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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 338: YOUR DARLING GRANDMA

Meanwhile, in the villa in Torgau, Andreas cleared his head and drank a glass of water. After that, he glanced at the tea table and was startled.'Where is my laptop?' He thought. As soon as he found out that his laptop had disappeared along with Mu Lan, he took his cell phone to track his laptop. There was still a tiny hope that he could trace Mu Lan. He still didn't get why she would take his laptop.When he unlocked his cell phone, he saw a text from the bank. It said that he took fifty thousand euro fifteen minutes ago.Andreas was left utterly speechless. 'When did I do that?'Even though fifty thousand was nothing to him, he was sure how someone took his money without his permission and of course had cracked his pin code as well. At that time, he thought of Mu Lan. But he immediately brushed off that idea.'Huh, that's impossible. She can't even get out of the gate, how can she do that?'He unlocked the security system of his cell phone and tracked his laptop. Seeing it near the gate, a smile appeared on Andreas Wagner's mouth.'So there you are.' He was blissful.However, God was against him today. Just then, Jonas Fischer came with a pale face. He said, "B-boss, we got your laptop near the gate. Miss Lan is nowhere to be found. I-I think she cracked the code and went out."Andreas looked at his secretary with a dumbfounded look. Then he smirked while saying, "Then you think that she, an artist, knows how to hack the surveillance system?" After a minute of silence he said, "Check the security cameras and search from which ATM booth she took money. Find her at any cost.""B-but your wife-" Jonas was really worried about Blair Wagner."I'll call her and make sure that she comes home tonight." Andreas got out of the sofa and walked away. His expression wasn't amusing anymore.-----When Mu Lan got the money, she removed the traces of her fingerprints and cut the credit card into two pieces with her Swiss Army Knife. It was a gift from Mu Feng. She never thought that she would use it here.After that, she left the booth and walked on the narrow roads with no security cameras. Then, she took off Andreas overcoat, cap and winter boots and put on Blair's overcoat, cap, muffler, gloves, heels and sunglasses.She put her passport, medicine and other stuffs of her in a small plastic bag and walked out of the narrow street. In the snowy morning, she walked towards the shopping mall and bought a notepad, winter clothes for an old woman, bag, makeup, wig and red car with remote control for children.Afterwards, she went to a public toilet and changed into an old woman's clothes. She drew some age lines on her face using the makeup and put on the wig. Later, she took out the car and remote control from the box and put her notepad and other stuffs in the box.After she got out of the public toilet, she looked like a seventy year old woman who was going to visit her grandson with a red car with remote control. Anyone who looked at her would find her as a very lovable grandma. No one doubted her. When Mu Lan's stomach growled in protest, she realized that it was noon already. She then went to the nearest restaurant filled her stomach. She didn't forget to take her medicine. Later on, she hired a taxi and left Nordsachsen and went to Leipzig. Torgau is a municipal association at Nordsachen in Saxony in Germany. Saxony, officially the Free State of Saxony is a landlocked federal state of Germany. Its capital is Dresden, and its largest city is Leipzig.At Leipzig, Mu Lan went to a gift shop and bought a birthday card with a teddy bear. She wrote a birthday wish to her 'grandson' which made the owner of the gift shop touched and along with the teddy bear, she couriered it to the Mu Corporation, Berlin under Mu Liang's name.In the evening, Mu Lan went to a rustic place and rented a third class room for a month. The next day, early in the morning, she left the house room??? and had her breakfast in a nearby restaurant. Then she hired a cab and went to the next city to Saale. There she stayed for two nights.She thought of Mu Liang. 'Did he get my message?' She wondered before she fell asleep.------At the same time, Mu Liang was smiling while he was looking at the screen of his cell phone. An hour ago, his secretary from Mu Corporation in Berlin had called him."Sir, there is a weird birthday gift sent to you. I received it just a few minutes ago. I'm not sure if I should keep it or discard it." The female secretary was beyond words.Mu Liang frowned and asked, "Who sent it?""The sender is y-your grandma." The secretary replied.Mu Liang raised his right eyebrow. His grandma really adored him, but birthday gifts? Also when it wasn't even his birthday in the first place?Then he remembered a certain grandma and suddenly got curious. He said, "Open the gift and send the picture to me. Don't leave a single detail. After I come back, I want to see it on my desk."The secretary was dumbstruck. 'What is wrong with my boss?' She wondered. But she didn't voice her thoughts and said, "Okay boss." Then she hurriedly hung up.Soon Mu Liang got the photos of his 'birthday gift'.It was an adorable small teddy bear with a birthday card. There was a beautiful message written in there. It said-'My Handsome young fellow, (Mu Liang raised his right eyebrow)You are the sweetest person in the world. I wish you the greatest adventurous birthday. I know that your birthday is on 24th January, but I couldn't help myself and gave your birthday present beforehand. Spend your days in Berlin with your family. I'll join you any time.I love you the most.Your Darling grandma'

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