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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 365: IT WASN'T PART OF THE PLAN

"Your hands are way too naughty." Yan Su licked her lower lip lusciously. Her body reacted to Arthur's movement.Arthur sucked at the crook of the nape of her neck and smirked while seductively saying, "And you love these naughty hands, don't you?"Yan Su pulled him closer and said, "We are getting engaged tonight. Do you have to be so impatient right now?""I can't hold it in me, baby. I want you now." Arthur impatiently pulled off her dress showing her lacy panties and her yellow white skin which was looking even more seductive in the darkness of the night. He hungrily looking at her exposed skin and pulled her closer to him with his hands wandering all over her exposed body.Yan Su shoved him away and giggled. She said in a playful tone, "Then let's go to my room and celebrate our engagement." She winked at him and licked her lips, making him harden right away.Arthur was thrilled hearing what she just said. He growled. Then he groped her left breast and said, "Let's go babe, I can't wait anymore."Yan Su showed her back to him and told him, "Tie the strings of my dress first."Arthur was already at his limit. He began kissing her open back. "Let it be like this. Let everyone see that you are my woman.""If you want to celebrate, listen to me baby. Then I will obey you tonight." Yan Su shoved her buttocks at his lower part making him groan due to his arousal. "Okay baby. After we go to your room, you are mine." He said. He then hurriedly tied her strings and Yan Su made herself more presentable to others. Then they moved out from the back of the garden and walked towards the entrance of the house.Before they entered, Arthur groped her at her back and eyed Lu Feng. Seeing his gloomy face, Arthur smiled with satisfaction and they moved inside.The glass Lu Feng was gripping began to crack. Both Mu Liang and Mu Feng glanced at the glass Lu Feng was holding.Poor glass!Mu Feng took a deep breath before saying, "I can't imagine that groping the *ss was actually your idea."Lu Feng gritted his teeth before saying, "It wasn't a part of the plan."Mu Feng snickered. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully and said with a curious tone, "Oh, then it has to be Yan Su who let him do it. I wonder what they did at the back of the garden, in the dark. Yan Su's hair was disordered."Mu Lan was talking to Xue Lin beside them, hearing nothing what they were speaking. Mu Liang was sitting with a wine glass. He commented, "They went to the bedroom."Boom!Crack!The moment Mu Liang said the sentence, Lu Feng burst in anger and the cocktail glass he was holding, shattered into pieces.Mu Feng said, "I really find it hard to believe that you let him do this to her."Lu Feng let out a low growl. "I told you that it wasn't a part of the plan."This time, Mu Feng laughed uncontrolledly. He commented, "Does my cousin want to eat him up before sacrificing him? Ah, that's so her. She is definitely a Mu by blood."However, Lu Feng didn't want it. He didn't want her to play with fire. His formula was, in a simple word, exclusive. He was hurt as well as worried. Unknown to these three, Xue Lin was lip reading their conversation and telling everything to Mu Lan and Qi Ying.Mu Lan frowned, "What is this idiot planning this time?"Qi Ying was worried as well. She said, "There is a tree house beside Yan Su's bedroom. It was her play house during our childhood. We can go there and check up on her." She used to come here to the Zhang Mansion for several parties. So she knew many things which Mu Lan and Xue Lin didn't know.Mu Lan took the initiative first. "We shouldn't let her stay alone. We will watch over her. If something happens, we can let Dr. Lu Feng know about it."Xue Lin had a deadpan expression. "That's a good plan but I don't want to see what I shouldn't see."Mu Lan got up and made a fist. "I believe in Yan Su." Then she pulled the uninterested Xue Lin's hands. "Let's go. Xiao Ying, show us the way."Qi Ying got up and took them somewhere else. As they left, Mu Liang gazed at the three girls and sipped the wine.------Inside Yan Su's room, the moment Yan Su and Arthur reached there, Arthur pinned her to the wall and hungrily kissed her lips. Yan Su gave out a painful moan for the way he nipped and sucked her.Arthur disregarded her pain. He growled and said, "Now, you are mine." His commanding and ruthless hands tore off the strings of her dress. He impatiently took off her tight dress, making her whimper. Her perfect dress was now all torn and dishevelled. Then he began to take off his own coat, tie and shirt. He hastily threw them away. Soon, he pressed his half naked body to hers. He started to suck her dry.Yan Su continued to let out painful moans. But Arthur never for once cared for her. He wanted to taste her tonight at any cost. He didn't want to let go of this opportunity of having her to himself. "Let's take it slow, baby. You are too unrestrained." Yan Su cried in between her moans. "Am I? Shouldn't you be the who is restraint? Seducing everyone with your seductive body and tiny clothes." Arthur continued to group her."Then do you prefer me to hide my attractive body, baby?" Yan Su asked in between her moans."No, babe. I prefer you naked." Arthur pinched her and Yan Su moaned loudly.Just then someone knocked the door.

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