Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 363: PERSONALITY

It was a long night. The clock ticked by so slowly like as if it didn't want the night to pass. The next day was the same, passing slowly. The results would be published on the next day. Except for Mu Lan who was sitting lazily, the other three girl's hearts were filled with anxiety.Qi Ying began praying to a Buddha statue early in the morning. Yan Su stumbled for the fourth time in the garden while pacing. Xue Lin was eating more than usual. And Mu Lan was playing with Oscar in the snowy garden, making Mu Liang jealous all over again. And just as Lu Feng said, Yan Su told her father that she wished to hold a welcome party for Arthur and also that she wished to announce to everyone that she was getting engaged to Arthur.No sooner had she said that, her father laughed and thanked her for being a wise adult. Her mother was happy too. Only her brother's jaws dropped after what they heard. They couldn't believe their ears, not that she cared.Finally, it was the result day. That day, all four of them came to the campus at the same time and waited for the result. All the girls and boys who had taken up the exams pounced on the notice board.Mu Lan, Xue Lin, Yan Su and Qi Ying laughed in glee.The first place was taken by the Fine Arts Department meaning Mu Lan topped the exam with the highest score, 9 out of 9. Xue Lin came second, 8.8 from Psychology Department. The third place was taken by the Fashion Design Department which meant Qi Ying scored 8. And Yan Su got 7.9 the highest score from Journalism Department.Now that their dreams had come true, they all could skip their grades. They were now qualified to take up a Master Degree without a problem.Except for Xue Lin, the other three called their respective boyfriends to let them know their results. Later, they all got busy talking to their classmates and teachers.Mu Lan, Yan Su and Qi Ying were congratulated by everyone. Mu Lan had got a scholarship in cole nationale suprieure des Beaux-Arts (National School of Fine Arts), the top Fine Arts university of Paris. Qi Ying got a scholarship in Paris College of Arts, the top Fashion Design university of Paris, and Yan Su got a scholarship in CELSA Paris - Sorbonne University Sorbonne. And as for Xue Lin, she got a fully-paid scholarship to Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany with a professional psychiatrist certificate.They were definitely going to miss each other in future, especially Xue Lin who was going away from the country, but they were happy to take another step towards their goals.Mu Lan went straight to the Mu Corporation in the afternoon while Mu Liang was having his lunch break in his room. Without a notice, she barged inside the room and flew into Mu Liang's embrace.Startled Mu Liang carefully grabbed her. He didn't want to hurt her back on this joyous day. "Congrats, Lan." His deep voice melted her ears and heart."I am this close to becoming a perfect lady of the Mu household." Mu Lan pointed out with her thumb and index finger.Mu Liang smiled and said, "You are already perfect. You don't have to work that hard."Mu Lan shook her head and said, "You can't say that. Or I'll get real lazy."Mu Liang affectionately patted her head while saying, "Be whatever you want. I'll support you anyway."'He is way too good for me.' Mu Lan helplessly thought to herself.Qi Ying was taken away by Mu Feng right at the school entrance and Yan Su went to the Lu Research center to meet Lu Feng, while, Xue Li dragged her tired body to the dorm.Lu Feng hugged Yan Su and gave her a passionate kiss. After leaving her breathless, he said, "You did a good job." Yan Su tiptoed and got closer to Lu Feng's lips. "Hmm, give me a reward." She restlessly said."I just did." Lu Feng said with a smile on his face.Yan Su pouted and complained. "It's not enough."Lu Feng chuckled. He bit her left ear making her whimper, "I'll reward you at the party."Yan Su frowned. "What are you planning to do? I already did what you told me to do. Now you have to tell me everything clearly." She demanded."You will find out soon enough." Lu Feng's tone was very mysterious.------The party was held at the Zheng Mansion's large garden. The garden was cleaned and there was no spot of snow. People hardly arranged party in the garden in winter, but it wasn't that cold since spring wasn't far behind and it was February. Yan Su's childhood friends and cousins came to enjoy. Under this semi light, semi dark garden people were dancing and chatting. The smell of delicious snacks and cocktails made the guest's stomachs growl.Arthur came with some of his friends, all from prestigious families. They were also playboys like him, dancing with Yan Su's cousins and childhood friends.They were all having fun, but no one dared to go close to the corner where the three men were sitting. They were Mu Liang, Mu Feng and Lu Feng. Their aura were very intimidating and they sat further away from the crowd and chatted by themselves.Beside them was a tiny woman wearing jeans and a checks shirt over a jacket. She had big glasses over her face. She was busy having food. She didn't like rich people's party, but she was forced to come.Lu Feng once glanced at the tiny woman and then glanced at his own girlfriend. He sighed and asked, "How did these two polar opposite girls become such close friends? Unbelievable!"Mu Feng also glanced over Xue Lin and then Yan Su. He scratched his head and replied, "Maybe their characters."Mu Liang only sipped his drink and listened to his brother and friend's conversation.Lu Feng asked, "How are they similar?"Mu Feng lowered his voice and answered, "Both of them are scary."

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