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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 366: THE FINEST WINE

Xue Lin urged. "I think we should stop watching."The three of them were in the tree house. They were using Yan Su's childhood binoculars to spy on Yan Su and Arthur.Qi Ying's face was so red that Xue Lin wondered if her face could be compared to red berries.Mu Lan smirked and said, "We should see till the end of the scenario." She got excited. It was the first time she was peeping into somebody else's private moments and she didn't want to waste the opportunity.------ Arthur growled in annoyance. He refused to answer the knock and sucked Yan Su's lips forcefully. His hands roamed around her buttocks and grinded them with his lower part. Yan Su moaned."So forceful." Yan Su teased.Arthur smirked. "Do you love it, babe?""So much." Yan Su pulled him closer to have his taste on her lips.Knock! Knock!"M*********r!" Arthur cursed.Yan Su giggled and bit his right ear. "Answer the door, baby. It must be an emergency."Arthur ripped her lacy underwear and threw it aside. After that, he strode towards the door and opened it. He saw a lovely maid carrying a tray filled with two glasses of wine. One glass was full of red wine and the other one was white wine.'I'm going to ***k her for sure.' He glanced all over the maid's body and asked, "What is it beautiful?" His previous temper was gone.Yan Su rolled her eyes. 'B******!' She cursed him in her mind.The maid felt shy seeing his handsome half naked appearance all of a sudden. She blushed and began to stutter, "M-mistress s-sent me to g-give young miss and f-future young master the finest wine you like." "That's very nice of you, darling." Arthur said. "Thank you.""I-it's my job." The girl coyly smiled.Arthur bent down and took the glass before kissing the maid's soft cheek. "I'll make sure to have a date with you tomorrow night darling. Wait for me." He whispered.The maid blushed hard and Arthur winked before closing the door."Baby, I'm feeling cold." Yan Su complained.Arthur saw her full naked appearance and laughed heartily. He put the glass on the tea table and pulled her to him while he sat on the couch. He made her sit on his lap and ran his hands all over her body. Yan Su moaned and glanced at the table. "Baby, aren't these our favorite drinks? Your white wine and my red wine. Let's drink it and pre-celebrate our engagement."Arthur sucked her right shoulder and said, "Sure thing. But after the drink, you are mine.""Oh, you are so impatient." Yan Su giggled and took the two glasses. She took the red wine glass for herself and gave the white wine glass to Arthur."To our new life." Yan Su dramatically said.Arthur kissed her lips and said. "Cheers!"Yan Su clinked her glass with his. "Cheers!"Both drank the finest wine and enjoyed each other's touches.From the tree house, Mu Lan was looking at Yan Su's bedroom through the window."This girl is unbelievable!" Mu Lan was perplexed.Qi Ying's face was red. She said, "I-I think we should stop them."Mu Lan shook her head. She said, "I don't think we should. Did you see Yan Su's eyes? They were burning with raze."Xue Lin, who had stopped watching it a few minutes ago, once again took the binoculars from her left side and peeked at Yan Su's room and saw them drinking and laughing and teasing.Xue Lin recalled the time Mu Feng commented about her and Yan Su's character. "Both of them are scary."Xue Lin smiled with ridicule. She said, "This guy has no idea of what's in store for him. How idiotic." She glanced at the sky and suddenly realized that except for chatting of people and sounds of music, there was no other sound, just like the calm before the storm.Xue Lin got a sudden chill and hugged herself tightly.Back inside the room, after Arthur finished the white wine quickly, he snatched Yan Su's half finished glass too."Hey!" Yan Su protested but Arthur didn't listen. He put the glasses on the table and groped her breasts from behind and started to shower her back with kisses.Yan Su moaned and her hands worked behind her as she unzipped his pants and struggled to lower his pants.Arthur chuckled. "Who is impatient now?" He teased her. His hands went further south."Baby, you are so good." Yan Su moaned. Arthur was enjoying touching what's his and felt good where she was touching. Soon, he began to feel hot and slightly dizzy.At first, he didn't give any heed to it. But then, he felt less and less comfortable and pushed Yan Su away."Baby, is something wrong? Why did you push me away?" Yan Su asked. Arthur missed the part where her voice was full of mockery."I-I'm not feeling well." Arthur felt that his mouth was dry."Why is that? Don't you want to touch me? Don't you want to. have me? I am right in front of you, naked. Are you satisfied only seeing me?" Yan Su's vicious mockery could rot any man's ears.Arthur could hardly talk. "Susu, did you put something in the drink?" His body was burning. He wanted, wanted something badly, but didn't know what."What are you saying? I can't understand properly. Say it once more." Yan Su teased a bit. She got inches closer to her reading table and took the piece of clothes."Hot! So hot! I want water!" Arthur painfully said and began to tear his pant. His thirsty eyes looked for water but he couldn't find even a single glass of water.He was so busy searching for water that he didn't see Yan Su taking photos with his mobile phone which was kept on the table and uploading them on his social media account."B****, I need water!" Arthur screamed at Yan Su.

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