Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 346: I WANT TREATS

As soon as Mu Liang opened the door and came out of the bathroom, Mu Lan got off the bed. Mu Liang had a towel around his slender waist. A few droplets of water was falling from his hair and moved downwards to his toned chest and muscles.Suddenly Mu Lan felt that her mouth was all dry. She gulped down a mouthful saliva and averted her gaze. "Don't give me that expression." Mu Liang requested her helplessly."My bad." Mu Lan said apologetically. 'How can I control myself at a time like this?' She asked herself and felt what kind of a pain he must have gone through minutes ago.Mu Liang changed into a sky blue cotton shirt and khaki pant. Then he came closer to her and asked worriedly, "Are you still in pain?"Her back was still hurting but she answered, "Not really.""Liar." Mu Liang frowned and his expression was sullen."Let's go. Let's go. I'm hungry." Mu Lan didn't want to see this expression of his and she knew that even if she tried to say that it wasn't his fault, he would still blame himself. So she dragged him downstairs. And there, it seemed like everyone had quite an idea of what they were doing.------Mu Lan rolled her eyes at Mu Feng. Mu Feng only smirked and said nothing.Qi Ying glanced at Mu Lan and asked, "What are your plans for tomorrow?""I plan to go to the Lu Research Center for a checkup and then meet Xue Lin and Yan Su. You are welcome to join me." Mu Lan answered while swallowing vegetable soup.Qi Ying glanced at Mu Feng with puppy eyes and Mu Feng of course couldn't resist it. He sighed and replied, "Fine, you can go."Qi Ying's face beamed and she took another bowl of vegetable soup. Mu Feng looked at her with affection.Mu Liang gazed at the girl at his right who was having a problem peeling the shrimps. He took those shrimps from her and peeled them for her and even fed her one after the other.The two butlers behind them couldn't help but sigh. They had a hard time serving their masters and mistresses. They painfully glanced at the Head Butler and saw that Butler Leo was rubbing his chest. The two of them realized that they weren't the only ones suffering.Mu Lan was chewing a shrimp which Mu Liang had just fed her. She glanced at Qi Ying and asked, "What happened to Xue Lin?""Ah, pneumonia. It was after we got back to Paris, we realized that she was sick. We were too late by then. She fainted on the way with heavy fever." Qi Ying explained the whole situation."How did that happen?" Mu Lan frowned, definitely feeling bad for her weakest friend."After you fell down, Yan Su and Xue Lin had to cut through the snow to make way for themselves. Feng did help them but she ended up fainting immediately after that. Back at the local hospital, they were all busy with me and didn't take care of Xiao Yan Su and Xiao Lin." Qi Ying held back her tears, still blaming herself."Hmm, it is partially Xue Lin's fault not to take care of herself, so don't feel bad, Xiao Ying. If you blame yourself for getting poisoned where it wasn't your fault in the first place, then I also have to blame myself for the troubles I caused to all of you. Because I think that the original target was me and that's why we were in that situation." Mu Lan said firmly. Since Qi Ying was a soft heartened person, Mu Lan had to deal with her in a way she could be dealt with. Of course, while she was talking, she didn't forget to check Mu Liang and Mu Feng's expression. Even though, these Mu brothers tried very hard to conceal their expressions, Mu Feng's quick gaze towards Mu Liang didn't escape Mu Lan's eyes.'So they knew very well who was the reason behind it and why.' Mu Lan thought.Qi Ying's eyes grew bigger after what she heard from Mu Lan. She asked, "Why do you think so? Is it related to your past?" She wanted to ask more about it, but her right thigh was softly squeezed by Mu Feng indicating her to stop.Mu Lan didn't miss Qi Ying's sudden halt. She smiled and answered, "It's just a hunch. Nothing more." Then she continued finishing her bowl of rice and no one mentioned the accident of Germany anymore.------That night, in the dark bedroom of Mu Mansion, when Mu Lan was lying down on Mu Liang's wide chest, she asked, "Did you find out who was the culprit?"Mu Liang never lied in his life and he didn't find any reason to hide things from her either. And now that she asked, he replied, "Yeah, two wanted criminals."Mu Lan smiled a little as she noticed that Mu Liang didn't lie. She asked for more, "Who hired them? It can't be that I offended two wanted criminals unless they were a part of the women trafficking gang we had caught previously." She was talking about the December incident when she met Weiwei and Meili and of course her brother who is two years younger than her.Mu Liang stroked her head affectionately, once again complementing her talent in his mind before he answered, "You are right. They were hired by an underground enemy."All he said to her was misleading information. The way he answered, anyone would think that it was Mu Feng's enemy who had tried to hurt his girls. Even though the meaning seemed different, Mu Liang didn't lie though, he only gave her a more specific information.(Mu Lan was mistaken just like normal people.)??? She could tell that the underground was a nasty place and she didn't ask more, thinking that it wasn't her place to interfere.So she glanced at Mu Liang and said, "Thank you for being with me and also being so considerate towards me. I promise to get well as soon as possible and give you lots of love."Instantly, Mu Liang's body got rigid. He sighed helplessly and replied, "Don't think that you can have a rest then. I want treats."

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