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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 369: THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO ME

"Hold it!" Yan Su said. She took off the binocular and didn't intend to spy on what's happening in her bedroom anymore. "I don't think we need to see anymore." She felt uncomfortable."Why does you dad have to poke his nose into everything?" Xue Lin frowned. She didn't care what was going to happen to Yan Su's father."Now he will get a taste of it." Yan Su seemed sad. No normal girl would want her dad to be cough, cough by her own childhood friend.Mu Lan's eyes narrowed. She was sure that someone deliberately closed the door and locked it. But it didn't seem like it was Lu Feng's plan. His taste wasn't that twisted. And of course Yan Su's dad's arrival at that moment was unexpected too. 'I wonder who came up with the third plan.' She wondered.Qi Ying was scared. "Xi-xiao Yan Su do you think that it is alright?"Yan Su shrugged. "It's not that he was going to get pregnant."Mu Lan couldn't hold back her laughter and she laughed uncontrollably. She said, "It's getting steamy in there. We shouldn't stay here. Let's go down."Soon after that, the four of them came back downstairs and went where Mu Liang and the others were.Mu Lan went behind Mu Liang and encircled her arms around him. She kissed his right cheek and then touched his right ear with her soft lips. "You came up with a great plan." She was so proud of him. She praised him and nibbled his ear without anyone's notice.Mu Liang's heart was about to melt. However, since she was playing with his sensitive ear, his whole body turned rigid.Others saw that they were cuddling like love birds. Who would've have thought that Mu Lan was the one being naughty here?Mu Liang gave a low grunt and Mu Lan smiled hearing it. "Do you want me hubby?" She asked him seductively."Don't push it." Mu Liang's heart raced."Oh my, your heart is about to explode." Mu Lan teased him.At that time, Mu Liang suddenly grabbed her head from behind with his right hand and pulled her head closer to his face and crushed his lips on hers."Hpf!" Mu Lan was too stunned to move. Her eyes were opened wide as he tasted her soft rosy lips.When Mu Liang licked her lips, she gasped and realized that there were people around them. She tried to move away, but when she gasped, she opened her mouth and it accidentally invited his warm tongue.Soon, Mu Lan's legs gave out and her body leaned to Mu Liang's. He delicately moved towards her and took her on his laps.After he was done with his stormy kiss, he let go of her swollen lips. Both of them were breathless and slightly flushed. Their irregular breathing calmed down slowly. Mu Liang stretched his left hand and wiped away her tears. His gaze fell upon her open, wet and inviting lips and he gulped. "This is what you do to me." His deep voice took away her heart. Mu Lan leisurely glanced at his heated deep ocean blue eyes. She could feel that something hard was poking her round butt.'I have gone overboard playing around with him this time.' She smacked her head and blamed herself inwardly."Cough! Cough!" Xue Lin furiously coughed. Her white little face had already turned beet red."Get a room you two." Lu Feng complained while frowning.Qi Ying didn't know where to look. She felt like her nose might bleed."My, my, you guys are giving me a turn on. What a sight! I feel like I just saw a romantic movie right in front of my eyes" Yan Su teased.Mu Lan couldn't look at their faces. She buried her face deep inside his chest. Mu Liang also hugged his wifey protectively. Even though this place was dark, he still didn't want the others to see her adorable face. He must protect his wifey from unwanted flies.To save his wifey from the embarrassing situation, Mu Liang changed the subject. "Change back to your usual self, maid."Now that Clara Brown's mission was accomplished, Yan Su could take off her makeup and could wear her usual dress.Yan Su wanted to smash his head. "Hmp!" She turned around with a huff and moved inside the house. Qi Ying was too frightened to talk to Mu Liang. She turned her head towards Lu Feng and said, "Do you know where Feng is?"Lu Feng replied, "He went to the washroom. Don't worry. He will come back soon."Yan Su went back inside the mansion and went to her parents' room. Since her bedroom was off limits, she had no other choice but to borrow her mother's dress.As she went upstairs, she collided with Mu Feng."Ah! Feng you dummy!" Yan Su hissed. Apparently, Mu Feng stepped on her right leg."Oh, I didn't see you." Mu Feng said naturally.Yan Su rolled her eyes. "Can't you just apologise?"Mu Feng took off her maid headband and said, "Stop being childish. You look filthy. Go, change your dress." He commanded her like a big brother and left leisurely.Yan Su gritted her teeth. She wished to kick his butt off, but she could never win against him and she knew it. Therefore, she didn't want to embarrass herself.Mu Feng came back downstairs in a good mood and he walked upto where his brother and friend were.He saw that everyone were together and also noticed that Mu Lan was hiding her face in his brother's chest.Mu Feng playfully whistled and asked, "Did I just miss something good?"Lu Feng earnestly shook his head and replied, "No, you just missed some dog food."Lucky me!Mu Feng didn't say anything anymore and went beside Qi Ying and hugged her closer.Then he glanced at Lu Feng and said, "Dude, that was the craziest creation you have ever made. Give me some when it's out in the market.""It won't be in the market. This potion is limited. I only created it to get my revenge on him." Lu Feng answered.

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