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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 342: GRANDMA BECAME YOUNG WOMAN

"I missed you." Mu Lan said.Mu Liang's heart filled with warmth. He asked, "Did you? I thought you like your adventure more than you love me."Mu Lan felt somewhat guilty. However, since Mu Liang had no desire to tell her about her past, she had to find out everything by herself.She answered, "I wanted to have some fun."Mu Liang stroked her hair and said, "I was worried.""I had sent you a birthday gift." Mu Lan said. Before she took the decision to visit the cities all by herself, she put herself in Mu Liang's shoe and she knew that she would make them all worried, but she couldn't let go of such an opportunity. "How can that be enough? And what about your injuries? How did you think of going on an adventure with wounds everywhere?" Mu Liang worriedly glanced all over her body, trying to check if she was still bleeding or not.Mu Lan was wearing a navy blue solid sweater dress and navy blue winter boots. Her hair was hanging on her back. Her face was simple yet flawless. Her eyes were as bright as ever. With one glance Mu Liang realized that she had got thinner. There were still a few scratches on her legs and hands.Mu Liang felt that his heart hurt.Mu Lan tried to reassure him, "I took all the medicine in the meantime and I'm recovering very fast. You are worrying too much. When we get back to Paris, I'll meet Dr. Lu Feng and of course I'll take the medicine he prescribes."Mu Liang raised his eye brows. He could hardly believe that after she was done with this course of medicine, she would take another one. If she did, Mu Liang would admit that he didn't know her better. He asked, "Are you sure?""I'm sure. I'll take all the medicine he will give me. Now give me some kisses. I missed your kisses." Mu Lan said while tip toeing. She skillfully changed the subject and acted willful. Would she really try to take medicine after this course ended? Never!Mu Liang chuckled as he could tell what was going on in her mind. He bent down and kissed her soft, rosy lips. He wanted to give her light kisses, but, after he tasted her softness and heard her moans, he lost his control.After a while, Mu Lan couldn't take it anymore, since she hadn't completely recovered. She felt pain on her back and she said aloud, "Liang, it hurts!"Mu Liang's rationality came back and he immediately let go of her. He panted together with her and controlled his desire. Then he asked, "Where does it hurt?" He tried not to look at her desirable expression."On my back." Mu Lan was breathless and she tried to take in as much oxygen as she could. Mu Liang carried her to the sofa and then put her down on his lap while he sat down. After that he unzipped her dress. Mu Lan didn't get a chance to stop him and he saw a scar on her back.Mu Liang's expression became terrible as soon as he saw the scar. It seemed that it didn't heal yet. Just then he felt that he shouldn't have let Li Sheng and his secretary go away just just by killing their loved ones. He was too merciful.Mu Lan could feel his chilling aura coming from behind. She sighed and said, "Don't worry. It will fade away soon." Her voice was extra gentle.Mu Liang didn't care about her scar. He cared about how much pain she had to go through because of someone's selfish desire. He leaned over and kissed her scar. Then he asked, "Did it hurt a lot?"Mu Lan "." She definitely didn't want to answer this question right at this moment.Mu Liang took her silence as 'yes'. He hugged her from behind and put down his head on her right shoulder. He whispered, "I'm sorry that I couldn't save you beforehand."Mu Lan felt suffocated when she heard how painful he sounded. She said, "I won't forgive you."Mu Liang's body became stiff. He asked rigidly, "What should I do to make you forgive me?""Cook a meal for me every month from now on. I will forgive you then." Her voice was so serious that Mu Liang couldn't help but smile.Mu Liang put aside his sadness and guiltiness and said, "Alright. I'll cook your favorite food every month from now on. Are you hungry right now?"Mu Lan wasn't particularly hungry. However, she wanted to change the topic. She said, "I would like to have lunch."Mu Liang zipped back her dress and said, "Let's have lunch then. We have to catch a flight."Mu Lan turned around to look at the man behind her. "Are we leaving today?" She asked."Yes. I want you to be treated by Lu Feng." Mu Liang answered.Mu Lan nodded and didn't argue with him. She also had some things she wanted to discuss with Lu Feng. Both of them went to the office cafeteria downstairs. The employees of the Mu Corporation didn't know what to say. They saw a grandma going inside their boss's room and that grandma magically became young and came downstairs to have lunch with their boss.Last year, boss brought out a sleeping woman in his arms and didn't let others see her face. This time, they saw a grandma having lunch with him who turned out to be a young woman.What else they had to see in future?Looking at the beautiful couple having lunch and feed each other, the eyes of the employees who were present burnt. The couple looked like they were in their own world. The employees couldn't eat anymore food. Their stomachs were filled with enough dog food.'Can't they control a bit? At least they should think of the maidens' hearts who were heartbroken right now.' That's all they could think of.

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