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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 351: SHE IS A MIRACLE

Lu Feng pinched the area between his eyebrows. He was exhausted after sitting on the chair from a long time. He had been looking at Mu Lan's reports for quite some time now. But he couldn't conclude on one important thing which was bugging him.When he first looked at her injury at the back, he knew that it was a deep scar and normally this type of injuries took months to recover. Surprisingly, Mu Lan's injury was healing faster than a normal person.Well, Lu Feng did make a diet plan for Mu Lan and Mu Liang was helping her a lot to eat. But it could never repair her scars this fast. Even her other scars were healing faster than normal people.It was like some magic work.Lu Feng was confused the last time he operated her. He was one of the leading doctors who operated on her for six hours.At the end, they let go of all the hope they had for her. Most of them wanted to announce her death.However, Lu Feng stubbornly let her stay in the ICU. Only he knew what would happen if they told Mu Liang that she was died.Three days after the critical operation, he suddenly felt her pulse. It was at night and a nurse was with Mu Lan. After she felt her pulse, she immediately ran to Lu Feng's office and took him to the ICU chamber.Lu Feng couldn't believe his own eyes. He checked her heart rate and saw that is was functioning normally, and it was like, she was just sleeping and she never had any accident.A little frightened, Lu Feng called Mu Liang who was just outside the hospital corridor talking to Mu Feng. Both the Mu brothers rushed in and saw that she was breathing and yet sleeping.Lu Feng at that time said, "Indeed this is a miracle." Now it was more than a year, and Mu Lan was recovering well. Before she went to Germany, Lu Feng gave her a full body check-up and found out that she was as good as before. Her brain damage had got completely healed. From that time, Lu Feng was curious about how Mu Lan's body worked. She should've been dead long ago but she was kicking and laughing like a normal person.No matter how much Lu Feng said that she was a miracle, how could he explain that she came back from death two times in a row?The next time was in Germany.The way she fell from the hill, Lu Feng saw the video from Mu Feng, she was badly hurt in her head and her back. If her backpack wasn't in front of her, she would be hurt in the front as well.Normally, there should be fractures and brain damage and not to mention, internal damage. The patient had to stay in bed and rest for a few months. However, Lu Feng was astonished to see Mu Lan walking who even went on an adventure all by herself. That time, he asked himself, "Am I dealing with a human?"Mu Lan didn't seem like a human, because after the check-up, Lu Feng found out that her brain damage healed to about ninety six percent and she had no fracture. She had no internal damage, which she was supposed to have.And then she was in the icy cold water with her injuries for almost thirty minutes.Which normal human being could be alive even after so much?Four bullets were enough to spook a normal person, and now this accident, Lu Feng didn't know how to handle it.However, in science, nothing is impossible.Lu Feng believed that there should be a scientific and logical explanation behind her extraordinary recovery.Therefore, he thoroughly checked her body and tried to find out if there was some hidden organ, medicine, or anything that gave her such a healing power.And then, he took a tube of blood. He didn't want to leave a single evidence.At night, he was analyzing her DNA structure on the computer. His head was hurting looking at the laptop without any rest. He was way too excited and didn't even want to blink his eyes, thinking if he missed any important detail.While he was working, someone entered his office room and without any warning, encircled her arms around him.Lu Feng was startled. He glanced at the person behind him, and saw it was Yan Su."What are you doing so late?" He asked in surprise.Yan Su rolled her eyes and said, "Shouldn't I be the one to ask this question? It is two in the morning."Lu Feng glanced at the clock and realized that he was sitting in the same position for four hours by now. He sighed and paused the screen on the laptop.He got up from his seat and said, "You take the bed and sleep here just for tonight. I can't take you home now. I have to finish this one tonight before dawn no matter how hard this is. It is very important. Do you understand?"Sometimes, if he had something important to do, he would work day and night, and Yan Su could understand it.However, today Yan Su was a little upset and wanted to share it with him. Seeing him working so hard, she stretched her lips a little and said, "Okay, I'll sleep first.""Lu Feng saw that she wasn't bickering like usual, but he didn't think much about that. He said, "I'll listen to all your complaints tomorrow. Go to sleep now." He gave her a lingering kiss and went to the washroom to freshen up.Yan Su, with a heavy heart glanced at the laptop and saw something which she couldn't understand. She came forward curiously and saw the art forms like pictures on the screen.Suddenly, Lu Feng's cell phone buzzed and it startled Yan Su. She moved and-Crash!A blood tube fell on the floor and broke into pieces. The blood scattered everywhere.Yan Su was so scared that her heart nearly stopped. She recalled Xue Lin's words and her face became deathly pale.What should she do now?

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