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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 334: WAIT FOR ME, DEAR WIFEY

Jonas Fischer said, "I can only show you the drawing room, but not the bedroom. Mr. Wagner is sleeping with a lady."Mu Liang frowned and didn't say anything. As they went upstairs, he saw no one there. Mu Liang glanced at the door of the bedroom. He had a strong urge to open the door.Just as he strode to the door, Jonas Fischer said, "What are you doing President Mu? You can't do this. This is a private room. If you are like this, I have to call the police."Mu Liang didn't hear his warning. He was about to touch the door knob and the door was opened. It was Andreas Wagner. He asked, "What is all the commotion?" He looked displeased.Secretary Jonas Fischer sighed in huge relief in his heart. He said, "Boss, President Mu wanted to check your bedroom."Andreas Wagner sighed and glanced at Mu Liang who was clenching his fists and standing straight. "President Mu, I don't know what you heard or saw. This is my room and I can't show it just to anyone. If I were alone, it wouldn't be a problem, but I'm with my honey pie. I hope President Mu knows how to show respect towards womankind."Mu Liang didn't move. He looked inside the room as much as possible from the open door. He could see the side of the bed but not the girl. If he could see even a finger, he could tell if it was Mu Lan or not. Unfortunately, he couldn't see her body in the bed. He wished to force himself into the room, but his rationality didn't let him. He got another idea in his mind.Mu Liang glanced at Andreas Wagner and said, "My apologies, I am not in the right mind to think properly. I'm leaving." Then Mu Liang left without even glancing back.'Wait for me, my wifey.' Mu Liang thought in his mind.Jonas saw Mu Liang leaving and he sighed in relief again. His heart was in his throat. He never did any illegal deeds when it came to domestic affairs. This time, it sure got into his nerve system.Andreas Wagner smiled slightly and went inside the master bedroom. He sat on the sofa and calmly looked at Mu Lan's sleepy face.'What do you have to make the King of the Business World come to his enemy's door with a helpless expression? I want to know it badly.' He thought. He kept thinking, "Every great man has a great woman behind them. President Mu was the same as those men. Honey pie and him was so close that they even got married secretly. She had the power to rule over such a man. What did she have to make him so drawn to her? Why did only he get a woman like her? Why didn't I meet her before they met? I'm not going to lose to him anymore. I'll show you that this girl is going to be mine very soon. Then see how it feels to lose something precious.'------Starry Night Bar, Berlin, GermanyInside the bar it was dark. People were wearing expensive clothes. Some of them were chatting happily, some of them flirting, some of them making moves on their partners, some of them dancing.There was a beautiful woman with blonde hair sitting in the corner, waiting for someone. She was wearing a green short dress, red lipstick, and smokey eyeshadow. Her blonde hair was loosely hanging on her shoulder. She was drinking martini. She looked young and charming.Many men couldn't help but approach her. Some men even tried to make a move on her, but none of them got any chance.Just then, a handsome man entered the bar, making others silent. Everyone looked at him in awe. The girls couldn't take their eyes off him. The girls in the bar heartbrokenly saw that he sat beside the charming woman with the green dress in the corner. Everyone looked at them in envy."Good evening, Miss Blare." The man said in a deep voice.The woman called Blare, glanced at her right side and saw the handsome woman. She was surprised at first, then smiled. "I never imaged you to be here, Mr. CEO. What brings you here? Are you that lonely to want my company?" Her voice was teasing."I'm not only busy. I'm very busy. However, I'm here tonight to meet you." That man said as he ordered red wine for him and the woman beside him."Oh my! I'm flattered to hear that. I mean, a guy who no one can approach, came to a lonely woman in the middle of the night at the bar. I'm so honored." Blare smiled attractively.Many guys who were looking at them sighed painfully. They never saw her smiling at them this way."I want you to come with me to somewhere special." The man said in a deep voice.Blare blinked in confusion. At last, she said, "I did want to listen to you, but that's not what I meant. I'm sorry if I made you misunderstand my words, but I meant that I like to hear your words, not the other way around."The man glanced at the woman beside him. He didn't feel anything when he saw her smokey eyes. He said, "I'm not going to force you to come with me. But if you go, it will benefit both of us. You know my personality well and I'm sure that you don't think that I want to sleep with you.""You are being way too mysterious." Blare stated. Her eyes were becoming sharp.The handsome man chuckled. His deep voice echoed in Blare's ears making her shiver in passion.The man glanced at her captivating face and smiled while saying, "Didn't you fall for me because of my mysteriousness?"Blare's face become pale slightly, but soon she regained her composure . So true. She was in love with him. She was still in love him. But now she wanted to forget him.

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