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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 348: HER VIRGIN HEART

After Lu Feng took her blood, Mu Lan walked towards the corridor and entered the VIP room where Xue Lin was staying. She saw Qi Ying and Yan Su sitting before Xue Lin.Xue Lin didn't look like an ill person at all. She was sitting on the bed and having lots of delicious food which were bought by Yan Su. Xue Lin didn't even glance at Mu Lan when she came in. Instead she was busy devouring the food before her. Nom! Nom! Nom!Yan Su saw Mu Lan and came forward to hug her. "Lan dear, I was so worried about you. I missed you so much. Are you all right now?"Mu Lan's back hurt a little because of the tight hug. She painfully said, "I'm fine as long as you don't hug me. My injuries are still healing."Yan Su immediately let go of her. "I'm sorry." She said hurriedly and her face was full of worries.Mu Lan smiled at her and said, "It's fine. I was missing you too, especially when I was trying to escape." Yan Su got excited on hearing her. She said, "Tell me everything about it."Mu Lan replied, "I will but how's her condition now?" She pointed at Xue Lin who was still lost in devouring the food without a pause."Slow down psychologist!" Mu Lan exclaimed. It was the first time she saw a skinny and tiny person like Xue Lin eat so much.Yan Su laughed and said, "We got ourselves a pig."Qi Ying frowned and said, "She is not a pig. She is suffering from malnutrition. She deserves to eat."Mu Lan was stunned. "Why is she suffering from malnutrition? Shouldn't it be pneumonia?" Yan Su sighed and said, "Pneumonia, yes. But after some check-up, my Feng found out that she was suffering from malnutrition from a long time. Her lungs are also weak. She does surprise me. I mean how is she still alive?"Mu Lan was also astonished. She replied, "I think this is a miracle that her eyes are good and her brain's performance is great even under such a pressure."Qi Ying agreed with Mu Lan. She spoke to Xue Lin, "You have to take care of yourself a lot, Xiao Lin. If you want your dreams to come true, you need to have proper food and sleep regularly." [E/N: Ahem so should our author][A/N: I'll try my best]"You guys don't have to worry about her anymore. I will definitely make sure that she eats properly from now on." Yan Su had a devilish grin hanging on her face.After a while, Xue Lin finished her meal and let out a burp. Then she glanced at her three friends and said, "I love this meal. Double this next time."Mu Lan who was sitting on a chair right in front of Xue Lin, expressionlessly gazed at her. After a while she said, "I shouldn't have come here."'Woman, we were worried about you. A simple gesture is enough! Are you that lazy?' Mu Lan wished that she could steal Xue Lin's food."Ahahaha Lin dear, you are simply the best. You already ate two large portions today and now you are asking for double? Don't worry, I will give you as much as you want." Yan Su assured her.Xue Lin glanced at Mu Lan and said, "Now you can tell us your story."Mu Lan smiled inwardly. 'What a way to show her concern about me!' She thought to herself. As Qi Ying and Yan Su gave their attention to her, Mu Lan started her story.After she finished, Xue Lin gave her opinion, "You shouldn't have let go of that Andreas Wagner guy. It would be better if he was in jail for a few years. This guy is dangerous."Yan Su protested, "How could it be? He already has nothing.""He still has his power though. He might lose his position but he is still a popular and influential figure among the high society in Germany." Mu Lan gave them the information. She greatly valued Xue Lin's suggestions when it came to human psychology.Qi Ying was quiet for some time, she said, "Don't underestimate Feng's brother. He will protect Xiao Lan with everything."Mu Lan smiled and agreed, "You are right. As long as he is with me, nothing can happen to me."Xue Lin interrupted them, "Get real you two. I know he has some influence but he is still a human. Don't stress him with every single problem of yours. Men aren't superman. Xiao Lan has to rely on herself rather than on him every time. If it wasn't for his idea, Xiao Lan couldn't get out of that place. Sometimes woman should rely on themselves. Men hardly like troublesome women. But, I guess for you three girls, it's different with your partners" Yan Su agreed with Xue Lin, "You are probably right. I have seen my brothers. They always stay away from clingy and bothersome women. As for my Feng, he never feels bad when I disturb him. Even if he is doing something really important, as soon as I come in front of him naked, he just loses his mind." She grinned while saying.Qi Ying had a hard time to digest the sudden news. Her face was bright red.Mu Lan sighed. She had got used to Yan Su's shamelessness. 'Probably it's in the blood.' She recalled the times when Mu Liang and Mu Feng would become shameless in front of others to show their affection.Xue Lin was speechless. She wasn't interested in anyone's personal life, let alone romance. Now that she began to hang out with these three, she wondered how long she could carry her virgin heart.Xue Lin frowned and replied, "Why don't we experiment how long your boyfriends can take your tantrum? Disturb him continuously for two months when he is doing something important. Let's see if he can still be the same as he is now. Want to see?"Her open challenge made Yan Su gulp down her saliva. She had no interest in checking something like this. She could never find happiness without him. And just like Mu Lan, she greatly valued Xue Lin's knowledge.

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