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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 352: FUTURE HUSBAND

There was a reason that Yan Su was upset. In the evening, when she got back to her home, her whole family greeted her."Hey, what's the occasion?" Yan Su asked excitedly.Her father Zheng Nian Zu looked at her and smiled brightly. "Darling, today is indeed a special occasion."Yan Su went forward and kissed her father's left cheek. She replied, "Oh, yeah? Tell me about it."Her mother Mu Yin smiled at her lovingly and said, "There is someone who came here just to meet you."Yan Su nodded and said, "Alright. And that person is?"The second heir of the Zheng family, Yan Su's second brother suggested, "Why don't you guess?""As if that is even possible. I meet plenty of people every day." Yan Su replied. She sat on a double sofa which was empty."You have been waiting for that person from a long time, you know?" The first heir, her oldest brother gave her a clue.Still Yan Su couldn't think of anyone.Watching her expression, her second brother joked, "She is dumb. I bet she cannot remember anything."Yan Su lost her patience and said, "Stop beating around the bush and tell me who is it."Exactly at that time, someone covered her eyes and said mischievously, "It's me. Now, let's see if you can remember me."Yan Su immediately frowned and tried to take that person behind her upside down. But that person was very strong. She couldn't move him at all."Oh, come on, what's the point in fighting? It's not that you don't know me." That man said.After that, Yan Su stopped moving when she found a familiar voice."Arthur?" Yan Su asked in a stunned manner."Bingo!" He released her eyes and Yan Su turned around to see a handsome man.Arthur was Yan Su's childhood friend and they were very compatible with each other. Yan Su could never win against him and always respected him for that. He was the one who taught her not to think the weaklings as human beings. How wrong was he!Because of such a wrong lesson, Yan Su had hurt Lu Feng countless times and she felt guilty towards him since then.Yan Su felt a little uneasy. She didn't want to meet Arthur at this moment.Arthur could see her uneasiness. His smile stretched. He asked, "Are you not happy to see me, Susu?"He always called Yan Su- Susu. Lu Feng called her the same. Yan Su frowned a little and replied, "It's not like that. Actually my friend is at the hospital. I'm just worried about her.""Her? A girl? Susu, you have turned more girly than I imagined!" Arthur exclaimed. He sat beside her while encircling his right arm around her shoulder.Yan Su's second brother said, "Arthur, you don't know what she usually wears in summer. You will have a nosebleed."All the other members of the family laughed together. Yan Su blushed a little.Arthur's eyes lingered on Yan Su for quite some time and then he asked, "You are free now. Aren't you Susu?"Yan Su nodded and then said, "I'm spending my time with my sick friend. I can't let her stay alone. I have to make sure that she is taking her medicine and food.""My daughter became so mature in the blink of an eye. She really got herself some awesome friends. Why don't you bring them home someday?" Yan Su's mother Mu Ying suggested."Let her recover, I'll bring them home." Yan Su said."Let's hold a party for Arthur's return after your friend recovers. You can invite all of them to the party." Yan Su's father Mr. Zheng Nian Zu said."That's a good idea." Yan Su nodded. "We also have to announce a great news on that special day." Mrs. Zheng Mu Yin said happily."What news?" Yan Su asked." Announcement of your engagement with Arthur of course." Mr. Zheng Nian Zu said it like as a matter of fact."What did you just say?" Yan Su asked loudly with disbelief. She stood up in astonishment.Seeing her reaction, Yan Su's brothers' expression became dim. They were slightly nervous thinking how she would react. Mr. Zheng Nian Zu frowned and asked as he was slightly annoyed, "What are you screaming about? You are the one who wanted to marry Arthur since your childhood. And after you marry him, he will give you the shares of his dad's company. What are you not satisfied about?""Dad, people's thinking change every single day and you are still planning for my future based on what I said in my childhood? Come on dad, you are better than that. And you know that I'm dating someone!" Yan Su was about to lose her mind. She was basically a short tempered girl to begin with.Arthur's expression fell. "You are dating?" He asked."So what if you are dating. Young generation break up in the blink of an eye nowadays." Father of Yan Su said."Unbelievable! You are still old fashioned with respect to marriage thing yet acting like a smart a** when it comes to my date?" Yan Su couldn't help but say that to her dad."Yan Su! I dare you to say that again!" Mr. Zheng was raged in fury.Mrs. Zheng said, "Yan Su, is that what I taught you? You are talking to your father in such a disrespectful manner in front of your future husband!""For your information, I haven't even agreed to marry Arthur to begin with. He is definitely not my future husband." Yan Su said firmly. She felt like breaking the glass table before her.Arthur stood up and said, "Uncle, aunt, please let me talk to Susu. You all brought this up suddenly, she must be confused."Yan Su refuted, "I'm not!"Arthur grabbed her left wrist and pulled her towards the entrance while saying, "Let's go out and clear our heads. We can gossip about our current life. No need to decide under pressure."Yan Su reluctantly got out of the house without even looking back.

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