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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 332: MR. MU IS HERE

Getting the address of Andreas Wagner's villa in Togau, Mu Liang went there in twenty minutes with his helicopter. The helicopter landed on the closest helipad, Mu Liang went straight to the villa. The villa was secured by a wall and over the wall was a barbed wiring. In the villa, there was an electrified door. No one could enter except if there was a command from inside the house. There was no calling bell. If someone wanted to go inside, they had to call someone inside who knew that a guest would come.Mu Liang called Andreas Wagner and he didn't answer the call. Mu Liang kept calling Andreas but no one answered it. In the end, Mu Liang called Andreas's secretary Jonas Fischer, he answered after the fifth ring."President Mu, good morning. How can I help you in this early morning?" Jonas Fischer rubbed his eyes. He should have said early morning because it was only half past four in the morning. There was no sign of the sun."I'm at your boss's villa in Torgau. Open the door." Mu Liang's voice was cold. He didn't sleep a wink from the past six days. Now that he was so close to his beloved and he couldn't see her, it was making him lose his mind.Jonas Fischer's heart skipped a beat. 'How did he know? He wondered.However he said professionally, "What do you mean, President Mu? You can't just go there as you please. It is Mr. Wagner's holiday villa. Even if you are the most influential businessman, you can't just go to him without an appointment. If you want to meet him, you have to wait until his vacation ends. Please wait for thirty five days to meet him."Mu Liang wanted to cut his tongue into pieces so that he could never talk in the future. He calmly said, "I know you are at the villa and my wife is also there. Open the door. I'm not going to say it again."'He he knew!" Jonas Fischer still tried his best to remain composed.Jonas said, "President Mu, what do you mean by it? You can't just slander anyone without any proof.""I have plenty. I'll give you thirty seconds." Mu Liang hung up. He did have plenty of evidences of Andreas Wagner and Jonas Fischer taking Mu Lan's body inside the villa. Mu Feng gave him all the information he needed.Mu Liang's voice was so overbearing that Jonas Fischer unlocked the gate. After Mu Liang entered, Jonas realized what he had done. He immediately went to Andreas's room and knocked the door.Andreas was in the guest room. Since Mu Lan was in the master bedroom, he took the guest room. When he heard the urgent knock, he yawned and rubbed his eyes. He got out of the bed and opened the door.Seeing his secretary looking pale, he asked in a sleepy voice, "What is it?""B-boss, Mr. Mu is here. He said that he has evidence of us bringing his wife here. I opened the gate for him to enter the villa.Andreas Wagner smiled. He said, "Call the maid and let her rearrange the guest room in five minutes and make sure that the room looks exactly like how it was as if no one was there before. And before that, open the door and let our guest arrive.""Okay, boss." The secretary hurriedly left.It was extremely cold outside. Staying there in the cold night, in spite of wearing warm clothes, Mu Liang's whole body was almost frozen. After entering inside the house, he felt warmer. However, his cold personality didn't leave him at all.A maid showed him the way to the guest room and gave him a mug of black coffee. Mu Liang drank it and waited for Andreas for ten minutes.Slowly Andreas came downstairs after ten minutes. He smiled at Mu Liang and said, "It is quite surprising that President Mu would come to meet me in my villa without even an early appointment at this hour. What brings you hear at my door, President Mu?"Mu Liang said coldly, "I know how my wife ended up here. I'm sorry to trouble you to take care of her. But I would like to take her back with me."Andreas Wagner felt quite amused. He said, "I'm not sure what you are talking about. I'm here on a vacation with my honey pie. Did you mistake my honey pie for your wife?" He paused, however, suddenly recalling something he said, "Oh, your wife? When did you get married? Why wasn't I invited? It is very impolite of you, President Mu."Mu Liang wished to break his neck for calling his wife 'honey pie'. He said, "I would like to search your villa and you can't say 'no'."This time, even Andreas Wagner became a little serious. He said, "This is not polite of you, President Mu.""Don't make me take it more seriously than I already am." Mu Liang didn't say anything more.Seeing that Mu Liang wouldn't back down no matter what he said, Andreas Wagner finally said, "If it would make you feel better, I'll let my secretary accompany you. I'm off to bed. If you are done, please go back. I don't want to spend my precious vacation with you. Please excuse me."Andres Wagner got up and called his secretary. "Show him around." Saying that he was about to leave.Mu Liang got up as well and said, "Don't force me to do something that I don't want to do." He was clearly warning him.Mu Liang knew that if Andreas Wagner wasn't sure of not being found of Mu Lan by Mu Liang, he wouldn't let him search the villa. Andreas Wagner must have planned everything beforehand.Andreas Wagner paused and said, "Let me tell you something, President Mu, no matter how influential businessman you are, this is my country and I'm the most influential person in the country. You can't do anything to me." Then he left.

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