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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 354: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING

While Yan Su was drinking with Arthur in the bar, in the Lu Research Center, Mu Lan fell asleep beside Xue Lin in her bed. Beside her, Xue Lin was still sitting on the bed and reading a book 'How to Achieve Your Goal'. She was waiting for someone to come.At that time, someone knocked on the door politely and entered. The cold aura of that person turned into warm when he saw Mu Lan sleeping soundly.Xue Lin glanced at that person and closed the book. "I was waiting." Her expression didn't change even the slightest."Did she give you trouble?" he walked towards the bed and asked her.Xue Lin blinked once before asking back without any emotion in her voice, "Do you even care?""No." He curtly said. "I only care about her.""She only felt the pain after she was tightly hugged by Yan Su." Seeing that person clenched his fists, she added, "Yan Su or us didn't know about her injury. Except for that, she was okay. Just a little bit tired."That person bent down, uncovered Mu Lan and then carefully and lovingly took her in his arms. Sensing the familiar warmth, Mu Lan subconsciously smiled and snuggled closer. That person's eyes became tender."Get a room you two!" Xue Lin said coldly while frowning. She looked annoyed and she tried hard not to blush.That person bowed slightly and said, "I'm sorry for doubting you."Xue Lin froze for a second and asked him, "Did you think that I was with them because they were rich?""I apologize." He was still bowing."And now that I am suffering from so many diseases and am not interested in taking money neither from you nor Dr. Lu, you realized that I'm now a gold digger." She chuckled before saying, "It's fine, Mr. Mu. I can tell that you are only worried about Xiao Lan. I do have a plan, but, it doesn't include Xiao Lan or my other friends. Before meeting them, I actually hated rich people. Now my vision has changed because of them." She glanced at sleeping Mu Lan with gratitude. "I'm lucky to have them as my friend.""How long will you be staying here?" Mu Liang asked."I'll be discharged tomorrow." She was running out of money and without a financial support she couldn't stay in this VIP room.At first, she didn't want to stay in the Research Center but Lu Feng said that she couldn't leave before she was hundred percent healthy. So she wanted to stay in a normal ward, but, Lu Feng told her to take the VIP room because it was offering seventy eight percent discount. Xue Lin could understand that he was doing it only for her. But as it charged same as the normal ward, Xue Lin took the VIP offer."My company is looking for a psychologist. We will offer fifty thousand euro for a week. You did well in my and Lu Feng's cases. So I think you are good at this job.", Mu Liang said. He did it because he felt guilty that he was suspicious of her.Xue Lin understood it as well. She shook her head and replied, "Thanks for the offer but I'm still in school and don't have the certificate yet. What I did was for my friends. I cannot do the same at corporate level.""You have the potential. You can go to my office after you get discharged." Mu Liang turned to leave. He had already talked to the school with the Dean of Psychology. He already knew that she was going to get her certificate soon.After he left while carrying Mu Lan, Xue Lin placed her right hand under her chin. 'Something is up.' She thought.After taking Mu Lan home, Mu Liang carried her to the bedroom and placed her in the bed. While he was changing her clothes, Mu Lan was disturbed a little and she frowned. Her eye-lashes flattered as she opened her eyes slowly."Liang Liang." She called out for him in a sleepy voice.Mu Liang just buttoned her night shirt. Hearing her voice, his heart was filled with warmth. "I'm here. Go back to sleep." He kissed her forehead.Mu Lan didn't listen to him but moreover, she circled her slender arms around his neck. She said, "Liang Liang, I want to tell you something.""What is it?" He smiled while asking softly.She said, "No matter what you do, I'll support and help you through all the hardships you face."Okay, it was a sentence that would make even the cruelest man's heart melt like the snow melts during the spring.Mu Liang was no exception. At first, he was shocked and then suddenly a single drop of tear fell from his right eyes. What he felt in his heart, he couldn't describe it. His heart was in a turmoil. He felt like maybe he had saved the world in his previous life so in this life he was lucky enough to have her for himself.The room was dark and only a dim light was turned on, so Mu Lan couldn't see Mu Liang's expression. She could only hear their soft breathings. Therefore, she got concerned when Mu Liang didn't say anything in return.She only said those words because of what Xue Lin said in the morning. She didn't expect silence on Mu Liang's side.Mu Lan couldn't help but worry, "What happened? Why are you not talking- wah!"She was hugged so hard that she couldn't breathe. Mu Liang was concerned about her back pain so he only grabbed her shoulders and smashed her in his warm chest."Thank you for being with me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for loving me." He repeatedly mumbled those words like a mantra.Hearing what he was saying, for some reason, Mu Lan's eyes became wet. She softly said, "I should say the same thing to you. Thank you for giving me a second life. Thank you for supporting me all the time. Thank you for loving me unconditionally."

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