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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 362: THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW

Lu Feng replied, "Feng has the clip. By the way, the reason I called you, is so to tell you that I'm going to take revenge here. So you just have to wait for the show."Mu Liang didn't know what Arthur had done to Yan Su but he was pretty much sure that it would be fun to watch since Lu Feng had never got a 'hero time' yet to save his princess. Since what Arthur did was something more despicable to Yan Su in comparison to Mu Lan, Mu Liang could only hand over the chance to do something to Arthur to Lu Feng. That would only be fair.Therefore Mu Liang only replied, "As you wish." Hanging up the call, he called Mu Lan. He wanted to pick her up from the campus. That place wasn't safe for her if that man was still there.At that time, Mu Lan was hacking the website of Beijing University for some information. Since she couldn't get her documents, she could only look for her other team member's data who was with her in Berlin, Germany for the Online Video Game Competition four years ago. Now they were her only option. Mu Lan was looking at the screen which was full of series of numbers and simultaneously tapping in the keyboard at a lightning speed. Right at that moment, her phone began to ring.'Oh, not now!' Mu Lan frowned. If she stopped here right now, she had to start all over again from the beginning.Since she didn't pick up the call, the continuous ringtone was disturbing the whole room and some students were looking at her with an annoying gaze. At last, with no other option left, Mu Lan sighed and gave in. She glanced at her cell phone and saw it was Mu Liang. She hurriedly got out of the room and went to the corridor while answering the call. "Why are you disturbing? I'm in the class!" Her voice was full of annoyance.She was the one who did wrong by not picking up the call, but now if she acted like the timid one, she would be scolded or even punished later. Her body couldn't take it. So she took the exact opposite route, offence is the best defense.If she was the one who scolded, Mu Liang couldn't be mad at her no matter what. Therefore the moment she answered, she complained."Were you busy?" As expected, Mu Liang's voice was soft as he asked her."I was." Mu Lan replied in a bossy tone. "So why did you call me for?"Mu Liang said, "I will come to pick you up in twenty minutes. Wait for me. You can work on the way back home.""Oh, okay." Mu Lan replied.Mu Liang thought for a while and then said, "Take Yan Su with you too." He was still worried about his cousin after what she had gone through. He didn't want her to be left alone after she was attacked.Mu Lan was surprised at first. But then she realized that maybe he knew something had happened to her. She replied, "But she is taking care of Xue Lin.""Then bring both of them." Mu Liang said before hanging up, giving her no chance to refuse..Exactly twenty minutes later, Mu Liang came and picked the girls from the campus. At first, they went to Lu Feng's residence and dropped off Yan Su and Xue Lin there. Since Yan Su wished to take care of her bestie, Mu Liang couldn't stop her.Later, Mu Liang brought Mu Lan home and hugged her tightly. He asked, "Did that photographer do something to you?"Mu Lan knew that there was something on his mind. Now that she finally got to know, she didn't have to guess that Hugo had already informed him. She shook her head and replied, "He just took some photos that's all and tried to offer me a modelling job and I refused. Nothing serious."Mu Lan didn't tell him that she had already hacked his camera and deleted her photos. If she told him, he would easily find out that she was looking for her past documents. Mu Liang gazed at her and then carefully asked, "Do you know what happened to Yan Su a few days ago?"'I knew it.' Think??? that she replied, "Who told you? Not Dr. Lu Feng, I assume."Mu Liang had already seen the video clip as Mu Feng had sent him too. He replied, "No. It's Feng." He referred to his brother."How does he know?" Mu Lan frowned."The photographer who took your photos was the same person who had assaulted Yan Su." Mu Liang calmly said.Mu Lan's eyes became as large as tennis ball. "No way!""I'm glad that you are okay." Mu Liang hugged her tightly."Me too." Mu Lan shivered. "The day after tomorrow when you'll get your result, Yan Su's family is going to hold an event. We have to attend there. Then I'll hold a party in the mansion for you.""Really?" Mu Lan got excited.Mu Liang chuckled to see her like this. He said, "Yeah, now go get some sleep."------Lu Feng came home at night knowing his girlfriend was there. He hugged and kissed her after he saw her. "I missed you." He tiredly said."I missed you too. You must be hungry now. I prepared dinner for you. Go freshen up and come have dinner with us. You need to sleep." Yan Su said in a caring voice.After dinner, Lu Feng and Yan Su came to their bed. Lu Feng held his girlfriend while asking, "Susu, didn't you say that your father has planned to hold a welcome party for Arthur?"Yan Su answered while kissing his right palm, "Yes. Why are you asking this all of a sudden?" "Ask you father to hold it the day after tomorrow in your house." Lu Feng said in a calm tone.Yan Su knew something was up. She only smiled and turned around to kiss his lips."As you wish." She said before kissing him deeply.

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