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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 344: COME HERE AND GET IT

After Mu Lan went to the bathroom, Mu Liang chuckled in a low voice.'How can she go inside without even taking a towel?' He thought.Fifteen minutes later, Mu Lan was at a loss. She could hardly bath with a big scar on her back, and now she didn't even get a towel and also her clothes.With a bright red face, Mu Lan slowly opened the door of the bathroom and peeked inside the bedroom. She saw that Mu Liang was sitting on the bed and directly looking at her. He looked calm but his eyes were glittering like a mischievous boy. "Is there anything you need?" Mu Liang asked her with a deep voice. His tone was full of teasing.'Shameless! He knows exactly what I need.' Mu Lan's red face couldn't be more red. She was ashamed as well as angry at the same time."Can you get me a towel and a dress?" Mu Lan asked softly."I didn't hear you well. What did you just say?" What he said was half true. Her voice was indeed as small like a mosquito buzzing. However, Mu Liang could read her lips."Liang Liang, don't play with me." Mu Lan said like a spoilt child."I'm not playing with you." Mu Liang was still on the bed and didn't move his eyes away from her."I'm sure you can hear me out perfectly." Mu Lan said. Her voice was louder because she was mad."Because you are louder this time. Tell me loudly what you need." Mu Liang never got a chance to tease her after she left Paris. Now he was taking full advantage of it."Towel.. and dress" Mu Lan shyly averted her gaze.Mu Liang smiled and put his right hand behind him and took out her clothes and towel. He put it beside him and said calmly, "Come and get it.""Y-you!" Mu Lan was speechless. She froze on the spot."What? Do you want to stay naked and wet all night? Your friend is waiting for you to go downstairs to have dinner. If you are late, she may come here and if she sees you this way" Mu Liang intentionally trailed off.Mu Lan bit her lower lip and gave him a death glare. If stares could kill, Mu Liang would be slaughtered by now. But he seemed to be unaffected by her deathly glare.After deciding for a long time, she said, "Close your eyes."Mu Liang raised his right eye brow. He asked, "And why would I do that?""Because I'm coming out!" Mu Lan screamed in frustration."You can come out any time. What does it have to do with me closing my eyes?" Mu Liang acted nonchalant. However, he was actually enjoying her fuming with rage."Because I'm n-n-naked." Mu Lan stuttered.Looking at her embarrassed face, Mu Liang tried hard to hide his smile. He was afraid that if Mu Lan were to see his smile, she wouldn't talk to him for a while. "I have seen every part of your body. Which part of your body is new to me that you are feeling so shy and you don't want to show it to me?""Can you be less shameless?! I can't believe you just said it loudly!" Mu Lan didn't know what to say at his shamelessness."Wifey, I can say many shameless things loudly. It's just that I never said them before. Why don't I start right now?" Mu Liang seemed like he about to start something more embarrassing."Stop! I'm coming out. But don't blame me for what happens next as a result." Mu Lan glared at him with her red eyes which was threating at the same time.Mu Liang gave a smirk. His white shirt was half unbuttoned and he was lazily sitting on the bed. He looked 'oh so good'.Mu Lan couldn't glance at him feeling that her own body was getting hotter. She lowered her head and slowly stretched her right leg outside the bathroom. With her left hand she hid her breasts and with her right hand she hid her south part. Her whole body was wet, top to bottom. Water dripped from her hair and drops of water were covering her pinkish white skin. They glittered in the yellow light, making her body extra attractive.'Oh, it wasn't a good idea, after all.' Mu Liang thought as his mouth was dry. He gulped down a mouthful saliva and his heated gaze danced around her body. His blood was boiling and his south part was getting rather active after two weeks.Mu Lan's heart raced faster and she didn't dare to look at Mu Liang's eyes. She could already feel his burning gaze.Suddenly, both of them felt that the temperature of the room rose gradually. The clock was loudly saying 'tick tock tick tock'. Time was passing slowly.Mu Lan steadily came closer to the bed where Mu Liang was sitting. She crossed her legs to hide a certain part and stretched her right hand to get the clothes.Just as Mu Lan touched the towel, at that moment, Mu Liang grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. Mu Lan didn't get the time to gasp in surprise, before that, her mouth was sealed with a hungry kiss.------In the dining room Qi Ying and Mu Feng were waiting for the older couple.Impatiently, Qi Ying glanced at the clock. She was waiting for Mu Lan to come down. She didn't have anyone to talk to. Yan Su was taking care of Xue Lin and Mu Feng wouldn't let Qi Ying go out without any specific reason till he found out the real culprit behind that serial killer.Now that Mu Lan came, she couldn't wait to chat with her. When Qi Ying glanced at the clock for the fourth time, Mu Feng said, "I think we should start eating. I can't wait any longer.""Why is she so late? She is never late." Qi Ying said in a rather surprised tone.Mu Feng sighed and said, "It's not her. It's him."

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