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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 339: GRANDMA'S WISH

The code in the letter was: Mu Lan was having a *great adventure*, it was better if no one disturbed her. On 20th January Mu Liang got the card, so as Mu Liang's birthday wasn't on *24th January*, which only meant that Mu Lan would meet him in *Berlin* on 24th January. And with *family* she meant at the Mu Corporation.In the letter 'Handsome', 'greatest adventure', '24th January', 'Berlin', 'family' they were all the key words. It was easy to understand.'You were hoping for an adventure, weren't you?' A doting expression flashed in Mu Liang's mind.From the time, Mu Lan escaped from the villa, Mu Liang was following her. He was standing at the corner and waiting for Klaus Mayer and Mu Lan to get out of that place. Surprisingly, he saw a short man leave the villa. Judging by the clothes and heights, the person was very suspicious. But the moment Mu Liang saw that figure, he instantly knew who it was. His heart leapt up with joy. At that moment, he wanted to hug her tightly in his mind. However, he stopped himself from doing so. He was curious to know what Mu Lan was planning to do.After Mu Lan took the money, she went to a narrow road. Mu Liang was following her from a distance. Then he saw her take off Andreas's clothes and then she wore Blair's clothes at the corner. After that she walked away as if nothing happened.Mu Liang controlled his laughter and when he realized that she wasn't in danger anymore, he sent a text 'Leave' to Mu Corporation's Vice President Klaus Mayer. After that wherever she went, he followed her. If he wasn't sure about her height, he would never recognize her as she came out of the public toilet as a grandma.'What an adorable grandma.' Mu Liang chuckled in a deep voice.When Mu Lan left Nordsachsen, Mu Liang also hired a cab and followed her to Leipzig. There he bought a simple car which wasn't very eye-catching. He stayed in the building next to Mu Lan's.The next day, Mu Liang followed her to Saale. Here too he took the room next to Mu Lan's. He was planning to meet her at night. Just as he was about to leave, his secretary back in Germany called him to tell about a gift.Mu Liang read the whole letter and then talked to himself, "Looks like I have to let her have a great adventure. Well, it doesn't mean that I cannot join without her noticing."Four days! he didn't want to wait again. However, his wifey asked for something to him. How could he not give her what she wished?Being assured that Mu Lan was right next to his house, Mu Liang fell asleep.The next day, Grandma Mu Lan visited Saale city. She went to Halloren Chocolate Factory, the oldest German chocolate factory, and then Giebichenstein Castle, Moritzburg, a newer castle and Market Church of St. Mary.The tourist guides, guards and other visitors were very considerate towards this energetic grandma. From the corner, Mu Liang only smiled. He was smiling from the past few days and he kept smiling thinking that he couldn't have enough of her. She was just too perfect. He wondered why she didn't go to the showbiz when she had her memory.While Mu Lan and Mu Liang were sightseeing, Andreas Wagner's secretary Jonas Fischer was having a nightmare. After he got a call from Berlin, he flew right away What about Mu Lan? He totally forgot about her. That suspicious small man who was wearing Andreas's clothes took the money and vanished in the air without a trace. When Jonas went to look for her, he got an emergency call from the office. Meanwhile, The Vice President of Mu Corporation in Germany, Klaus Mayer took Blair Wagner to his house and they began to live together. Blair's father heard the news and barged to the Mu Corporation.Klaus Mayer called Blair to visit the office and there Blair talked to her father about what happened in Torgau while simultaneously crying loudly. Then she proposed to her father that she wished to marry Klaus.Looking at his daughter's miserable condition, Blair's father was in a rage. He immediately called his lawyer and ordered him to prepare a divorce paper.When Andreas Wagner got the divorce paper, he simply pretended that his wife got it all wrong. It was a married patient that he had helped and also took care of her treatment. However, as Blair's father wanted to see that girl, Andreas couldn't bring Mu Lan. He hired a third rated actress to put up an act as the patient he was taking care of.At that time, Klaus Mayer sent an envelope to Blair's father as he was instructed by Mu Liang. Inside the envelope, there was the evidence of Andreas taking a Chinese woman to his house and that woman escaped because of Andreas's possessiveness over someone else's wife. As a result, Andreas Wagner was found guilty and he was being forced to sign the divorce papers because Blair's father threatened him with the forty percent shares. There was no way Andreas would let it go this easily. He lost Mu Lan and now he had to let go of the forty percent shares too?Andreas Wagner hired a few men to take Blair away. After she was kidnapped, he sent a letter to Blair's father. Her father rushed there after he received the threating letter. It was a hideout for local drunkards. Seeing that his precious daughter had been taken captive by some drunkards who weren't decent at all, Blair's father lost his cool. "Do you know what you are doing? I'll call the police!" He threatened them again and again, till his mouth was dry.Before he could finish, he saw that his daughter was being humiliated by those guys. When he couldn't take it anymore, the fire within his heart was gone and he practically begged those men to let his daughter go. Would those men let her go that easily?

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