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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 367: AND THE MAID WAS.....WHAT!!!?!

Mu Lan frowned at what she she was watching. 'Why isn't she wearing her dress but just a piece of cloth?'She talked to Xue Lin without even looking at her, "Come and see what's happening. I want to know what she is talking about."Since she did not hear even a single sound in response, Mu Lan turned her face to look at what her friends were doing. But she immediately froze.Qi Ying and Xue Lin were looking at the person beside the stairs. It was the maid who had sent the wine glasses a moment ago. The maid domineeringly looked at her three friends and said, "Peeping is a bad thing, dearests."That familiar voice!!!The jaws of all the three friends dropped.The maid was none other than .... What!!!!!Yan Su!!!?!Then who was the girl in the room.The three friends took the binoculars at the same time and checked out the room. The woman in the room looked like Yan Su but she wasn't Yan Su at all. Then she was. Who?Mu Lan opened her mouth first. "It wasn't your plan.""Nope, it wasn't." Yan Su who was in the maid uniform smirked."Then the one who planned it" Mu Lan had already guessed it."Eldest cousin." Yan Su finished.'No wonder he was so quiet all along.' Mu Lan talked to herself in her mind."And the other woman?" This time, Xue Lin got over the shock. So her curiosity was to know about the one who was looking exactly like Yan Su, more so like her doppelganger."Arthur's ex." Yan Su replied."Okay, just explain it to me, what is actually going on?" Qi Ying couldn't hold back anymore.Yan Su smiled and then explained everything to them.Just yesterday Mu Liang called Yan Su to a restaurant and let her meet Arthur's ex. Yan Su was stunned beyond belief that her ex looked exactly like her.Looking at her confused expression, the ex politely apologized and said, "I'm Clara Brown, a model from USA. I'm Arthur's first ever girlfriend. After dating for a year, we got married and had a son. Its only then that he showed his true colors to me. I saw him cheating and we got divorced. At that time, Arthur was in the process of getting a promotion. He was dating his boss's daughter to get the promotion."While telling her story, Clara Brown almost choked in pain. "His current girlfriend didn't like that he had a son with me and told him to get rid of him. Arthur did exactly what she told him to do. While I was away to film my first ever movie, he took his gang, barged into my house and killed my precious one year old son along with my sixty year old mother."Clara took time to control her emotions. Later, she continued, "I was tracking him since then. I didn't let him go out of my sight. Just a year ago I found out that he was getting engaged to the daughter of Zhang family, Zhang Yan Su. Miss Zhang might not have an idea that you are quite popular in France because of your black belt. So I had got myself a cosmetic surgery and wanted to replace you with me to avenge my mother and son's murder . I'm begging you to cooperate with me." She bowed.Yan Su was speechless after what she just heard. She couldn't believe what a scumbag Arthur was.She clenched her fists tightly to control her anger. Later, she grabbed Clara's hands and said, "Clara dear, don't worry. I'll help you with it. If you need me to kill him, just let me know."Clara smiled at her through her tears.After a long time, Mu Liang said, "I know Lu Feng has a plan. But now let's change the plan and make a wonderful trap for our prey."Only then, Yan Su remembered that he was with them.After Yan Su told the whole story, Mu Lan was the last one to speak up, "So, you three twisted Lu Feng's plan just like that.""Yes, and I became the maid and sent them Lu Feng's new creation. Clara dear made sure that Arthur drank it all." Yan Su smirked in satisfaction."So, brother Feng and Dr. Lu Feng doesn't know anything about it, I guess." Mu Lan commented."They we'll be spooked when they get to know I guess." Yan Su giggled."No wonder your boyfriend looked like he was going to die. I think you need to make sure that he doesn't misunderstand." Xue Lin stated."Ah, I already did before coming here. You have no idea what kind of a face he made." Yan Su couldn't stop laughing."Oh, please enlighten us." Mu Lan said dramatically.FlashbackAccording to Mu Liang's plan, Clara Brown pretended to be Yan Su and seduced Arthur. After she took her to Yan Su's bedroom, Yan Su, disguised herself as a maid, took the glasses of wine to her bedroom. After her mission was done, she went to where Mu Lan and her friends were. However she only found her boyfriend and her cousins.Yan Su got a mischievous idea to spook Mu Feng.She got closer to him and brushed her fingers on Mu Feng's right cheek.Mu Feng was startled at first and then he glared at her, so she began to giggle.On seeing her reaction, both Mu and Lu Feng frowned at her.Yan Su realized that she had to say something before any misunderstanding occurred. She said, "For Buddha's sake, can you guys not glare at me, specially you Feng dear. It breaks my heart."Once again Mu Feng and Lu Feng had the same reaction. Their jaws dropped."You. You." Mu Feng couldn't finish what he wanted to say.Lu Feng only looked at her mesmerizingly. Mu Feng was quick-witted and glanced at his older brother. "It's your plan, isn't it?"Mu Liang didn't answer his brother's question. He took a sip of the wine. Then he said, "All's well that ends well."

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