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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 333: THE MASTER BEDROOM

Andreas Wagner was indeed an influential person in Germany. He could do many things which Mu Liang couldn't in this country. At first, Wagner Group of Industries was the top company in the business world in Germany. However, Mu Corporation came to Germany and snatched the throne from Wagner Group of Industries. Since then, Wagner Group of Industries was the biggest rival of Mu Corporation in Germany.In that period, the CEO of Wagner Group of Industries was Andreas Wagner's father Alfred Wagner. He died due to a heart attack when Mu Corporation took over most of the stocks of share market.Since then, playboy Andreas Wagner became more serious and hated Mu Liang. He married a girl whose father had forty percent shares of the Wagner Group of Industries. Andreas Wagner always tried to find a way to deal with Mu Liang, but he never got a chance in these past three years.However, he didn't think that he would suddenly get an opportunity to deal with his long time enemy after saving Mu Lan. At first, he thought that she was only a survivor whom he had saved. He thought of leaving her in the hospital. But then, he saw her passport and thinking that she had connection with Mu Liang, he changed his decision and took her to his villa. After all, the surname Mu was not what all people could hold onto.While she was being treated, he asked his private detective to look for Mu Lan's information. His private detective found out that Mu Liang was indeed searching for his wife in Saxon Switzerland desperately and Mu Lan was indeed his wife. She was studying Fine Arts and she was an excellent student. Her paintings were sold for millions of dollars. She even took exams for skipping grades. She was not only good at her studies but she was also good in her profession. She was Mu Liang's Personal Assistant for a whole month while his actual Assistant was on a holiday. However, before her marriage, how her life was, the private detective could not find anything about it no matter how hard he tried. Andreas Wagner found her very mysterious. He thought, 'Why don't I take my time and find everything on my own. At the same time, let President Mu suffer for his loss.'Still he knew that sooner or later, Mu Liang would find his wife's location. The way Mu Liang was looking for his wife, he must have loved her quite a lot. Who wouldn't like a beauty?After Mu Lan woke up when she was well treated, he found out that she was not only a beauty but an intelligent woman. She was also very loyal to Mu Liang. She never gave him any chance to get close to her. She wasn't even charmed by his looks. Andreas Wagner found it very interesting.He was also stunned that she didn't try to be stubborn or give them a hard time. She always took her medicine and ate everything which was given to her without refuting even once. She was recovering faster than usual people.Later, Andreas Wagner found out why she didn't act like a spoilt child. She actually wanted to recover fast to get out of here.It stunned him. For the first time in his life, there was a woman who didn't want to stay with him. He even noticed her disturbed expression while he was playing around with her. She didn't even hide her annoyance. Andreas didn't have enough time to keep a mistress alongside his wife, he planned to let her go after he was done playing with her. But seeing her like this, he had a strong urge to keep her till he could tame her. She surely has a spark. Andreas Wagner who never fell in love wanted that spark so badly. He wished to keep it for himself and never wanted to let others see it.It wasn't much time since he had a chance to talk to her. He came to know of her little by little and that made him to know her slowly and strongly. He didn't want to let her go now. He wanted to know her even more and this feeling was growing stronger every minute.He had a wife. He married her for the sake of business. He had good times with his wife. He was very attached to her. However, he was used to getting affection from women. Married or unmarried, single or with boyfriend, girls loved him and were attached to him. All the women he played with loved him and gave him good service. So when his wife served him, he also found it regular.Andreas Wagner thought he was handsome, rich and an influential man in Germany. So naturally women loved him, because this was how those women crowed around him. So he thought that as long as he had power and fame, any girl would love him. Little did he know that there were women like Mu Lan who only loved one man in their life.Now he was thinking, how it would feel to have a woman who would only look at him and would love him even after he lost everything. He wanted to give it a try.Mu Liang checked every room, maid's room to the guest room, but didn't find Mu Lan. Just when Secretary Jonas Fischer was taking him to the drawing room, Mu Liang halted. "Wait, why aren't we going to the second floor?"Jonas Fischer sweated. He said, "That's the master bedroom and personal drawing room of Mr. Wagner.""I don't care, I want to see every corner." Mu Liang said. He wanted to barge in and search through every corner. Unfortunate for him that Andreas Wagner was an influential person here. Mu Liang couldn't get a search warrant from the police. Moreover, Wagner Family wasn't attached to the underworld, so Mu Liang couldn't pressure him through that way.Jonas Fischer was about to have a break down. He never had to take care of any woman in his life. Now they hid a woman in their house and her husband was here to search for her in the house, he didn't know what to do. But the experience wasn't anything good.

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