Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 330: HONEY PIE

Looking at how Qi Ying shivered, Mu Feng felt like his heart was taken away. He should have expected this day to come. He was caught off guard. He tenderly said, "I will never force you. Just like four years ago, you will be free." When he said those lines, he held back his tears.Qi Ying became calm after crying for a while. She finally realized how harsh the reality was. She recalled the time when those people almost raped her and the girl, all of them had bad endings. Especially those guys, their skin had been peeled. All because she was hurt.Mu Feng didn't hurt their families because they weren't a part of the mafia.However, Mu Lan's case was different. Now that Mu Lan was hurt by the mafia, so Mu Liang had to deal with the criminals in a mafia way.Qi Ying could guess that she had no right to question their acts because she neither understood them nor was she one of them. Qi Ying knew that no matter how cruel the Mu brothers could be, they were warmest to their loved ones and that would never change. Mu Feng could kill a hundred guys in one day, but he would still love his beloved with all his heart and would always give her his love and support to do anything.Qi Ying felt guilty and began to cry once again. "I-I'm sorry."Mu Feng's expression changed. He remembered the last time she had said sorry and that was four years ago when they broke up. As he stretched his hands to touch her, his hands trembled."I won't judge your work again. I was wrong. I'm sorry." Qi Ying said in between sobbing.Mu Feng's hands stopped midair. "You don't want to break up?""No." Qi Ying shook her head still sobbing.Mu Feng couldn't believe his luck for the first time. "You won't leave me?"Qi Ying replied, "No.""You will stay with me for the rest of our lives?" Mu Feng had yet to clarify everything."Yes." Qi Ying nodded.He asked her further. "Even though you can be poisoned or hurt in the future?""Yes-" Qi Ying had yet to finish her sentence, she was hugged by Mu Feng."Don't leave me, Ying. I can't live without you." It wasn't like before. That time, they were both innocent and they had maintained some boundaries. But this time, he had already tasted her. If he had to let her go now, it would be hard for him.Qi Ying silently stayed in his arms and said nothing. Soon, Mu Feng carried her to bed and put her down. He said, "You are still weak. You shouldn't stress yourself. Take some rest. If you are hungry, just let me know." He bent down and kissed her temple with affection. Then he sat down next to her and began to work. ------Mu Lan blinked a few times before she opened them properly. The mild sunlight caught her eyes and she narrowed her eyes. She felt refreshed after a deep sleep and also realized that she was hungry. She stretched her hands without looking around, and her right hand bumped into something warm."My, my, finally you are awake my sleeping beauty." A teasing male voice said from her her right side.Immediately, Mu Lan moved away to the left and glanced at where the sound came from with wide eyes.There was a man laid beside her. It wasn't just a man, but a handsome German man. He had blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and thin lips. He smiled at her and said, "Your prince has been waiting since five days for you to wake up, my princess."To Mu Lan's shock, his upper body was naked and his toned body was only covering half of his bare chest. Mu Lan was so weary of it that she didn't notice what he just said.Mu Lan cleared her head and looked around. It was a large bedroom, decorated with expensive furniture and priceless artefacts. 'This guy is rich.' She thought.Then she gazed at the man vigilantly and asked, "Where is-" She immediately stopped discovering her hoarse voice.The guy didn't seem to feel her worry. He said, "Relax honey pie. You cannot talk too much, or you will lose your beautiful voice. Doctor has forbidden you to talk. You have to rest for a couple of days. I'm really surprised to see you alive even after staying in the freezing water for almost an hour." He suddenly grabbed her and then pulled her closer to him. Mu Lan opened her mouth to speak, but, no sound came out since her voice broke.The man whispered in her left ear, "I will take proper care of you, my honey pie."Mu Lan didn't wait for him to let go, she began struggling. The man acted like a pure gentleman. When he saw her struggling, he let her go. He got out of the bed and said, "Wait here honey pie. I will call my maid to serve you." When he left the room, Mu Lan checked if she was wearing any clothes. In the next second, someone knocked and entered the room. It was a young maid.The maid was beautiful and she smiled at Mu Lan and said, "Good morning Miss. You have finally woken up. We were so worried about you."Mu Lan blinked and said nothing. She couldn't talk now with her broken voice. She touched her clothes and looked at her with question in her eyes.The maid politely said, "It's me who changed your clothes Miss. I have been taking care of you from five days and I will take care of you till you get healed." She came closer and checked Mu Lan's temperature and pulse. After that she said, "Oh, thank goodness that your fever has gone down. From today I don't have to force you to drink bitter medicine. You can only have the medicines to heal your wounds. They are yet to heal."The maid was too kind. Mu Lan let her guard down. She recalled what had happened before she passed out and thought, "I wonder what Liang Liang is doing. Is he only taking care of himself from past five days?"

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