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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 361: THAT PHOTOGRAPHER

As soon as Hugo sent the pictures, Mu Liang, who was in the meeting room, stopped what he was doing and checked the attachment.Mu Liang's eyes narrowed as he saw the pictures and sent them to Mu Feng without a word. Mu Feng who was also in the meeting, didn't have to guess what had happened. Though Mu Liang didn't explicitly say anything, he very well knew what he had to do.During the meeting, Mu Feng looked for that photographer's information in his laptop without anyone's knowledge and found out that the man was none other than Arthur, their most wanted enemy during theirchildhood.'Well, well, well, look who it is.' A sarcastic smile crept on his lips. He lost all the interest in the meeting and dug out for more information about Arthur.This 'unfortunate' guy went to America when he was fifteen because he had killed a boy in his school. Since his family was rich and the school boy's family was poor, Arthur's family didn't have to worry much. They settled the issue by giving them some money. They successfully hid everything and sent their only son to New York.Being the only child, Arthur got whatever he wanted and he became one of the hottest and the most lady-killer man in USA. Based on his playboy character, he never let his single female models go without having fun.As if women weren't enough, he even enjoyed himself with drug addicts. Even though he didn't take drugs per se, he became one of the drug dealers in America.Just a year ago, Arthur came back to Paris on a photography work and had started dating Donne family's daughter Anne. In spite of having a girlfriend, he didn't let go of his playful attitude and began to bed his French models. Then after Anne's birthday, he broke up with her unofficially.Mu Feng's eyes narrowed. 'Wait a minute, then the drug Anne Donne had with her on her birthday, was it given by him? It had to be. Then he targeted sister Lan Lan from the very beginning.' He frowned. 'Why did he take so long to approach her then? His actions are making me curious.'Extreme caution and doubt began to build inside Mu Feng's heart. He began to dig for more information.In a minute, he found out the incident that took place at the family bar of Arthur. After watching the video, Mu Feng could feel his blood boiling.'Wait, what! How did this happen under my nose?' Mu Feng tried to find out what happened next. Afterwards, he found out what Yan Su did in the car and why Arthur had to take her to a hotel and then what happened in the bar.Mu Feng closed his eyes at the time when Arthur began doing something he shouldn't. Mu Feng copied the video and sent it to Lu Feng's email address with a message 'Did you know this stuff?'Since he was still in the meeting, he secretly sent a text 'URGENT!' on Lu Feng's cell phone. Though they were always in each other's' throats, both of them cared about their childhood friendship deeply. Mu Feng couldn't take it when someone tried to sabotage his friend.When Mu Liang's eyes swept through his brother, he saw that Mu Feng's complexion wasn't too good. Mu Liang didn't say anything, he just continued with the meeting.-------At the Lu Research Center, Lu Feng was trying to come up with a formula. At that time, his personal cell phone chimed. He took a break and looked at the screen before he frowned.He immediately checked the email and found out the video clip. At that time, his eyes were burning with rage. He really wished that he could cut Arthur's tongue and fingers at that moment.Lu Feng raged in fury and slowly calmed down thinking he was close enough with his revenge. He sent a text to Mu Feng and went back to working with the new formula.----At the Mu Corporation, the meeting finally came to an end. Mu Feng was anxiously waiting for Lu Feng's message. 'Did he see it? How will he respond to it? Will he hate her for it?' He was worried about Yan Su and Lu Feng's relationship.Just then, his mobile chimed and he instantly checked the text.'Thanks for the video. Yan Su talked to me and I already examined her. I knew what happened without the video, but it was helpful. Don't get worked up. I'm planning on the best revenge Arthur has ever had. Don't interfere in this fight.'Mu Feng was sure that Lu Feng was going to do something worthwhile to watch. But the problem was, Mu Liang wanted to take revenge as well. So he replied to Lu Feng.'Arthur made a move on sister Lan Lan. Big bro is really angry.'Back at the Lu Research Center, Lu Feng saw the text and cursed Arthur. Then he called Mu Liang to calm him him down.Mu Liang had just finished the meeting and was still talking to the Director of Online Video Game Department about the new game named Car Race4-99. Mu Liang was planning on making Mu Lan the leader of this new game team.At the same time, he got a call from Lu Feng and so he excused himself from the director before answering the call. "What is it?""I heard what happened. Feng told me." Lu Feng said.Mu Liang glanced at his brother who was talking to another director and asked, "Did he tell you about Xiao Lan?""Yeah. You know that guy. He is Arthur from our childhood." Lu Feng said.Mu Liang remembered the haughty boy who always wanted to fight with him and Mu Feng. "I see. What does it have to do with you?"Lu Feng clenched his jaw before saying, "Everything. He did something despicable to Yan Su. She was hurt by him.""Did he" Mu Liang couldn't finish but Lu Feng knew what he meant.

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