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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 335: DIFFERENT MEANING

She wished to overcome her feelings for him as soon as possible. She was a woman of virtue. She couldn't harbor feelings for another man when she was already married. She tried to love her husband, took care of his health, served him well in bed, put a blind eye in his business. In spite of doing all sorts of things, she couldn't overcome her feelings for her secret crush.She had loved him for seven years. If he could earn a little bit more before her marriage, she wouldn't agree to marry the biggest playboy in Berlin. Because he was poor at that time, she couldn't make her father accept him. What a cruel destiny! Just after she got married, he became one of the biggest rival of her husband. How she regretted to marry her husband! If she had waited a little more...That's all past now. She couldn't do anything about it. Now she had to give all her concentration to her husband.Blair opened her mouth, "I know you more than anyone ever knows you. I will never doubt your character even for a single second. I just can't go with you. You see, I have a reputation that I have to hold onto. I can't just make my husband feel bad. He has a reputation too."The man eyed her. 'She has changed a lot in the past few years.' He thought. Then he asked, "And what would you do if your husband didn't even care about his reputation?"Blair looked at him with disbelief written all over her face. "What are you saying?" She asked suspiciously."What if I say that he took a woman to his villa in Torgau and kept her there secretly? His private doctor has been treating her lately. Why do you think?" The handsome man said. His green eyes flickered in the yellow light of the bar.Even though what that man said was all true, his way of speaking held another meaning. Surely, Blair's gorgeous face dramatically changed. "W-what are you saying?" She stuttered. "He could never!" She held the glass tightly.The man asked for her opinion, "Why don't you check it yourself? We all know what kind of a person he is. If he made a girl sick or something, why would he hide it from you? You two are married for three years. I thought, he even loved you a little." He stood up and continued, "You can deal with it in whatever way you please. I am not in any place to force you to do anything. I just wanted to tell you this because you are a good person. I have some works in Torgau. I'm leaving now"As he was about to leave, Blair grabbed his hand. "H-how did you get the information?" She asked. Her face was pale.The man glanced at her and felt bad seeing her expression. He asked her back, "Does it matter?"After biting her lower lip she said, "Take me with you. I'm not sure if I can handle it alone.""As you wish." The man said. He held her in his left arm protectively and took her out. They got inside his car and drove away.While he was driving, the man typed something on his cell phone and sent it to someone somewhere.------In Torgau, at a hotel, Mu Liang was passing another sleepless night. Suddenly, he heard his cell phone chime. He immediately looked at the text and sighed. Then he went to bed and tried to sleep.'Wait for tomorrow. I'll teach you how to play games.' He thought in his mind.This early morning, when Mu Liang went to Andreas Wagner's villa, he was sure that Mu Lan was in the bedroom. However, when Andreas Wagner didn't let him go through, Mu Liang had a sudden urge to destroy him. He even planned it then and there.There were many ways to destroy this wealthy man. Law would be at his side, so Mu Liang didn't need to bother police for it. He couldn't take his team to handle it, because that would break the rules of the underworld. He created the rules, he couldn't break them, it would bring chaos.There is no way he would let the media know about it. The last thing he wanted was to let those 'Chinese' know the fact that she was alive, and take her back when she didn't know who her enemy was.The thing which would be effective was taking Andreas Wagner's wife Blair Wagner on his side. If she got to know that her husband was cheating on her, she would never let him take her forty percent shares.Thinking about it, Mu Liang left Andreas Wagner's villa. He knew that Andreas Wagner wouldn't do anything to an injured person. So he took the bait.As soon as Mu Liang was out of the villa, he asked his team to find out more information regarding Blare Wagner. In fifteen minutes, he got all the information he needed. Surprisingly, he found out an interesting story. Blair had a secret crush on a man who was working under Mu Liang in Mu Corporation in Germany as Vice President. He was talented and loyal to Mu Liang. He wasn't stable when she was married. Mu Liang thought that she must have regretted not to wait a little longer, and Mu Liang took the chance of her weakness.Mu Liang called him and told him that he needed his help. Vice President Klaus Mayer, a handsome fellow, kind and friendly, instantly said that he would do whatever he could.Mu Liang knew that he would never fail him. So he left everything to Klaus Mayer. The only thing he was worried about was Mu Lan. He was worried about how she was recovering.After waiting till midnight, Mu Liang got a news from Klaus Mayer that Blare Wagner and he had been heading to Torgau at that moment. It would take morning to reach the city since it was already two in the morning.Mu Liang closed his eyes and finally slept.

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