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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 368: TRAPPED WITH SOMETHING

Before anyone could react, Lu Feng grabbed Yan Su's right wrist and pulled her suddenly on his firm chest, making her gasp in surprise. Noticing his hands tremble behind her back, Yan Su complained in a sad tone, "How could you think that I was that woman? Did you think I would let other men expect you to touch me like me that? How could you think that I'm so cheap?"When Yan Su was serving the guests as a maid, she saw how hurt he looked when the fake Yan Su was taken away by Arthur. Her heart twisted in pain. Well it was partly her fault for not telling him. So she didn't get mad or anything. It was just that, just because she wore revealing clothes or acted b****y, it didn't mean that she was that kind of a twisted woman.She had no obligations to tell others what type of person she was. She didn't want to pay heed to the prejudiced opinions of people on her character who merely jumped into conclusion based on the kind of dress she wore.However, she didn't expect that even her closest people would think so low of her.It's human nature. They expect their closed ones to understand them even if they don't tell it explicitly. They get sad or angry or frustrated if people don't understand them. There are different types of people and they control their emotions in different ways. No one can change it because it is like that since the beginning of the world. So no one has the right to complain or point out at others. Because, no one is perfect. This is how the Creator created human beings.Lu Feng hugged her tightly this time and mumbled, "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have doubted you."Yan Su had the urge to cry her heart out since she was genuinely hurt this time. But she controlled it firmly. She never let her emotions get out of control in front of so many people. It would be a different case if they were alone. Yan Su pulled away from Lu Feng. If she was in his arms even for another minute, she didn't know whether she would still hold on to her wall of emotion or not.Yan Su forced a smile and said, "It's fine. I wasn't sad at all. I knew it was my mistake. You guys enjoy. I'm going to look for my friends. I just don't know where they are." She looked around."In the tree house." Mu Liang calmly answered.Yan Su and Mu Feng glanced at him without blinking. Their minds said in unison, 'What a stalker!'Now that she was with her three friends who were peeping like perverts, she didn't know what to say anymore.Mu Lan smiled and hugged the maid girl. She said, "I'm so proud of you and of course I'm very sorry."Qi Ying hugged those two and then Xue Lin. Both Qi Ying and Xue Lin apologized, making Yan Su's eyes wet."Still it wasn't our fault. You made us believe that way." As they pulled away from her warm embrace, Mu Lan pushed the blame on Yan Su."Oh, really? I have a good memory that someone had said to me the other day that seeing things might not always be right, there is always an explanation behind everything." As soon as Yan Su finished talking, Xue Lin coughed in embarrassment. That was her line.Yan Su stopped teasing her friends and lightly said, "Okay, okay, I will stop here, or you guys will tear apart tonight." She took a binoculars and peeped at her bedroom. "Let's see how Clara dear is handling that jerk."In the bedroom, Clara Brown, the double of Yan Su, slowly got close to him. She used her right heel to touch Arthur's chin and made him look at her. She smiled in ridicule. "Did you just call me a b****? I think you have mistaken. I'm not that woman you think I am."He growled and was confused. "What are you saying?""Oh, let me remind you then f****** son killer father!" She used her right leg to slap his left cheek. Her sharp heel cut through his skin, making him groan in pain, but at the same time, a sudden realization hit him.'Clara Brown? Impossible! How would Yan Su know about her and their son?' He thought. But soon after that, his head became hazy. There was a scorching heat coming from deep inside him."H-help" He groaned and tried to wake up, but failed miserably. Clara laughed loudly. She mocked at him, "Where is you womanizer attitude now, my dear ex-husband?""Clara""Enjoy the night, suffer in hell. Ciao." Clara just left the room and accidentally met Yan Su's father Zheng Nian Zu. Startled, Clara blurted out, "D-dad?""Why are you here? We have to announce your engagement. Stop playing around now and find where Arthur is." Mr. Zheng said with a tone of authority.Before Clara could say anything, both of them heard a painful growl. "H-help."Mr. Zheng Nina Zu could recognize this voice instantly. He was confused, "Arthur? Isn't it Arthur? What did you do this time, Yan Su? Daddy is going to be mad this time!" His voice got louder in a second."H-help!" Arthur screamed this time.Mr. Zheng forcefully pushed away Clara thinking that she was his one and only daughter Yan Su and went inside her room to check up on Arthur.The room was dark and cold and in the middle of the large bedroom, a naked man was sitting there, his head was facing downwards and he was scratching his chest like he wanted to rip his heart apart.Mr. Zheng asked, "Arthur, are you alright?" he got a little closer to him.Hearing his voice, Arthur immediately stopped whatever he was doing and slowly looked in Mr. Zheng's direction.Mr. Zheng felt a chill run down his spine. His heart trembled with an unknown fear and he took a decision to leave the room.Just at that time, someone closed the bedroom door and locked it from outside.Now Mr. Zheng was trapped with something he never even dreamt of.

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