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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 347: A TUBE OF BLOOD

That night, Mu Liang punished his wife greatly.So what if he couldn't go inside her?His fingers were enough to make her senseless.Before she fell asleep due to exhaustion, Mu Lan wondered if she could even survive after he had his "treat" after her recovery.The next day, Mu Lan and Qi Ying went to the Lu Research Center with panda eyes. Hugo was driving the car. Two other cars were following them. They were the bodyguards hired by Mu Feng.Seeing her tiredness, Qi Ying asked Mu Lan for the third time, "Xiao Lan, are you sure you are alright? I think you should probably get some rest."Mu Lan yawned and said, "Trust me, if it wasn't for my check up, I wouldn't come here. I could've visited Xue Lin after I got enough sleep."Qi Ying didn't say more. Soon, they reached the Lu Research Center and went to the VIP section. Lu Feng was waiting for them at his office.He saw the familiar faces and smiled while saying, "Hello, ladies, I have been waiting for you." When he saw just the two women, he curiously asked, "Where are your partners?"Mu Lan said, "I sent them to the office. After all, they have to even earn for our living."Mu Lan just recalled today's morning argument between the two of themA few moments ago-"I want to go with you." Mu Liang stubbornly said.Mu Lan immediately refused. "You can't. You already have enough pressure to handle because of me. I can't make it worse for you. If I could help you with your works, it would be fine. But you don't even let me touch your coffee mug too. You are going to work and that's final."Mu Lan was sitting on the bed and directly looking at his deep ocean blue eyes.Mu Liang took her hand while sitting on the bed and then said affectionately, "Your health is more important than work."Hearing his voice, Mu Lan wanted to melt right away. However, she hardened herself. And tried a different way to persuade him, "To take care of my health, you have to earn lots of money. Isn't it? You have a huge family to look after too, remember?"She wasn't even a little bit mad at him. On the contrary, she was feeling extremely happy that he was taking care of her. However, he had huge responsibilities to take care of and he couldn't just ignore it just for her. The fact was that she wanted him by her side, but then she had to control it. She also wished she could support him in his daily life. If she couldn't even do that, she was definitely not the right person to be with him. In fact, she would become the person who would drag him down."You are my only family." Mu Liang huskily said.Mu Lan was about to lose her mind. She felt like as if her ears were getting pregnant. His voice was just too much. "When we'll have lots of children in the future, we will obviously need money to take care of them. So go to the office and earn money for our future large family."Mu Liang's eyes gleamed for a moment. He tried to imagine the future scenario and said, "Lots of kids hmm.. I would gladly let Feng earn money so that I can stay with you all."Mu Lan was speechless before she retorted, "Don't be so shameless. How can you say such thing? Our children will get bad norms from you.""How is that possible? Our children will only get our genius genes and beauty." Mu Liang said. Mu Lan sighed and asked, "Can't you just go to work?"Mu Liang hugged her closer and lightly kissed her forehead before saying, "You know that I'm worried."Mu Lan said in a serious tone after smiling softly, "I know and so am I. But if you throw tantrums like these, you won't get any treat." Her voice was soft yet threatening. Her eyes were filled with mischief.Mu Liang's eyes deepened. His voice was darker than usual, "Darling, do you want me to punish you tonight?""Hehe, hubby, if you accompany me today, we are sleeping separately and I'll stop taking care of my injury." The way Mu Lan said that was as if it all depended on Mu Liang now and he was left to choose what was more important.Thus, Mu Liang had to back down.And for Mu Feng, Qi Ying's innocent puppy eyes were enough to make him melt in half.------"They are busy. We have bodyguards with us, so don't worry." Mu Lan answered Lu Feng.He smiled and said, "It's hard for all of you." He became serious and glanced at Mu Lan, "Let me check your injuries first. Then I'll do some other tests." In twenty minutes, Mu Lan's full body check-up was done and she was summoned.Lu Feng was carefully looking through her reports and when he saw her entering, he asked, "Hey, will it be alright if I draw a tube of blood,?"Mu Lan answered naturally, "You are doing your job. I have no problem with it."Lu Feng said, "Let me ask your protective partner before that." He was already threatened a long time ago by Mu Liang not to draw more than a tube of blood.After a few seconds of ringing, Mu Liang answered, "What's wrong?" He was in a meeting but still answered knowing that it had something to do with Mu Lan.Lu Feng gulped and began to say, "I need her blood s-""No more than a tube." Mu Liang warned him coldly."Sure." Lu Feng chimed."Don't hurt her, don't let her feel it. At least use your numb spray on her." Mu Liang said all of it in a single breath."Don't worry. She won't feel the tiniest pain." Lu Feng assured and they hung up."Seriously?" Mu Lan was speechless.'If only you knew the real face of your devilish partner.' Lu Feng sighed in his mind.As promised, he took a tube of her blood and put it away carefully. Then he said, "Wait for a day to get your report."

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