Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 355: OUR PARENTS

While Mu Lan and Mu Liang were having an emotional moment, Qi Ying was at home. After a long time she was in her room and she still didn't get used to the coldness of the bed and other furniture.She laid down quietly and glanced out of the window, watching the snow fall. She called Mu Feng just a few minutes ago and told him that she was back at home. Mu Feng was extremely worried and again and again he told her that he wanted to go with her, but Qi Ying refused. She wished to have some time alone.Mu Feng sighed and said that he wouldn't go over, but after he hung up, he sent a ten-men's team over her house. He didn't want to risk her life.Qi Yang knocked on the door. "Sis, are you asleep?"Qi Ying got up and unlocked the door."You never locked the door before. Do you not trust me?" Qi Yang looked hurt.Qi Ying mildly smiled and didn't answer.Did she actually have to answer? They nearly sold her off."Why are you here? Shouldn't you sleep?" Qi Ying asked softly. Her voice was full of care just like before.Qi Yang's shoulders relaxed. He entered her room and sat on the chair. "I couldn't fall asleep. I was worried about mom."Qi Ying sat on the bed. She waited for her brother to talk about what he wanted to ask her. She got a feeling that there was a reason why Qi Yang wished to meet her in the hospital."How are you doing?" Qi Yang asked.'So he is beating around the bush.' She thought and answered shortly, "Great." Qi Yang noticed that she didn't ask him back how he was doing. 'Did she find out?' He thought.He asked further, "How is you relationship with Feng? Hope he is caring for you a lot." His voice was full of care.Qi Ying laughed softly, it was full of mockery and sadness. Her tears threatened to fall. She said, "Good. He treats me better than anyone."Qi Yang felt ashamed after hearing her answer. He couldn't refute because he never refused his father's decision about her marrying off to the family who tried to hurt her even though he knew that her happiness belonged somewhere else. He didn't act like a brother at all."Look, I'm sorry for what I have done.", he said. He seemed like he was truly guilty."It's fine. I have never held any grudge towards you, except for dad." Qi Ying said.Qi Yang's eyes gleamed but dimmed when she said 'except for dad'. He replied, "Sis, it wasn't his fault. He was forced. He became delusional for a moment and didn't know what to do.""And that's why he planned on to sacrifice his only daughter for four years." Qi Ying gazed at her brother with red eyes. "I'm sorry too brother because I know everything even if you didn't tell me."He got up and sat on the floor in front of her legs. "I met him last week and he apologized to me again and again. He said that he had missed you and mother. He told me that he wanted to meet you and he wished to apologize to you. Give him a chance, Ying. Give us a chance." Qi Yang pleaded.Qi Ying asked, "And what do you expect to happen after I forgive him?" Tears rolled down in her cheeks."Sis, only you can get him out of the prison." Qi Yang said. "I beg you, sis. Don't do it for me but for our mother. She is sick."Qi Yang hit her softest place. She was closest to her mother and loved her very much. She wished that she wouldn't have come here and never would have seen his father and brother. She knew that the moment his father was out, he would pressurize Mu Feng by blackmailing or by doing something else.Mu Feng was such a soft hearted person when it came to her. Because of her, he didn't kill her father. And in the future, he would do anything not to hurt her, including lowering his head in front of her father.Qi Ying got up and strode towards the door. She looked miserable.Qi Yang was perplexed. He thought that he was putting the web very carefully, and there was no way Qi Ying could not fall for it. He used their mother as bait. "Where are you going, sis?" He asked confusedly."Out, to take some fresh air." She answered and left the room.Qi Yang immediately followed her. She went out of the house and walked in the garden. Seeing that she wasn't leaving, Qi Yang relaxed. He had no desire to let her leave before she agreed to bail their father out.Qi Ying fidgeted as she quickly looked around. When she saw no one around her, she camouflaged herself in the dark and got closer to the back gate. It was a smaller gate and only for the pet dogs to use.Their three pet dogs were around the gate. Since they knew that she was their mistress, they didn't bark. Qi Ying patted their heads.Later, she bent down and got out through the gate. She sighed in relief, thinking that she was out at last.Just then a car came in front of her and halted. Qi Ying's face turned paled as she was frightened. Then a window of the car rolled down and she saw a familiar face."I was worried, so I came here and waited for you outside the house." Mu Feng said. Qi Ying calmed down. She felt so relieved that she began crying.He saw her expression and hurriedly got out of the car and hugged her closer. "What happened? Did he force you to do anything and hurt you?""I don't want to stay here. Let's go home." Qi Ying didn't answer him. She recalled what Xue Lin said in the morning. She wanted to think clearly about the situation and didn't want to push all her problems in his shoulder. "Okay." Mu Feng kissed her lips and took her in the car and then left.

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