Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 349: WHO WAS HE?

When Xue Lin saw that Yan Su was gulping, she smirked and asked her, "Shall we?""Ahaha.. let's not destroy my relationship." Yan Su tried to lighten up the mood with her light smile. She glanced at Mu Lan and signaled her to say something.Mu Lan brought them back to the main topic. "We were talking about Andreas Wagner."Xue Lin glanced at her and replied, "Have you thanked him for saving you?"Mu Lan recalled her times there. Then shook her head. "I was too busy to think of a way out. And of course , how can I forget the fact that I saw his half naked body beside me when I first opened my eyes. That itself makes me think that he is a pervert. And every time he came in front of me, I remembered just that and never even felt like thanking him.""Your attitude towards him is quite normal." Xue Lin answered."Is he handsome? How is his body? Is it just like what the rumors said?" Yan Su asked excitedly.Mu Lan gazed at her disdainfully and answered, "Not even a tiny bit closer to my Liang Liang's body."Yan Su replied helplessly, "Yeah, that's true. One who gets to tastes the finest wine, doesn't even look at other wine. I don't drool while looking at other men anymore after I have seen my Feng's body." Xue Lin coldly looked at Yan Su and said, "Yan Su, too much information."Qi Ying tried hard not to think of Lu Feng's naked body. 'How come I've became so shameless to think of? Ah! It must be Feng's influence. I have to make sure that he doesn't get his way every night from now on.' She thought to herself with a red face.Xue Lin talked to Mu Lan, "Whatever happened, just happened. Don't bother about it anymore. I'm truly amazed to hear that you came up with such an amazing plan to escape from there. I really appreciate it."Mu Lan smiled at her.At that time, Yan Su got a phone call. She picked it up and said, "Mom? What is it?... Me? I'm with my frineds in the hospital I'm fine, it's my friend who is a little sick. Really? I didn't know that!... I will be there in a minute."She hung up and turned to her friends. "Sorry guys, I have to go. An urgent call.""Sure. You go, we will stay with her." Mu Lan assured. Qi Ying agreed with her while nodding her head."Don't forget my dinner." Xue Lin reminded her."Alright. Alright." Yan Su took her purse and left the room."Now, tell me how were you attacked." Xue Lin asked Qi Ying in a hushed voice."Wow, wait, what? What is happening?" Mu Lan asked confusedly. She just came yesterday and had no clue what happened to Qi Ying when she was in Germany. Xue Lin wasn't surprised. She answered, "Apparently, Xiao Ying's boyfriend caught the person who poisoned her in Germany. I got this news from Yan Su.""As expected of my brother Feng." Mu Lan found it normal. She knew that Mu Feng would never let a culprit go especially the one who hurt Qi Ying."Yeah and the thing which is abnormal is, that guy was a serial killer." Xue Lin said flatly.Mu Lan's eyes became bigger. She asked totally shocked, "What are you saying? Why would a serial killer poison her unless he was ordered by someone?"Xue Lin said, "Exactly my point. And when Xiao Ying almost recovered, he tried to kill her again."Mu Lan grabbed Qi Ying's hands with concern and asked, "Are you alright? Did he do something to you?"Qi Ying was a little pale thinking of that day, a man amidst a pool of blood. She replied, "I'm fine. He didn't get to touch me. Dr. Feng is really tough. The killer underestimated him and was killed by him with his knife.""Thank goodness that he was there with you to save you." Mu Lan sighed in relief and then looked at Xue Lin and said, "You are right. We shouldn't rely on our partners all the time.""Hmm, the real culprit has a grudge on Xiao Ying's boyfriend and that's why he is that desperate to harm her. He wants to harm her boyfriend and make him suffer for a long time. And he is still unknown. It seems like he knows how to hide himself." Xue Lin stated."Or maybe he is so close to us that we can't even find him out." Mu Lan slowly said.QI Ying's whole body became numb after what she heard from her friends. She asked, "Wh-who could it be?" She couldn't hide her quivering voice."Can it be someone from the family?" Mu Lan glanced at Xue Lin.Xue Lin answered, "I can't be so sure. I don't even know the Mu Family. Every powerful family comes with a bloody past. If there is something like this in the Mu Family too, you guys should look carefully for their family tree."Qi Ying didn't know the bloody past of Mu Family. But Mu Lan knew a little since she was told the story in short by Mu Feng. Mu Lan bit her lower lip and talked to herself, 'It can be the Underworld too. Since they targeted me, they could target Qi Ying too. Probably because of the power, they are trying to harm Liang Liang and brother Feng.'Mu Lan didn't voice out her thoughts to Qi Ying because she knew nothing about the underworld rules. If she knew, she probably wouldn't stay friends with them.Mu Lan recalled that Mu Liang had a large library beside his study room. She planned to go there after she got back. 'I might find something useful to find the culprit. Even if the underworld was related to them, there was still a possibility that the Mu Families which were destroyed by Liang Liang's hands, could get their revenge too.' She bit her lower lip once again. 'As his partner, I must help him a little. A short investigation wouldn't hurt.'

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