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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 359: MY BODY IS SORE!

Mu Lan slightly nodded and mumbled, "Okay." She trailed off, then again she continued, "Liang Liang?"Her sweet voice rippled through Mu Liang's heart. "What is it?""I want to party." Mu Lan mildly demanded.Mu Liang smiled. She hardly asked for anything. He felt happy when she asked something from him like a spoilt kid. "Sure. We will have one. You result will be announced in the next two days isn't it? I will arrange a party for you on that day for celebrating your 'normal' result."Mu Lan softly giggled at his sarcasm and then drifted to sleep.By the time she woke up, it was already noon. She quickly tried to get up and felt pain in her back. She whimpered."Why are you hurrying? See, you are in pain now." Mu Liang had just then entered the room and saw Mu Lan hissing in pain.He sat beside her and took out her night shirt to see if the stitches on her back had reopened or not. Observing that most of the scars were disappearing, he felt satisfied. Mu Liang rubbed her back slightly and asked, "Does it hurt anymore?"Mu Lan shook her head and got up to freshen herself.After lunch, Mu Liang sent her to the Lu Research Center and he went to his workplace. When Mu Lan went to the VIP room where Xue Lin was, she saw Yan Su was sitting lazily while Xue Lin was yet again devouring her delicious lunch.At first, Mu Lan wanted to ask Xue Lin how she was, but noticing the 'unusual' lazy Yan Su, she changed her mind."Yan Su, are you alright?""Ah, she is fine. It's just that she had a bad night with two men." Xue Lin didn't even look at Mu Lan. She nonchalantly replied while giving full attention to her meal.Xue Lin had to tell this much to Mu Lan. The moment Yan Su came to her room, she said everything in detail to Xue Lin till her (Xue Lin's) ears rotted. She needed to vent out at least a little of that. Mu Lan felt terrified. She got close to Yan Su and said, "Tell me what's wrong!"Yan Su sighed and told her everything in detail once again. Then she licked her lower lip and said, "Arthur has a goddamn body, he makes girls drool all over his body." She smirked.Nom! Nom! Nom!Xue Lin's eating speed increased.Mu Lan was speechless. She couldn't find the exact words to say. Should she say, 'He almost raped you!', or maybe should she say, 'You got a boyfriend, remember?'She didn't know.Rather Mu Lan replied, "Forget that I got worried for nothing."Yan Su grinned while saying, "Lan dear, don't worry. My Feng darling made sure I had a rough night. Do you want to know how many rounds we did?"Mu Lan frowned. She was already pissed off at her. "Shut up! Who asked you?""Ah, my body is sore." Yan Su whimpered."Get a bed!" Xue Lin didn't like where this conversation was heading.Yan Su rubbed her back and started saying with a great interest, "Last night, Feng came fiv- waf.. waf.."Something was pushed inside Yan Su's mouth. Mu Lan saw that Xue Lin's nearly finished extra cheese burger was in her mouth stopping her from talking about their nasty bed stuffs. Mu Lan didn't need to guess who did it."Good idea, Xue Lin." Mu Lan praised Xue Lin.Xue Lin replied disdainfully. "Don't mention it." Thanks to Yan Su, she lost her appetite. But she couldn't let the food go waste (to go to somebody else's mouth). So she stuffed them in her mouth even though she didn't have the appetite.Yan Su finished the burger inside her mouth and told Mu Lan, "Come and help me pack her luggage."It was Xue Lin's last day at the Lu Research Center. That was why Mu Lan and Yan Su had come to help her in packing. Though Xue Lin was getting discharged today, she was still weak.After Xue Lin finished having her lunch, she let out a loud burp. Later she and Mu Lan went downstairs while Yan Su went to look for Lu Feng. Lu Feng was still busy creating his new medicine. The more he got close to success, the more excited he was.At that time, his secretary called him. "Boss, Miss Zhang is waiting for you outside the laboratory.""I'll be there in a minute." Lu Feng replied and then put down his equipment. Then he got out of the laboratory and saw Yan Su sitting on the bench near the door."What is it?" Lu Feng asked."Lan dear and I are taking Lin dear back to the dorm. So I came to meet you before we left." Yan Su paused before looking at the laboratory and asked him, "Did I disturb you somehow?"Lu Feng smiled and shook his head, "No, you didn't. It's good that you came to meet me. I'll send two men with you guys so that they follow you till your dorm."Yan Su knew that he was doing it for her. She felt happy yet guilty. "It's not necessary. He won't do anything to me in front of my friends."Lu Feng rubbed her head lovingly and said, "I better be careful. I don't want you to get hard."Yan Su hesitated before asking, "By the way, that blood tube, was it important for the experiment or something?" She wanted to ask in the morning, but was frightened to know the truth. Now she had mustered up the courage to ask him.Immediately Lu Feng's expression turned solemn and he spoke truthfully, "It was very important and a rare blood type. I'm not sure if I can get anything like this in the near future." He didn't want to punish her, but she needed to be careful around his equipment.Yan Su felt so guilty that her face paled. "I'm so sorry-"Lu Feng acted bossy, "Hmm, from now on, listen to me and nothing like this should happen. Understand?""Yes, Sir!" Yan Su saluted.

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