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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 336: MISSUS IS HERE

As Mu Liang expected, Vice President Klaus Mayer and Blair Wagner reached Torgau in the morning. They straight away went to the villa where Andreas Wagner was.Blair Wagner didn't tell anyone beforehand. When they reached the gate, she called the maid to open the door.The maid was so terrified and didn't know what to do. She again went straight to the master bedroom and knocked the door with a force.Andreas was working on the sofa with his laptop. Hearing the loud bang on the door, he frowned and went forward to open the door."Why are you banging the door?" He asked as he frowned. He didn't want to wake up Mu Lan due to the sound."Master, missus is here. She told me to open the gate." The maid said nervously. She was sure that she was about to get fired.Andreas Wagner's expression changed. He was certain that it was Mu Liang's idea. He gritted his teeth in rage. But at first, he had to do something about his wife. He couldn't lose her. He hadn't got her forty percent share of the company yet.Andreas Wagner looked back to see if Mu Lan was still sleeping. Checking on her one last time, he left the room.After the door closed, Mu Lan opened her eyes. She heard everything. She smirked knowing very well whose idea it was.Andreas Wagner gracefully came downstairs and went outside the villa. He personally opened the gated and wished to greet his wife.Soon, he opened the gate and saw a handsome fellow beside his wife. Of course he knew it was his rival in business. He also knew that his rival in business was his wife's secret crush.Secret crush wasn't a secret anymore. It was an open secret, because Andreas Wagner's gorgeous wife didn't know how to hide her feelings. Before he decided to marry her, he checked her history thoroughly. He knew everything about his wife. He also knew when she was trying to be good in bed, she would subconsciously call out her secret crush's name. It wasn't new to him. He had every reason not to fall for her, and get close to other women behind her back. Andreas Wagner put a graceful smile and talked to his wife, "What a pleasant surprise! I never thought that my wife would be here to see me. Did you miss me so much that you came such a long way just to see me?"Seeing his innocent smile, Blair Wagner felt guilty. She thought that she shouldn't have doubted her husband like that. She forced a smile as she looked at Andreas Wagner. "I was planning to see you and met Mr. Mayer on the way. So I invited him over."Blair wasn't good at lying. Her husband could see through everything.Andreas then glanced at Klaus Mayer and smiled friendly. "I certainly wasn't expecting Mr. Mayer would be here. What a coincidence that you two met on the way! How was it possible? Did one of you was walking in the road in the middle night?" His eyes flashed. He didn't leave a chance to catch the loophole. As long as they don't bother his vacation with his honey pie, he was happy.Hearing what he said, Blair Wagner's face turned red with embarrassment. However, Klaus Mayer didn't feel embarrassed at all. He calmly said, "Good day to you, Mr. Wagner. Coincidently, I met your wife at a bar last night, and we were talking about how wonderful you are as a husband. Then Mrs. Wagner started to miss you and felt lonely. I was about to come here for work, so I offered her a lift. I hope that it wouldn't leave a misunderstanding between you two."Andreas Wagner almost twisted his mouth. He smiled and said, "I'm so sorry for the lack of my consideration. Please come inside. I was hoping to have breakfast. Let's enjoy it together."Andreas Wagner invited them in a friendly gesture. Feeling guilty, Blair didn't go upstairs. The three of them had breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, bread, milk and fruit salad. While having breakfast Andreas Wagner and Klaus Mayer talked about business and Blair didn't talk even once.Andreas Wagner glanced at her. He said, "Dear, why aren't you eating much? Is the food not of your liking?"Blair was flustered and said, "I'm not feeling well after the long journey. I will go upstairs and take a bath."Before Andreas Wagner could say anything to her, Blair excused herself and went upstairs. There in the drawing room, she met her husband's secretary Jonas Fischer."Jonas!" Blair exclaimed. She wasn't expecting him to be here."Good morning, Madam. Do you want to go to your bedroom?" Jonas politely said."Yes. I want to have a bath." Blair said.Jonas replied with an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry to say that you have to use the guest room for now. When Mr. Wagner heard that you were here, he ordered the maids to clean the room thoroughly. He didn't want to embarrass himself."Blair felt even more embarrassed for doubting her husband. She said, "Oh, there was no need to do it. Actually, I'll leave after I'm done with breakfast. I have an appointment. I'll use the guest room then." She left.Jonas Fischer nearly had a heart attack. His heart was racing from the past two days because of that woman found in the river.After breakfast, Blair was about to leave, at that time, Klaus said, "You cannot leave without glancing the bedroom."Blair wanted to refuse but looking at his firm green eyes, she decided to go to the second floor once again. She wanted to leave, but she also knew that running away from the problem wouldn't solve anything.When she went to the second floor and met her husband in the drawing room."Is there something my wife wants to tell me?" Andreas Wagner smiled. He just came upstairs after breakfast.Blair hesitated before saying, "I need to get something personal from the bedroom." Saying that, she opened the door of the bedroom before Andreas could stop her.

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