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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 345: THEY'RE NOT IN A SITUATION TO MIND

Mu Feng leisurely glanced at the clock for God knows how many times. After his stomach growled loudly, he said, "Serve the food."Head Butler Leo could understand his pain and he still began to say, "But first master-""Uncle Leo, do you want me to die of hunger? I'm not playing the hunger games here." Mu Feng seemed exhausted.Qi Ying glanced at him and asked, "Are you sure? They might get upset." She was worried as usual."Ying, you don't have to think about them. They're not in a situation to mind." Mu Feng reassured his girlfriend while patting her back, making her blush.The three butlers beside them were no different. To ease the situation, Butler Leo gestured the two other butlers to serve food. As they began to serve the food, the door to the dining hall was opened by a butler and Mu Liang and Mu Lan entered the dining room."Oh! That was fast!" Mu Feng stated while chewing a shrimp.Butler Leo coughed at that moment and Qi Ying blushed even more.Mu Lan didn't even have to think about what Mu Feng attempted to hint towards her. She noticed that her face was hot. Mu Liang was least bothered by it. He held out Mu Lan's chair and made her sit first and then he sat on his usual chair. He then said to the Head Butler, "Serve the dishes."While they were eating, Mu Feng gave Mu Lan a wink as if asking, "How can you still walk after what you guys did?"How could he let go of such an opportunity to tease his sister-in-law?Mu Lan recalled what happened minutes ago and buried her head in the food.------[Restricted for under 18]A few minutes ago-The bedroom of the Mu couple gradually became hotter and steamy. The room was filled with hungry kisses, sharp breathing, lustful moans and grunts. The coldness of the winter felt shy to enter their bedroom.In the bed, Mu Lan's naked body was pressed by Mu Liang's strong body. While they were kissing madly, Mu Liang's hands were all over her body, earning shiver from her.Mu Liang's tongue swirled around hers, making them numb and painful. He tried to savor her taste, but didn't seem to have enough, he wanted more to taste. Finally, he had to let go when he tasted blood.He forced himself to stop kissing her and gazed down at her attractive red face. Her moist eyes were full of longing which caused something to stir in his heart. Her open, swollen mouth kept inviting him again and again.Mu Liang refused to touch her lips seeing the injuries he caused to her. He bent down and wiped her tears using his lips and tongue. However, his lips weren't ready to let go of such supple skin. Then he greedily began to roam around her delicate ears, neck and collarbone, leaving red marks wherever he traced his lips.Mu Lan's breath hitched when he took her right tip in his mouth, nipping softly and yet eagerly. Her slender fingers grasped his dark brown hair, as a result, his mouth dug in wanting more."Hnn mm nn Li ang.." Mu Lan's soft moans ignited the fire within him. His hand which were caressing her body, directly went deep inside her earning a loud moan from her.Her breaths became heavy and her sweat mixed with his. None of them had any idea when Mu Liang's clothes were taken off. Mu Lan's head became hazy and her eyes blurred. She couldn't take the stimulation for so long and bit down his left shoulder. Mu Liang didn't hitch in pain, on the contrary, he felt aroused by it.'It is about time.' He thought. It had been two weeks since they had such an intimate activity and he was getting restless. He wanted her badly. Finally, he positioned himself.As soon as he pressed himself between her, a sharp pain caused Mu Lan to whimper. Her back injury hurt.[End of the restricted scene]"P-pain" Mu Lan's face turned blue in pain. She immediately came back to reality.Instantly, Mu Liang's movement halted and he glanced down at her expression. He had to stop at the most important moment and to control his desire he leaned over her left shoulder and then began to murmur something.Finding him still and unmoving and also murmuring something endlessly, Mu Lan's hazy mind gradually became clear. She softly asked, "What are you chanting?""Mantra, to control my desire" Mu Liang groaned as if he was in great pain. He quickly got off her and dashed towards the bathroom.Mu Lan soon heard the sound of shower. She looked at the ceiling and sighed. She took deep breaths slowly to calm herself down and felt sympathetic towards Mu Liang.'It must be hard for him to wait for so long and stop in the midst of it. Chanting Buddhist mantra to control his desire hhh'Mu Lan thought about it and couldn't help but feel that her heart was melting because of his kindness towards her. Mu Liang didn't want to give Mu Lan any more pain, so he had stopped at the most important point of a man's physical need. It was very hard for men to control at a time like this and he had controlled it just for Mu Lan.Mu Lan recalled their first time when he really cared about her pain so much that he almost stopped. If she didn't threaten him that night, they would still be virgins.'Looks like I'm the most important person to him before everything else he needs.'Mu Lan felt emotional while thinking that. A drop of tear fell from her eyes. Happiness filled her heart.A few minutes later, the shower turned off. Mu Lan realized that he was about to come out. She quickly took out her dress and underwear, and put them on.

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