Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 364: FUTURE WIFE

"Both of them are scary." Mu Feng said."Hmm." Mu Liang agreed. He knew that there was something in Xue Lin that made even Mu Lan admire her. Once Mu Lan even mentioned that she was scared of Xue Lin.Lu Feng couldn't refute at that. But then he said, "Just that? Look at their dressing styles and attitudes!"He was right. When Xue Lin was trying to cover herself from top to bottom in the best way possible, while Yan Su on the other hand was wearing the most revealing dress like it was summer.Yan Su was wearing a red short dress with open back tied with strings, not wearing anything underneath, showing whatever she wanted. Her hair was tied up like a bun, hot red lipstick on her lips, smokey eyeshadow, red heels, making men drool over her body.Lu Feng coldly glanced at Mu Feng. "This dress was given by you, wasn't it?""Cough! Cough! Cough!" Mu Feng tried to avoid any eye contact with his friend. He had specially ordered this dress as a graduation gift for his cousin knowing that she would love it and she did."Do you think coughing can cover up your crime?" Lu Feng sounded angry."If you have a problem with how she dresses, why don't you tell her? If you have the courage, I mean, I'm sure she will listen to you." Mu Feng pushed the responsibility to his friend.Of course, Lu Feng could actually dare to say it and he knew that she would listen to him. But if he tore her wings, that person would become someone else. It wouldn't be her anymore.Mu Liang's eyes swept through Mu Lan who was with Qi Ying and Yan Su's mother, talking about some family stuffs. She was wearing a black top and black purple check short skirt with a purple winter coat with black far??? and black knee length boot. She had a French braid on and looked very excited.Mu Liang's eyes became dangerously cold as he saw some guys looking at her with lustful eyes.Just as he thought of going close to his wifey, someone came closer to greet all the three of them. "Hey, good to see you guys. We had lots of fun during our childhood. Remember me?" The man said.Lu Feng gave him a deadly glare and Mu Liang just avoided talking to him. Mu Feng only coughed before replying, "It's 'very' nice to see you again Arthur. Hope you are enjoying." His eyes twinkled.Arthur's smile broadened as he saw Lu Feng's glare. He replied, "Yes, very much. I got my woman back. Thank you for taking care of her when I was away."The temperature around them dropped by a few degrees. Mu Feng sweated and was ready to stop Lu Feng if he were to do something.But to his surprise, Lu Feng replied, "We always take care of our future wives. You don't have to thank for it.""Haha, so funny Feng. Oh, now Dr. Feng, isn't it? I think you are under a delusion about who your future wife is. You are not talking about my future wife, are you?""Oh, you have got a future wife?" Lu Feng asked with surprise as if he knew nothing.Arthur looked at him like he was watching a witless worm. "Ah, well, it's going to be announced very soon.""We will look forward to it." Mu Feng smiled."Sure thing. Enjoy the night." Arthur smirked in an insulting manner.Mu Feng answered. "Don't worry. We will thoroughly enjoy it."After Arthur left, Mu Feng glanced at Lu Feng and said, "Promise me that you are going to punish this b****** exclusively."Lu Feng only smirked. His eyes turned cold. 'I will leave everything to you.' He thought.------Arthur looked around to look for where Yan Su was. He saw her dancing with some friends of his. 'Looks like she is enjoying their company.' He smirked and licked his lips. How he wished to have her! But then she would formally be his tonight. Why would he need to spend his time to think of her?If he could, he would love to have the other woman.Arthur saw Mu Lan was serving some snacks on her plate.He took two glasses of cocktail and got closer to her."Hi there, miss me?" Arthur tried to flirt with her.Who was Mu Lan? She was the beloved 'wifey' of the richest and most handsome man on earth.Could a bug like Arthur have any influence over her?He must be dreaming!However Mu Lan opened her mouth. "I'm wondering."Arthur's blue eyes gleamed. "What is it darling?" "How amazing you must be to offend the top three powerful men in Europe? You must have done something horrible in your previous life to have such a bad ending in this life." Saying that she went to Mu Liang's side and sat beside him.Arthur was flabbergasted. 'Holy sh*t! She beds Mu Liang? Is that why she said powerful man? But then'He was so worked up over Mu Liang that he missed the part where she said 'three powerful men'.Mu Liang gazed at the woman beside him tenderly as she fed him. They were almost in the dark, not many people were around. So they couldn't see the loving moment of the couple.Arthur didn't see it either as he was too busy with Yan Su."Susu.." Arthur's hands were all over Yan Su's body making her whimper."Hnn don't touch me." Even though she said that, her eyes glittered in the light." You are feeling me, hon. Your body is so damn honest." Arthur tugged the string of her dress and it became loose."What are you up to?" Yan Su was breathless."Babe, give me your body. We are getting engaged tonight anyway." Arthur bit her lower lip and groped her buttocks making her scream softly.

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