Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 340: AFTERMATH

Klaus Mayer, the Vice President of Mu Corporation, Germany, was from a poor family. Because of his talent he got a scholarship and studied in a prestigious school. He was a very hard worker and he worked hard only to have a better life. He never had any high ambition in his life. Until he found someone for whom he had to have the best life.During his school days, he met a girl who would sit next to his desk, who respected him and always followed him around. She was beautiful, elegant, talkative and lovable. Klaus couldn't stop himself from falling in love with her. However, he couldn't bring himself to confess to her and the reason was, she was rich and he was poor, they had a huge wall between them.Therefore, Klaus promised to work hard and when he would get to a certain point, he had wished to propose to her.But all his plans went upside down when he got her wedding invitation. He felt that his heart was almost ripped apart.Three years later, he got a news from his boss that her husband was holding his lady boss. Klaus couldn't tolerate it and he took action.When Klaus thought that she finally came back to his life, that time, Blair was snatched away from his arms once again by the person he disliked the most.After Blair got kidnapped, her father called Klaus and told him that he was threatened not to inform the police or any private detective.Klaus Mayer wasn't the Vice President of Mu Corporation for nothing. He hired a private detective organization which wasn't attached to Andreas Wagner.When Klaus reached the place where Blair was held captive, Blair's father had almost signed the forty percent share of Wagner Group of Industries.The rest of the story is history.The gang was caught, they pointed out Andreas Wagner. Before Andreas could go to jail, he was bailed out. But that wasn't the end.Blair's father forced Andreas Wagner to sign the divorce paper. Andreas had no other choice but to sign the divorce papers. Klaus and Blair officially started dating and they planned on marrying at the end of the month.Blair gave all her shares of Wagner Group of Industries to Klaus. As a result, he became the biggest shareholder in this company. On the other hand, Andreas Wagner had just thirty eight percent shares.Klaus called for a meeting of all the shareholders of Wagner Group of Industries. Since he got the majority of the shares, he was chosen to be the President of Wagner Group of Industries.However, Klaus didn't take the position. He instead made Andreas as the acting president.It was the biggest humiliation for Andres Wagner.------Meanwhile, Mu Lan was typing something on her laptop. She found out that before she lost her memory, four years ago, she had visited Saale, Magdeburg, Potsdam. While visiting those cities, Mu Lan tried to recall her memory and also looked for more clues. Soon it was the 24th of January and Mu Lan arrived at Berlin.At the Mu Corporation in Berlin, Mu Liang was in a meeting. He got back here a day ago.In the brief time before lunch, his secretary came up to him and said, "Boss, an old woman has come to meet you. She is in the lobby."Mu Liang's heart raced. He said, "Take her to my office. There is a packet on my desk. Give it to her. I'll go there shortly."The secretary thought that she had heard him wrong. But Mu Liang didn't give her any further instruction.After the meeting, when Mu Liang went to his office room, as he opened the door, someone jumped into his arms.

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