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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 357: I MIGHT HAVE BETRAYED YOU

Yan Su took a while to calm herself down. Lu Feng was still hugging her without any complaints. When she had settled down, Lu Feng softly asked, "Susu, what's wrong? Tell me please."Yan Su gulped down and said, "F-Feng, I might have betrayed you."Lu Feng frowned. 'What is she saying?' He wondered. He carefully asked, not making her scared, "You betrayed me?"Yan Su nodded in his right shoulder and replied, "I think I did."Lu Feng softly asked, "What would you think like that??"Yan Su didn't say anything for a while. Then she asked, "..Do you remember Arthur?""Arthur?" Lu Feng instantly recalled the name Arthur. He was a bad influence for Yan Su when she was a child. "Yeah, I remember him. Did you meet him?""He came at our house." Yan Su mumbled.Lu Feng patiently asked, "Then what happened?""Dad told me that he was my future husband. I didn't agree and we had an a-argument. then I left in anger while Arthur pulled me to the bar I-I was so tired for past few days and I fell asleep W-when I woke up.." She began to sob.Lu Feng could understand what happened next, but he didn't get angry. He just clenched his fist and waited for Yan Su to continue."I saw that I was n-naked and so was he. I kicked him and asked him but he didn't reply. I was so scared when I thought that I cheated I felt so bad." Yan Su couldn't continue before saying, "I promised him that I will find out everything even if he didn't tell anything. But I don't know how."Lu Feng wanted to destroy Arthur realizing what had he played. However, he calmed down thinking how Yan Su felt when she saw herself naked. He hugged her tightly and asked in a clear voice, "Do you want to know what actually happened?""I-I'm scared." Yan Su stuttered. 'What if something really happened?' She wondered.Lu Feng was doubtful when Arthur didn't answer her question about what happened between them. So he was confident that nothing actually happened. Still he wanted to make sure if something did happen between them. He wanted to do it for her so that she wouldn't blame herself in the future. He grabbed her face and used his thumbs to wipe her tears. "Listen Susu, even if something did happen, it wasn't because you agreed. So don't blame yourself, because I won't leave you for what happened and I will be even more careful to protect you. You understand?"Yan Su cried while saying, "Huhu.. I'm so sorry, Feng.." Lu Feng's heart was in pain seeing her crying like this. "It's alright. I am definitely not mad at you." Afterwards, he covered her body with his lab coat and carried her out of his room. He took her to the research center. It was already middle of the night, so there wasn't any patient or nurse. There were only two doctors working. Lu Feng ordered them to go out. After they left, he put Yan Su down in the patient bed."I'm going to take off your clothes. Is it alright with you?" Lu Feng softly asked. He didn't want her to get freaked out.Yan Su only nodded and shivered. Lu Feng carefully took off her dress and saw that she wasn't wearing anything inside the dress. He clenched his jaw. He could tell that she hurriedly left Arthur after she woke up. He thoroughly examined her. She didn't have bite or kiss marks in her body. But it didn't mean that nothing happened to her. He then saw bruise marks on her tips which meant that someone touched there with force. Her lower part was slightly wet but there wasn't any sign of being molested. In her leg, there was a palm's print with fingers, seemed like someone grabbed her tightly.Lu Feng didn't know how he controlled his anger. He was a cool person, and hardly got angry. But someone had just crossed his bottom line."Did you two had a fight?" He softly asked.Yan Su replied, "Yeah, I was mad at him and kicked him, he grabbed my leg but it was still my win."He patted her head affectionately while saying, "Good girl. You did well." Lu Feng took out some of her liquids from that part and examined it in the microscope. After a while, he cursed, "That son of a b***h!" He said in a mumble so Yan Su didn't hear him. Lu Feng found some saliva with her liquids and that saliva didn't match her DNA, which only meant, that 'son of a B***h' licked her there.He wished he could break everything in this laboratory. But seeing Yan Su's scared face, he took some deep, slow breaths to control his emotion.Lu Feng began to relax and noticed that it was just saliva and nothing more. That j**k didn't do anything to her. Still, Lu Feng was mad that Arthur did something like this.'I'll make you realize what it feels to mess up with Lu Family.' Lu Feng swore.------Lu Feng wasn't wrong with his examination. After Yan Su fell asleep, Arthur took a cab to take her home. However, she puked in both of their dresses. So he took her to the nearby five star hotel. He took off both of their clothes and gave them to the laundry. Then he took a bath. [WARNING]After Arthur came out of the bathroom, he saw the woman he was eyeing the whole night, was naked in the bed.Yan Su was in deep sleep. She was still wearing her lacy panties, but how much it could cover someone.Seeing a goddess in the bed in the middle of the night, alone in the room with him, Arthur didn't try to control himself. He slowly came towards her and straddled her. Then he licked his mouth before leaning down and began to touch and lick all over her body.

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