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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 331: YOU INTRIGUED ME

Mu Lan couldn't help but say in a hoarse voice to the maid, "Did.. he.. sleep" with me? Her last words trailed off.The maid smiled at her knowing what she meant. She shook her head and said, "Miss, the way you are thinking is wrong. Our Master didn't sleep with you. He only stayed with you because the doctor said that you would be waking up soon. He was really worried about you."Mu Lan still felt disgusted. She didn't like the fact that some other man lied down beside her. 'But why he was half naked? Was he teasing me? I have to stay alert.' She thought.Mu Lan was still weak and she couldn't get out of the bed. She was served breakfast by the maid. She filled her stomach with the delicious food. Later, she rested and her pain in the throat was subsiding slowly.The blonde man came inside the room to check on her health. Mu Lan was sitting alone and looking at the window. She was calmly watching the snowfall.Hearing the sound of the door opening, Mu Lan glanced at the door and she became vigilant.The man chuckled at her reaction. He said, "Calm down honey pie. I'm not here to hurt you."As if Mu Lan would believe such a thing. She curiously looked at him without giving him a chance to take any opportunity.The man shrugged at her behavior. But he didn't back down. He had a teasing smile on his thin lips. He leaned closer to her and asked, "What do you think of me."".Rich playboy." Mu Lan stated.The man chuckled. "Oh, my, my I can't believe that honey pie would be so straightforward. Would you like to know who I am?"Mu Lan plainly gazed at him. She wasn't feeling fascinated at all. ------Mu Feng's secretary called Mu Feng within five hours. Mu Feng was resting beside Qi Ying. He got up and went out of the room."What did you get?" He asked.Mu Feng's secretary answered, "Boss, Madam Mu was rescued right at the bank of the river Elbe in Torgau within forty minutes of her fall in the river. She was taken by a man. Her clothes and bag were taken by that person's partner. That's why our teams couldn't find Madam Mu or her belongings. The man had a similar body shape like all other German men. I had been searching based on the details of his body structure. Finally, I got a result. He is Andreas Wagner, the President of Wagner Group of Industries. He is the enemy of Mu Corporation in Germany. He was with his Private Secretary Jonas Fisc." "Why is he in Torgau? Shouldn't he supposed to be in Berlin?" Mu Feng asked.Torgau is a town on the bank of the river Elbe in northwestern Saxony, Germany. It is the capital of Nordsachsen district. Outside Germany, this town is very famous since on April 25th, 1945, the U.S. and the Soviet forces met for the first time during the ending period of the Second World War."Well, he was vacationing there. He also has got a well secured villa in Torgau." The secretary said.He paused before asking, "Boss, what are we going to do?"Mu Feng replied immediately, "I will talk to my brother. Wait for my next command till then." "Okay, boss." His secretary hanged up.Mu Feng called Mu Liang. Bro, it is Andreas Wagner. He is-""The President of Wagner Group of Industries." Mu Liang's eyes turned cold. "He must have known her identity by now." Mu Feng felt proud of his genius older brother. He asked, "Brother, should we barge in?""Wait, I have other plans. You stay in Paris and focus on work. I'll handle everything here." Mu Liang said. His eyes flashed."Okay big brother." Mu Feng whistled. He was going to sit tight and enjoy the good show.Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. 'You want to play games with me, Andreas Wagner? What a coincidence! I also want to play with you. Let's see how far you can go.'------"Honey pie, call me Andreas. Look I have been giving you everything you need right now. Why don't you fulfill this wish of mine?" Andreas said playfully.Mu Lan's head hurt. There were two types of people she didn't like. One, the flirting type, and, two, the cheating type. Surprisingly, Andreas Wagner was both a flirt and a cheat. He was not only playing with Mu Lan, he is God Damned Married!Mu Lan's whole body would burn, if there was any chance of doing that. She couldn't believe how could he do it in this master bedroom where his wife and his beautiful wedding photo was there.Meeting Mu Lan's cold gaze, Andreas realized that she was in no mood to deal with him. He sighed as he felt rejected.He was about to leave the room then Mu Lan asked, "You know me, don't you?"Andreas paused in his tracks. He turned to look at her and his previous teasing smile came into view. "Oh, honey pie, why do you think so?""You have my backpack. If it wasn't for you, someone would have already got my backpack and would have informed my family. You took it. I have my passport in there." Still hoarse, yet she pushed herself to say this much. She had a hunch that he was doing everything on purpose. Andreas said in amazement, "My, my, you sure are intelligent just as they said." "Who said?" Mu Lan frowned."A little bird. It also said that I shouldn't let you go." Andreas said playfully."What do you mean? You clearly know me by now. Why don't you let my family know?" Mu Lan's voice became louder."I don't want you to go, because I want you to stay with me. Can't you realize? You intrigued me." Andreas gave a chuckle and left the room. The door shut down with a loud 'bang' sound.

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