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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 35: FAMILY FIRST, BUSINESS LATER

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15 minutes later...

"Darling, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just a misunderstanding." Mu Cheng was tired of kneeling and also frightened by his dear wife's conduct. She was way too calm.

"'Just' a misunderstanding?" Mu Ling lifted up her right brow. Currently she was sitting at her husband's chair in the study room. The aura around her was chilling cold which made both father-son shiver.

"No, no. It's a 'huge' misunderstanding. I was only wanted her to be bride of Little Liang, I swear. If I'm lying then I will be hit by thunder and lightening." No matter how powerful, kingly, cruel the Elder was, when it came to his wife, his was like a little pet. He loved his wife way too much and he cared for his family a lot too.


When he became the Head of the Mu Household, he made a new rule, 'Family First, Business Later.' His father laughed amusingly when he made such rule. Mu Cheng's father always cared for work and hardly gave time to his family. He was also very strict to his children. Even when his beloved wife became sick, he wasn't able to stay by her side.

After Mu Cheng's mother death, his father's personality suddenly changed. He neither cared for business nor family. He would sit around indolently and would look at the garden which his wife liked very much. Then he would take care of the flowers and vegetables of the yard.

Mu Cheng understood his father a lot. He felt the emptiness inside his father and that would torment him. He knew his father did all that just for his beloved wife and then she was no more, his ambitions lost their ways too.

Mu Liang learnt from his father and treated his wife in the best way that any of his family members

did to their wives. Even other married women in the family would get jealous of her beauty and fortune and they used to conspired against her. But Mu Ling had the blood of Mu Family unlike those others married women. Her schemes knew no bounds. Still she would hurt them those who tried to harm her beloveds. Mu Cheng respected her very much for that reason.

It wasn't like she wanted to become a vicious lady but she didn't want to give more pressure on her husband. Her husband and son was her top priority. And then she got to know that three years ago his husband actually 'proposed someone.'

Proposed someone! ! ! !

And her only son took his father's side.

T-H-A-T was unforgivable!!!

However, when she heard him say that he did it for the sake of her 'Little Liang', her anger subsided.

After her three precious grandchildren were born, they became her favorites. Often Mu Cheng would get jealous of his three naughty grandchildren of his, because his wife would be too busy to take care of them that she would even forget her own husband.

Mu Cheng would suffer from Mu Ling's loveless attitude towards him. He was in despair. He could only think good of Mu Liang because he was a quiet child and had his mother's ocean blue eyes.

But Mu Feng was totally opposite. When Mu Feng were only two years old, he found out about his grandpa's jealousy and acted all cute and helpless in front of his grandma so that he could often get extra attention. Most of the times, he acted pitiful at night for bed time stories or he was afraid of ghosts. So grandma mostly stayed at Mu Feng's room at night.

Mu Cheng understood everything when he would see his second grandchild would look at him with triumph smile in disguise. Mu Cheng would grit his teeth and cursed his own grandchild, 'Afraid of ghosts, my foot! He is the child of the devil himself!'

He had enough of these grandchildren of him. So when Mu Jin wanted another three or four children, Mu Cheng roared at him saying, "Think of your wife, you beast!"

Mu Jin knew his father did it for his own selfishness. 'Who is beast? You can't even win back your wife from your grandchildren. Don't think I don't know how many days you had sleepless nights because mom wasn't there to fulfill your desire.' Mu Jin scoffed.

Mu Jin definitely didn't listen to his father and was getting prepared for another child. However, his dearest wife refused. His wife, Jing Sheng really cared for her father-in-law. So Mu Jin could do nothing and accepted his wife's wish with solemn face.

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