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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 353: HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU

The eldest son of Zhang Nian Zu glanced at his father and asked, "Dad, was it really necessary? You know that Yan Su is dating Lu Family's only heir."Zhang Nian Zu frowned while saying, "Don't talk nonsense. The heir of Lu Family will never agree to join our company with their's Their business is purely social service oriented while ours is totally business oriented. Moreover, we are rivals."The eldest heir sighed with helplessness. Looking at his older brother, the second heir said, "Dad, what is more important to you? Yan Su's happiness or your business.""Both!" His father said."But you aren't acting that way." The second son said."Didn't I spoil her up until now? So why can't she think of me at least this one time?" Mr. Zheng refuted.The eldest son tried to make his father understand, "Marriage isn't a simple thing, dad. It's a lifetime matter.""Don't you dare lecture me! I know what is best for her!" Mr. Zheng got up and went upstairs.The second son asked his mother, "Mom, why didn't you say something? You know how Yan Su feels, don't you?"Mrs. Zheng Mu Yin sighed and even she followed her husband and went upstairs without even answering. Maybe she went to talk to her husband to change his decision.-----Arthur and Yan Su walked to a distant bar called Blue Paradise. Unknown to Yan Su, it was actually Arthur's family bar.They went inside and took a room for themselves. Yan Su took off her coat feeling warm after they went inside. "Let me help you." Arthur came closer and helped her take off the coat. Yan Su's yellow white naked back came to his view.She was wearing a v-neck backless red short prom dress with red high heels. Most of her body parts were revealed. She wore a hot red lipstick and red stone top ear rings. Her black silky hair was loosely hanging on her sides.Yan Su was relaxed while she was sitting on the soft sofa. She put her right leg over her left one, revealing her thighs in front of the man's eyes.Arthur's eyes were feasting on her while he was sitting opposite to her. Both of them ordered cocktails and talked about their personal stuffs.Arthur roamed his eyes around her body while asking, "So, who is this lucky guy you are dating?"Yan Su sipped the cocktail, licked her lips and then answered, "You know him. Lu Feng."Arthur was astonished. He couldn't help but protest, "That weakling! Susu, you sure changed a lot while I was away.""I didn't change. The person who has changed is him." Yan Su slightly smiled thinking of him.Something hidden flashed in his eyes. "Changed? Him? Then I have to check him tomorrow."Yan Su hurriedly said, "Don't create any troubles now. We aren't kids anymore.""Are you afraid that I will defeat him?" Arthur smirked at her. His eyes glued to her thighs.Not caring where he was looking, Yan Su sipped the cocktail and thought for a while. Afterwards she replied, "Not really. I don't care either way.""What do you mean?" Arthur frowned. His eyes became sharper."Irrespective of whether he wins or loses, he is still the person I love and he will still remain the person I will love." Yan Su shrugged helplessly. Her lips held a loving smile.Arthur was shocked at her behavior. His blue eyes flashed with a hidden meaning. "You sure became a lot more feminine, Susu."His Susu in the past was a tomboy and never considered a weakling, let alone smile at them.Yan Su changed the subject. "We talked enough about me. Tell me about yourself. What are you doing now?"Arthur relaxed his body and replied, "I am a professional photographer now. I take portraits of female models." His natural brown hair gleamed in the light."That's wonderful! I love photography too." Yan Su got excited and she sat up straight.Arthur noticed her every movement. He slowly suggested, "Let's go day after tomorrow to some nice spot where we can take your pictures.""Sure, I would love to. What about your love life? I won't belief if you tell me that you aren't dating anyone." Yan Su joked happily. Steadily, she began to notice that her head was feeling dizzy."I dated, but the wrong one. I was waiting for you all along." His mind went back to a woman who drank an aphrodisiac and had fun with men all night long. Then the next day, their family crumbled because of her actions. "Don't joke Arthur. If you did wait for me, you wouldn't date anyone." Yan Su said in an all serious tone. But her head was dizzy. She shook her head in confusion, and that made it worse.Arthur didn't miss her sudden change. He asked her, "What's wrong with you? Aren't you feeling well?""My head is dizzy." Yan Su mumbled.Arthur got up and sat beside her. Then he pushed her head on his lap and said, "Sleep if you want. You are probably too tired to talk to me now. Just be sure that our engagement won't change. I'll marry you." He bent and kissed her forehead. Then he said, "Sleep, Susu."Before Yan Su could refute, she drifted to sleep.'Just wait, Susu. I won't let that weakling have you all by himself. He doesn't deserve you.' Arthur thought and once again his eyes roamed over her body.Arthur leaned closer to her ear and said, "Susu, you are so beautiful."While Yan Su was sleeping, she heard Arthur telling her that he loved her.In the middle of the night, Yan Su woke up in a five star hotel beside Arthur. She sat up and her head hurt. She painfully rubbed her head for a while. Suddenly she realized that she wasn't wearing any clothes.Her heart skipped a beat. She looked beside her where she saw Arthur peacefully sleeping, his top was always naked.'What have I done?'

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