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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 370: THE ONE WHO LOCKED THE DOOR...

"Ah, limited edition. Send me all that you have with you." Mu Feng said in a business-like manner."Sure. I have four left. Each costs nine hundred and thirty million." Lu Feng answered.Mu Feng's jaw dropped. "That's a rip off!" he complained."It's business." Lu Feng said like a businessman. He needed some expensive chemicals to create this potion and also his exclusive brain. He wasn't just ripping his friend's heart.Mu Feng couldn't lose such an opportunity to give away these potions. They were too precious. "Fine, prepare them tomorrow." He said grumpily.Mu Lan heard their conversation while she was hiding her face. She blinked. 'How did he know that Dr Lu Feng made such an exclusive potion? Did he see all of it himself just like us? Then was he the one who closed the door?'Lu Feng asked the same question what she wanted to ask, "How do you know what I created? Did you just see what happened in the bedroom?" Even Xue Lin and Qi Ying had the same question in their heads. Only Mu Liang was calmly hugging his wifey."Ah, you have no idea what is actually happening in that bedroom right now." Mu Feng said with a smirk."So you are the one who closed the door and locked it? No wonder Mr. Zheng couldn't open the door." Xue Lin commented.Lu Feng froze. 'What did she just say?'Mu Feng grinned. "You four women are too perverted. Peeping like this." He knew that they were in the treehouse. Never underestimate the King of European Underworld."Stop showing off! You are the one who let the most disgusting thing happen in this mansion." Xue Lin frowned and snapped at him."What did you do?" Lu Feng frowned as well.Mu Feng scratched his nose and answered at the same time, "Well, when you can plan, my brother can plan, and how can I do nothing at all?"Twenty minutes ago, Mu Feng had said, "I'm going to the washroom. You guys continue." Then he left Mu Liang and Lu Feng, and went inside the mansion.In the drawing room, he met Mr. Zheng and a couple of his other business partners including Arthur's dad."Ahaha, I would love to see our business getting merged." Mr. Zheng was in a good mood.Mu Feng frowned. To him, it didn't look like an engagement but a mere business collaboration. 'This guy doesn't care about his one and only daughter's happiness, but only his business. Looks like he needs some good learning in his life.' Mu Feng's eyes glowed with mischief. He got closer to Mr. Zheng and said, "Uncle, congrats on your new collaboration. I'm very happy after I got to know the news that Yan Su and Arthur will have a happy ending."Mr. Zheng laughed and replied, "It's all because I've got an amazing brain."'What a narcissist!' Mu Feng smiled and pretended to look around. Then he got closer to Yan Su's dad and whispered, "I just saw Yan Su going upstairs with another man. I think we should do something about it before anything big happens. There are a lots of guests here. I can't let my aunt's family be in shame. After all, you are a part of Mu Family."Mr. Zheng was in rage. He growled. "What did you just say? Is it true? Did you see with your own eyes?"Mu Feng shrugged. "What is the point in lying? I have nothing to win by lying to you, uncle.""I'm going to see what this girl is doing up there." Mr. Zheng went upstairs and bumped into the fake Yan Su. He questioned her, and then he heard a painful voice coming from inside the bedroom. He pushed the fake Yan Su aside and went inside the room.Mu Feng followed him upstairs and saw Clara being pushed away. He caught her in the meantime and said, "You are the fake one, aren't you?"Clara looked surprised and pale at the same time. He smiled and said reassuringly, "Don't be nervous. I'm Mu Feng, Mu Liang is my older brother. Before anyone sees you, change your clothes from my aunt's room and leave this mansion in disguise."Clara nodded and left.Mu Feng peeped inside the room and saw the situation. In one glance, he got the whole picture. He smirked and swiftly closed the door and locked it. He heard loud noises of bangings and then screamings and then cough cough coughAfter Mu Feng finished telling them what he did, Xue Lin commented, "Savage!"Savage indeed.Mu Lan also glanced at Mu Feng. Lu Feng's jaw dropped too. And Qi Ying was shaking her head and feeling sorry for Yan Su's dad.They were so stunned that they didn't see Yan Su coming, except for Mu Liang."Did I miss something?" Yan Su said.Everyone glanced at her and saw something hilarious. Yan Su's mother was an elegant lady. She always wore full sleeved gowns which covered her from neck to toe everywhere she went.Right now, Yan Su had to wear her mother's dress. It was a white evening gown with blue lace. It was simply elegant. It covered Yan Su's entire body except her head."Are you cosplaying? You look like Mother Theresa." Mu Lan said. She tried hard not to laugh and so were the others.Yan Su was very displeased. She said, "What to do? This was the only one which fitted my body. I nearly tore my mom's most favorite gown."Xue Lin tried to console her. "Don't worry. You look so young and beautiful, Mother Theresa."While they were having fun in the garden, Yan Su's mother came to them. "Why are you wearing my gown, Yan Su?" Mrs. Zheng came to talk to them, but never thought that her daughter would wear her dress one day. She was perplexed beyond belief."Ah.. well.." Yan Su couldn't answer her mother."Auntie, where is uncle? I didn't see him at all." Mu Lan saved her friend.Mrs. Zheng glanced at Mu Lan and was worried. "Actually I can't find him."

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