Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 337: ESCAPING

When Blair opened the door of the bedroom, Jonas Fischer, who was standing beside Andreas Wagner's heart leapt to his throat. However, the moment he saw the scene inside the bedroom, he was dumbfounded.The room was empty. Mu Lan was nowhere in the room.Blair stumbled upon seeing the empty room too. Andreas also almost had a similar feeling.Blair came towards the bedroom and her eyes became sharper. She took the small packet from the middle of the bed and saw the label. It was the same pregnancy kit she had used. Blair looked at her husband and asked in a quivered voice, "Honey, care to explain this?"Andreas thought that he was watching a nightmare. He never bought a pregnancy kit for Mu Lan. His doctor also never said that she was even pregnant. Even if she was, she would have had a miscarriage after that incident.However, the real nightmare was yet to come.Andreas opened his mouth to say, "Dear, it is not what you think it is-"He couldn't even finish what he started, Blair looked around the room and found a nightgown which didn't belong to her. She opened the closet and searched through everything. Her three diamond sets were intact. She had so many clothes there, so she didn't know what was missing.She opened the door of the bathroom and saw a new pair of brush and other girly stuffs which she had never used. Everything in there were branded items, and Blair could understand that her husband spent quite some money on that woman. On the contrary, the wife herself never got a chance to expend so much money from what her husband earned.Blair Wagner was crying as tears ran down her cheek. She glanced at Andreas and asked, "Why don't you explain everything that I'm seeing right now? Where are you hiding her?"There was a storm blowing inside Andreas's head. He was thinking, 'Where did she go? The door was closed. No one entered or left the room. Her medicine was also gone.'Blair saw that her husband was in a daze. He didn't answer. She was wailing loudly this time and left the room. Jonas and a maid called out to her but she didn't listen. She met Klaus Mayer in the drawing room and pounced on him saying, "I don't want to stay here. I want to leave. Take me away."Klaus Mayer thought that he would meet his Madam. 'But, why was Blair alone?' He patted her back and asked her calmly, "What did you see?""Traces of a woman." Blair didn't want to explain further.How would Klaus leave without his Madam with him. He asked again, "Didn't you see any girl?""No. No one is there. Let's go! What are we waiting for?" Blair cried harder.Klaus Mayer hesitated, before his cell phone chimed. He looked at the screen and saw that his boss had texted him.'Leave.'A simple text, 'Leave', left Klaus confused. 'Leave? Doesn't he want me to bring Madam back? Or maybe she is already out?'He didn't think much and took Blair with him out of the villa.-------When Andreas realized what just happened, his expression turned weird. He smirked and thought, 'That girl set me up? Nice move.'He glanced at his secretary and said, "Find her at any cost."Jonas said, "B-but Madam-"Andreas interrupted, "Let her be. My first priority right now is Mu Lan. I'll give you five minutes. Call the airport and make sure that she cannot leave the city." "Okay, boss." Jonas left.Andreas sat on the sofa and thought, 'You are so clever. No wonder he is crazy about you. But you can only be mine.'He was yet to notice that his laptop was missing.-----When Mu Lan saw that Andreas was leaving the bedroom, she immediately got out of the bed and brushed her teeth in a minute. Andreas bought her some clothes to wear in the house. She changed into them and put on an overcoat and wore Andreas's cap. She didn't forget to wear his winter boots. Mu Lan was shorter than him, so she looked odd after she wore them. Still, she didn't have any other choice. If she wore his wife's dress, she could be easily caught by Andreas's men sooner. Disguising herself in a man's dress would be easier for her to escape.Mu Lan saw Andreas take his debit card from the wardrobe last time. She opened the wardrobe and found a debit card. Just then, she noticed a few pregnancy kits.'Didn't you try to flirt with me, you womanizer? Now take that.' She took a pregnancy kit and threw it on the bed. 'Let's see how you can hold on to your marriage life.'After that, she glanced at his laptop which was turned on. Her face beamed. In a minute, she found out the pin details of Andreas's debit card.Afterwards, she didn't wait for a second. She took her passport, debit card, medicine and her stuffs from the other closet. She put them in Andreas's leather bag. She didn't forget to take his laptop along with her. She got off through the balcony. Going down from second floor to the first floor wasn't hard for her. Except that her injuries which were yet to heal up fully, hurt her but she endured the pain.After she came down, she hacked the security system. When she got closer to the gate through the bushes, she used the laptop for the last time to crack the security code of the gate. After the gate was opened, she removed her fingerprints from the laptop and left the villa after leaving the laptop behind. She didn't look back even once.She took twenty five minutes to get out of the prison. At that time, Andreas, his wife and Klaus Mayer were busy having their delicious breakfast.After she got out of the villa, she breathed in the snowy smell. She smelt freedom. She didn't wait there for a single second. She walked towards the nearest ATM and took fifty thousand euro from Andreas's account.

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