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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 341: HAVE YOU PLAYED ENOUGH

Mu Liang hugged the girl closer to him. He closed his eyes and felt her warmth in his body. The winter morning couldn't be warmer than today.He had missed her for so long. Even though he was hiding himself from her so that she could have fun, he wanted to hug her, kiss her, hold her in his arms while they were sleeping and all sorts of things. But he controlled himself.And now she was here in his arms, hugging him tightly, trying to calm herself down while smelling his manly, mesmerizing odor.Mu Liang tried to calm his racing heart. He buried his face at the crook of her neck and smelt her vanilla scent till he felt content. Then he rubbed his lips on her right ear, making her bury her head deeper in his muscled chest."Have you played enough?" He asked her with his deep voice.-----Mu Lan also missed him so much that when he entered the room, she pounced over him like a hungry wolf. She hugged him tighter than she actually planned on hugging. Then she realized how much she had missed this man standing in front of her right now.It had been two weeks since she saw him the last time. While she was in Torgau, she kept thinking of him. She knew that Mu Liang would go crazy if he couldn't find her. She also had a firm belief that he would find her even if she was hidden in the depths of hell.If she hadn't seen the morse code in the middle of the night before she escaped, she wouldn't know that even Mu Liang was planning on something.Apparently Mu Liang found out that she was in the master bedroom and when he got the news that Klaus was heading towards Torgau, he sent a morse code to Mu Lan with a torch light. He wasn't hundred percent sure if she had seen the code, he still tried.That night, after Mu Lan saw the code, she was so excited that she couldn't sleep. She had already planned an escape route and pretended to be fast asleep in the morning when Andreas Wagner came. After he left, she hurriedly began to get ready and then fled from there according to the way she had planned.Even though she wished to meet Mu Liang sooner, she couldn't let go of the opportunity to regain her memory. She hacked the information from the Online Game Department of Mu Corporation in Paris using the laptop she had bought. Apparently she got to know that they had taken the winners of the competition on sightseeing. As and when she went to different cities, she tried to remember.Unfortunately, she did find everything familiar but she couldn't recall anything. Nevertheless, she didn't want to give up. She hacked the security systems of some museums and library thinking that she would definitely like books and science before she lost her memory.Fortunately, this time she succeed. She found herself in the footages of four years ago. She found her face very nostalgic and cried a few times thinking that at last, she got to see how she looked like before she lost her memory.Mu Lan saw what a tomboy she was. She was friendly with her teammates. She was always excited to see new things and spent most of her time at the library; sometimes even for hours. She also noticed that her outfits were cheaper than others. She looked exactly like how Xue Lin is right now.'Was I really that poor?' She wondered. Her younger brother was having good times yet she was poor. She didn't know what to conclude from it as she could not remember anything about her past.At that time, she did wish that if Mu Liang was before her, she would hug him for reassurance. Whenever she was with him, she would feel relaxed. She could do whatever she wanted because she knew that someone was there to constantly protect her. From the past few days she was excited, at the same time, she was sad when she realized that her past wasn't the way as she had thought it was. She was talented but still, she was merely surviving in her previous life. Her bright smile was to only show others that she was alright, she was happy.Wasn't she the same even after she recovered from her coma? She didn't let them realize what she was feeling. She hid all her inner fears and insecurities with her bright smile.She fooled everyone with her smile.She was really good at acting, isn't it?Then little by little, she began to fall for the guy who actually showed her sincerity. At first, she was afraid to do so and she didn't think herself to be compatible with him at all.When she was taken away by Major Ru Xin, she thought that it was the end of her life. Even then, her heart silently waited for Mu Liang to rescue her. She never thought that she would see him again.Mu Lan's resolve to be with Mu Liang became stronger when she was safely rescued and taken to the Mu Mansion. This time she realized that she would be a fool if she let this man go.Then Mu Liang ignored her, making her feel restless. Finally, Xue Lin made her realize that she was head over heels in love with Mu Liang.And now after two weeks of not seeing each other, her wounds which were being created in her heart by knowing a little bit about her past, seemed to be healed little by little here in Berlin when she pounced into his embrace.'Maybe this is how love works. When they are close to the people they love, all their pains and sufferings get blown away with the wind. Love works like a magic wand, isn't it? I can't let him go at any cost.' Mu Lan thought as a beautiful smile brightened her expression.When she heard Mu Liang's question, she nuzzled her nose and replied softly, "Hmm. I missed you."

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