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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 358: WAIT FOR MY REVENGE

While Arthur was tasting what he wanted, he thought that Yan Su would let go of her petty feelings for that weakling and would come to marry him instead. However, his plan backfired the moment Yan Su woke up and when she kicked him out of the bed.Arthur thought that she might be feeling shy, but then he realized that it wasn't the case. She was mad at him and not only mad, she was so furious that she could kill him just by choking him.By chance if he hadn't countered her action at that time, Yan Su would have definitely choked him to death.But still Arthur didn't say anything to her, knowing that she would definitely come back to him to know the truth.Now when he glanced at the clock, he saw that it was four in the morning.'Where did she go? I'm waiting for her to beg me.' Arthur thought while his gaze was fixed at the door.-------As Arthur was waiting for her to come, on the other side, Lu Feng was experimenting on Yan Su. She saw his solemn facial expression and worriedly asked, "Did he really do something to me?"At first, Lu Feng wanted to hide it. Later, he changed his mind. His Susu was strong and she could handle herself well. Also, he would support her in every way possible.Lu Feng patted her head and said, "He didn't do anything except licking you." He honestly answered."What? Eww!" Yan Su's expression became terrible.Looking at her cute pout, Lu Feng had a hard time controlling his smile. He softly cupped her face and said, "Let me bath you properly."Yan Su wasn't in the mood. However, her lustful gaze didn't move away from Lu Feng's eyes.Lu Feng didn't miss the glow in her eyes. He tapped her forehead and said, "Silly, what are you thinking? It's just a bath."Yan Su smiled coquettishly and encircled her arms around him as she said, "I don't know if that can satisfy me. I need you right now."Lu Feng groaned at her behavior. "Let's see who satisfies whom." He took her in his arms and carried her to his room.The next morning, Lu Feng got up early and began working on his computer beside Yan Su. She was woken up an hour later by the tapping sounds of the keyboard. Her body was tired but her mind was refreshed. She opened her eyes and saw the man beside her working. His face looked grim.Yan Su hugged him from the side and said, "Don't start working right after you wake up."Lu Feng stretched one of his hand and rubbed her head affectionately. His eyes were still gazing at the screen. He replied, "Sleep more. I'll wake you up when breakfast arrives.""I don't want to sleep." Yan Su acted spoiled.Lu Feng turned to look at her this time. "Do you have that much of stamina to argue? You are not tired anymore?" His teasing made Yan Su blush. She obediently went to sleep once more without causing anymore trouble.Lu Feng smiled and continued to work on his laptop once more.'Arthur, do you think that she would obey just anyone? Wait for my revenge.' His eyes narrowed murderously.------Lu Feng didn't have the time to check on Mu Lan's reports. So he called her and said, "Sorry, sweet bunny. I need more time. Can you not come today?"Mu Lan replied from the other side of the cell phone, "Oh, it's fine. I don't mind. I'll come to see Xue Lin though. The thing is.. I wanted to know if there is something wrong with my injuries?"Lu Feng answered truthfully, "I haven't checked anything yet. I'm just caught up with a personal issue. You are my family too. So I'm requesting-"Mu Lan sighed in relief. He was worried about why Lu Feng needed more time. "No problem. Take your time. Thank you for notifying me beforehand."Lu Feng hesitated before saying, "Ah, sweet bunny, I have another favor.""What is it?" Mu Lan asked normally.Lu Feng didn't know how to explain it to her. Should he say that Yan Su broke the tube, nah he couldn't, or else Mu Liang would do something about it. However, he didn't want to wait long. "I need can you well""What is wrong with you?" Mu Liang's cold voice asked from the other side of the line. Seeing his wifey talking to another man the first thing in the morning, he felt irritated.Lu Feng's soul almost left his body. "Ah! Nothing! Nothing at all! I'm busy now. Bye bye."Then he told himself, 'I have to wait. I have to wait for a month. I can't let anything happen to Yan Su or me.'Lu Feng had a plan on how to take revenge on Arthur. So he promised to finish his new experiment in between these three days. As a result, he planted himself in the laboratory and hardly came out.------Back at the Mu Mansion, Mu Lan was sleeping soundly until a phone call woke her up. Hearing the ringtone, she knew that it was her phone.Mu Liang caught the cell phone and tried to dismiss the call, but Mu Lan said in a sleepy voice, "Give it to me."Helplessly, Mu Liang gave her the cell phone back, as he saw her talking to another man while her eyelids threatened to fall, he snatched the mobile away and tried to scare away his childhood friend.After successfully scaring Lu Feng, He turned off the cell phone and threw it on the other side of the bed and then hugged Mu Lan closer."Don't you have to work?" Mu Lan asked sleepily."I have a meeting after lunch. Till then, I'll accompany you." Mu Liang nuzzled her ear and tried to make her fall asleep while patting her back.His caring gestures was drifting her to sleep. She yawned. "I have to go and check on Xue Lin.""I'll send you there after lunch." Mu Liang kissed her forehead.

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