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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 343: LET ME WARM YOUR BATHTUB

After torturing their employees, Mu Liang and Mu Lan finished their lunch. Then the Mu couple went upstairs to the helipad where Mu Liang's helicopter was on stand-by. The helicopter took them to the airport where their private plane was waiting for them.Mu Liang's private plane was amazing. It was the first time she was able to see what was inside. Last time, when she was in the plane, she was unconscious. This time she could see that there was a bedroom attached with a private bathroom. High technology and modern facilities were here.There was a thick carpet underneath and the sofa and bed were soft like clouds. Mu Liang took Mu Lan to the bedroom and made sure that she laid down there and closed her eyes.After her adventure in a foreign country, Mu Lan was already worn out. Soon she fell asleep. Mu Liang noticed her regular breathing. Then he took off her clothes and examined all her injuries.The scars on her body weren't as hideous as the scar on her back. The small scars were fading away. The deep scar at the back only needed time to heal.'Her injuries must be internal.' Mu Liang thought. His eyes were filled with worry. He couldn't imagine how much it hurt her. Mu Liang leaned down and planted light kisses on all the scars in her body and then put on her clothes and afterwards tugged the quilt around her. He kissed her forehead and watched her sleep peacefully. Soon he also dozed off.-----The plane arrived at Paris in no time. Mu Liang and Mu Lan went to the Mu Mansion and stayed at the third floor. Mu Liang said, "As long as your injuries don't get healed, we are staying here."Everyone welcomed them with warm greetings at the Mu mansion. Even Mu Feng and Qi Ying were also there. After that incident, Mu Feng didn't let go of Qi Ying and took her with him to the mansion. Both of them were worried about Mu Lan since they knew nothing about Mu Lan's whereabouts."Sister Lan Lan, I'm so glad that you are okay." Mu Feng came to the entrance of the mansion and nearly hugged Mu Lan, before he was pushed away."She isn't close to you 'all right'. If it wasn't for your stupidity, she wouldn't have to go through so much of pain." Mu Liang said coldly. He was the one who pushed his brother away."What are you talking about? Sister Lan Lan is all good. And of course it wasn't my stupidity. How would I know that some junkies would plan beforehand to hurt her? We were also victims. Not to mention Ying was also poisoned." Mu Feng defended himself."Oh, I almost forgot about Xiao Ying. How is she?" Mu Lan remembered that her friend was poisoned. "Xiao Lan, you are back." A timid voice called out.Mu Lan glanced at the stairs and saw that Qi Ying was coming downstairs hurriedly. She was excited to see Mu Lan and tried to conceal her excitement."Ying, you can't hurry up like this. You are still weak. What will happen if you fall down and get sick again?" Mu Feng worriedly said while walking quickly towards her and helped her to come down."I-I'm not weak. I just came to see Xiao Lan." Qi Ying glanced at Mu Lan.Mu Lan smiled at her and hugged her lightly. "I'm glad that you are okay." She said."I'm glad to see you again too." Qi Ying answered almost like a whisper. "I-I'm sorry, because of me" She began to apologize."All right, stop there girl!" Mu Lan stopped her. Everyone knew that it wasn't Qi Ying's fault but still Qi Ying blamed herself for everything. "You didn't poison yourself. So it's not your fault."Qi Ying's eyes welled up. She said, "Xiao Lin is hospitalized.""What are you talking about?" Mu Lan got serious."Get changed first. While having dinner, you two can talk." Mu Liang interrupted and glared at Mu Feng to warn him to stop his girlfriend.Mu Feng also didn't want to bring it up right now. He said tenderly, "Ying, let sister get a bath. Then you two can gossip. Let's go for now." Mu Feng took Qi Ying upstairs and Mu Liang and Mu Lan followed them. After Mu Lan went inside the room, she asked Mu Liang, "What are you hiding from me?"Mu Liang looked at her steadily and asked her back calmly, "Is there something I need to hide from you?"Mu Lan protested, "Then why didn't you tell me that Xue Lin is hospitalized?" After she fell down from the hilly track, she had no clue about what happened to her friends. She almost forgot that Qi Ying was poisoned."If I told you that, would she be cured?" Mu Liang asked her. His voice was still as calm as ever.Mu Lan bit her lower lip and refused to acknowledge his statement. She knew that he was trying to be protective but still she thought that Mu Liang should have told her everything he knew. She asked worriedly, "What happened to her?""You will find it out tomorrow when you go to the hospital. Don't worry, she is getting the best treatment. Go and have bath first." Mu Liang paused before closing in to Mu Lan's left ear and continued in a husky voice, "Or you want me to join you?"Mu Lan's face burnt. It had been a while since they were intimate. She pushed him away and hurriedly said, "You don't have to. I'm going for a bath.""Let me warm your bathtub." He walked towards the bathroom."No need! I can do it myself." Mu Lan walked past him and went to the bathroom and clicked the door lock. She knew very well that if Mu Liang would enter, he wouldn't get out at least before an hour and Mu Lan would be experiencing close to death.

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