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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 360: PERVERTED PHOTOGRAPHER

[A/N: Surprise!! Bonus chapter!!!]When Mu Lan and her two other friends Yan Su and Xue Lin got inside the car, Lu Family's professional driver drove them to the school campus. Behind their car, was the car of the two body guards who followed them.Mu Lan sighed and said, "I get chills just like I felt it when Xiao Ying was with me.""Why is that?" Xue Lin tilted her head.Mu Lan explained, "After the attack, no matter where Xiao Ying went, a group of bodyguards followed her. Yesterday, when she was with me, a car followed us just like today."Xue Lin observed the car behind them and then commented. "We sure have got some troublesome friends.""Indeed." Mu Lan nodded like a learned man deep in thought. Yan Su glared at her two friends."That includes you too." Xue Lin stated to Mu Lan."Hey, now." Mu Lan felt embarrassed. She couldn't refute knowing that it was correct. She attracted trouble just like how a magnet attracts iron.Soon the car stopped and the driver opened the door of the car and announced, "Misses, we have arrived at the school campus."The car stopped right in front of the girls dormitory. Xue Lin, Mu Lan and Yan Su got off the car one by one and headed towards their room with Xue Lin's baggage.After helping Xue Lin, Mu Lan got into her own room. Coming after such a long time, she felt nostalgic. So many memories with her friends and Mu Liang, she didn't want to let go of the room."Two more days." She murmured. Yes, in two days, she would finally get the result she was waiting for. She wished to skip school and do her Masters. That's why she had taken a 'normal' exam. All she wanted was to be the rightful partner of Mu Liang and not just a person who lost her memory. She instead wanted to be that person who had knowledge, wisdom and a heart to faithfully love the man who stood by her at her most hopeless time.Now that she had time, she wanted to look for her identity.Mu Lan narrowed her eyes and walked in the side garden in the east between the girls' and boys' dormitories. The garden was covered with snow. Some green leaves peeped out of the snow. The sun was setting and a golden hue dyed the sky and the snow.Mu Lan felt like it was heaven, if only Mu Liang was here, it would be just perfect. She wished to sleep on the ground and to be covered in snow. But her back injury was yet to be healed and she didn't want to stay sick any longer either. As she was lost thinking of a lot of things, suddenly she heard some shutter sounds. It seemed like someone was taking photos.Mu Lan, who was laying down on the bench while closing her eyes, immediately got up and looked at the side from where the sounds came.There was a tall man with handsome look. His hair was naturally brown and he had blue eyes. He looked like a pure blooded French. As good looking as he was, his eyes was darting around Mu Lan.'What a turn off.' Mu Lan frowned.Seeing her displeased, the man smiled apologetically and said, "Mademoiselle, I'm sorry to disturb you while you were resting. You looked like such a nymph that I couldn't hold back myself." His eyes glowed.Whatever, it was, Mu Lan didn't like that man even the slightest. She coldly said, "Delete my pictures.""Pardon me?" He wasn't sure if he heard it right."Delete my pictures." She said again.'And here I thought that she would sleep with any guy who was handsome and good to her.' The French man wondered.He recalled the time when he last met her at the birthday party of a girl from his girlfriend's room. He wished he could enjoy her the way he enjoyed all the girls in bed.'Maybe she needs a little more pampering.' The man smiled a little more and said, "You are so gorgeous that my heart almost stopped. As a professional photographer, how can I miss such an opportunity not to take photos of your's? I work under a famous agency. If you ever want to become a model, please let me know."He took out a card and shoved in Mu Lan's hand. "You can come to me anytime. I'll teach you everything you need to know." He said seductively."You are too close." Mu Lan uttered like a robot. She tried to mimic Xue Lin and did great.The man was left dumbfounded while looking at her expression. That wasn't what he expected. He used the same trick what he used on the other girls. But for some reason, it didn't work on her.Mu Lan eyed the DSLR camera he was holding for a second and realized that it was the latest one with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.'This guy is rich.' Though she thought that, she had something else in her mind.She got up and headed towards the IT department without looking back. She could feel that man's gaze all over her body and it made her feel disgusted.Soon she reached the IT department. The class was going on so she could easily go there. She sat on a chair and began tapping the keyboard.Soon, she hacked that reverted photographer's precious camera and deleted her own photos from the camera and saved them on her mobile. She had to admit that the mad man was indeed good with his hands. She glanced at the name card he had given her. After reading it once, she threw it in the garbage. She didn't need it anymore.At that time, Hugo was at the dormitory too. He was in his room and he watched everything that happened between the photographer and Mu Lan. He immediately took photos and sent them to Mu Liang.

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