liang, of course, forgave his friend. After all he would do the same if something were to happen to Mu Lan.Mu Feng questioned, "Who will interrogate Arthur?"Lu Feng interfered before Mu Liang could say anything. "I'll be done with Mu Lan's report tonight. Let me have a full check up of Arthur. There is something about him that I'm curious about." His frown deepened.______________________________________________Announcement:For the reviewers, thank you very much for your reviews, but for some times, I'm getting complains from Webnovel Officials that the reviewers are not giving a real reviews.Well I don't mind what you guys review, but the thing is, if you guys write lots of good words and give 3 or 3.5 stars, it confuses me.Can I get a specific reason of your markings. It will help me to improve my novel since I'm just a beginner.And review is a novel's overall point of view, not about a single chapter. If you guys want to rate for a single chapter of a novel, you can do it in the end of the chapter and also comment there.I humbly request everyone not to give your personal judgement of a single chapter in the overall review of a novel. It affects the whole novel.I know you all need SS, so I have nothing to complain to you when I have 0 SS. (Shame on me)Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.

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