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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 371: JAW DROPPED SCENERIO

[A/N: The majority of the Readers want the details, so for those who want short-cut, you can skip the WARNING part. Let's see, how many of you are brave enough to read the end of the chapter. ;p]Mrs. Zheng glanced at Mu Lan and was worried. "Actually I can't find him." She was talking about her husband.Mu Feng closed his eyes. 'Why does sister Lan Lan have to ask about my uncle? Can't he have a little bit of fun? Seriously!'This time Xue Lin answered calmly, "I saw uncle going to Yan Su's room. Auntie, do you want us to check there?"Mu Feng glared at Xue Lin but didn't speak. Xue Lin coldly glanced at him and moved her lips.Mu Feng's eyes became big like a soccer ball while he read her lips. Xue Lin was mouthing, 'This is what you get for calling me scary.'Mrs. Zheng was surprised hearing her answer. She asked in confusion, "Why would my husband be in Yan Su's room when she is with you all?"Yan Su coughed before saying, "Mom, how will we know that? Why don't you go there and ask dad yourself." She began imagining what her mom's reaction would be after seeing the scene in her bedroom. Her blood was boiling as she felt nervous.Mrs. Zheng found it very reasonable and said, "Okay. I'll go there. We have to announce your engagement as well. We can't delay it further."Oh, yes, engagement. All of them forgot for what reason they were here. The situation in the room made them too busy to think of anything else.Yan Su got up and told her mother, "I'll accompany you." She didn't want to miss such an opportunity to see live action porn.At that time, Mu Lan spoke out, "Actually we have never gone inside Yan Su's bedroom, did we Xue Lin?" Her eyes were full of mischief as they were glittering like stars in the night sky.Xue Lin narrowed her eyes and avoided answering Mu Lan. She could tell what was in Mu Lan's mind. She, however, had no interest in peeping into something which would make her lose the virginity of her eyes. She had never watched porn even on the computer. How could she handle full on live porn package drama?Mu Lan smiled like a school girl going on a date and got up from Mu Liang's lap. Then she excitedly pulled Qi Ying up and also Xue Lin had dragged them behind Yan Su and her mother.Mu Liang silently got up as well and followed the girls. He also wished to see how their unplanned plan worked out. Mu Feng and Lu Feng accompanied him as well. They also didn't want to miss such a lifetime opportunity.All the eight of them went upstairs and the more they got closer to Yan Su's bedroom, the more they heard some unspeakable noises. Soon they realized that it was growl or groan.Mrs. Zhang stopped in front of the door and hesitantly knocked the door. But there was no reply and the growl continued undisturbed. "Umm, what is happening there?" Mrs. Zheng asked confusedly. She had a bad feeling about it.Yan Su said, "The door is locked from outside. Why don't we open it?"Mu Lan was faster than Yan Su. Before Yan Su could finish the sentence, she unlocked the door and opened it fully showing the entire view of everything that was happening inside the room to the people who were present.At first, none of them could see anything in the dark, only the sounds of groans could be heard clearly. But then, Mrs. Zheng gasped and fainted at the spot."Mom!" Yan Su automatically grabbed her mom. She couldn't even get the time to lick her lips."Let's take her to her room." Lu Feng told Yan Su and they took Mrs. Zheng out, he was already satisfied with the scene before him, and as for the others, they were watching the drama unfold in front of them.At that time, Yan Su's two brothers and Arthur's father came out of the study room and faced the group of people in front of Yan Su's bedroom.Yan Su's second brother spoke first. "Hey guys why are you standing there? Go inside-" At that, his voice halted as he saw the scenario inside the room as well. His eyes nearly popped out and his jaw dropped.Seeing his reaction, Yan Su's first brother and Arthur's father got curious and looked inside the room before their jaws dropped as well.[WARNING]The room was dark. There were torn clothes in every corner of the room. There was a bed in the middle of the room and there were two naked men making love aggressively.The one in the front was clenching the sheet before him and trying hard not to groan in pleasure. His eyes were filled with tears like a school girl who was being molested.The man at the back was positioned harshly making loud noises. He was breathing like a dragon and growled in pleasure.Seeing the man in front of him not making a sound, he slapped the man's rear loudly making the man scream in pain and pleasure.The man who was slapping loudly laughed aloud and said, "You like it baby, don't you? What a w****! I'll make you feel extra good now."Then that man grabbed the legs of the man in front and turned him over making his back touched the warm bed. The audience outside the room got a clear view of both of their naked men's exquisite bodies.The man who seemed very pitiful was none other than Mr. Zhang, Yan Su's respectable father and the man who was dominating him was the one and only Arthur who was supposed to be Yan Su's fianc tonight.Arthur licked his lips while looking at the elderly man in tears under him. He took his hard rock treasure and gave it a hard squeegee, making Mr. Zhang whimper in pleasure.Then Arthur smiled devilishly and entered Mr. Zheng's only hole and began another round.

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