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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 356: YAN SU IS MORE IMPORTANT

While Mu couples were having sweet dreams, Yan Su, on the other hand, was experiencing nightmare. Her head had stopped thinking when she saw herself naked and the person beside her was naked as well. 'What have I done?', she thought. She tried to remember what happened in the bar. She was drinking with Arthur and as she was tired because of the pressure of the complete week, she began to relax in front of her childhood friend. Suddenly she started feeling dizzy and then fell asleep.'But how did I come here naked? Did he take advantage of me?'She wasn't sure about it. However, she felt extremely angry. She wasn't like her other three friends who have good EQ, she was a person who liked to vent anger then and there.Therefore, Yan Su kicked Arthur with all her might. Arthur was sleeping soundly, so he had not expected to be kicked, and wasn't prepared. As a result, he fell on the cold floor and bumped his head."Ouch!" Arthur exclaimed."Get up, you a*****e!" Yan Su was so furious that she didn't control her tongue.Arthur got up with a painful expression. When he saw Yan Su was wrapping her body with the quilt, he realized why she was furious."Good morning, sunshine!", he said with a teasing smile."Don't play with me, Arthur! Why am I naked? And why are you naked? What did you do while I was asleep?" Yan Su demanded."What did I do? You should ask yourself what you did, not me." Arthur sat on the bed beside her.Yan Su frowned while asking, "What do you mean by that?""Susu, don't you remember what you did? Or are you just feigning ignorance?" Arthur mocked her."I'm not in the mood to listen to your joke, Arthur!" Yan Su was having a bad feeling.Arthur smiled and suddenly came closer and kissed her lips. She was startled initially but the next second Yan Su pushed him away."Cut it out!" Yan Su glared at him."You are good in bed, Susu. I loved it." Arthur licked his lips.Yan Su was so mad that she became blind in anger. She jumped at Arthur, not caring about her appearance. She gripped Arthur's neck tightly and nearly choked him to death.Arthur didn't flinch even once. He knew that no matter how violent she was, she would never kill anyone. Thus, his perverted hands started roaming around her naked body, making her shiver without her conscience.Yan Su's grip loosened as he touched her without her noticing and Arthur said, "You are so gorgeous." Then he pulled her closer for a kiss.Yan Su didn't let him touch her lips, she used judo to kick his chin. Arthur was prepared his time and he quickly moved away and grabbed her leg.Arthur chuckled. "Just like before. You can't use the same trick twice, Susu-" He couldn't finish because before he could, Yan Su's another leg kicked his head, making him dizzy.Yan Su's leg was released and she got out of the bed. It was a five star hotel and therefore, there were some extra dresses in the closet. Yan Su took one and hurriedly put on one of the dresses. After that, she took her thrown pencil heel sandals.Before leaving she said, "I'll find out everything even if you don't tell me anything and furthermore, I will never marry you or be with you even if you **** me. Being alone is better than being with a scumbag like you." Then she opened the door and slammed it with a loud bang.Arthur laid on the bed and his eyes were on the ceiling. Recalling what happened after they came in the hotel, he licked his lips and gave an evil grin. "Wait for me to take you away from that weakling, Susu."------And so, Yan Su was in a horrible mood. Even though she acted strong in front of Arthur before she left, her heart was in a turmoil.Later unknowingly, she broke the blood tube."What happened?" Hearing the crashing and breathing sound, Lu Feng who was freshening up, without even wiping his face, he opened the bathroom door. He looked worried."I-I broke the tube." Yan Su nearly choked."What tube?" Lu Feng couldn't see anything from where he was. He came closer and saw the bold tube of Mu Lan was shattered on the floor.'Oh no!' He screamed in his mind.There was no way that Mu Liang would let him take another tube. If Lu Feng told Mu Liang that Yan Sun carelessly broke the blood tube, Mu Liang would order him to draw three bags of blood from Yan Su.Lu Feng sighed. Though he missed the chance now, he could take a tube of blood in the next month check-up.But, more importantly, he needed to see if Yan Su was hurt or not. She was more important than his experiment.Lu Feng got closer to Yan Su and carefully checked her palms and legs if they were cut. Then he saw that her left leg was scratched and there was a thin line of blood dripping. He carried her and put her on his bed and took his first-aid kit. Soon, he patched it up."Are you all right?" Lu Feng softly asked and glanced up. Seeing Yan Su's face, his expression changed.Yan Su's eyes were brimming with tears. She bit her lower lip not to let Lu Feng hear her sobs.Lu Feng was already tired. He wasn't in the mind to think of anything that made her cry. He knew for sure that a piece of glass wouldn't make her cry.Lu Feng cupped her gorgeous yet pitiful face and pleaded, "What happened? Why are you crying? Please don't keep it yourself and let me know, or I cannot help you. Susu, please." Hearing the name 'Susu', Yan Su couldn't control her emotion and sobbed loudly.Lu Feng could only hug her and give her some time to calm down and let out all her pain and sufferings.

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